Amendments To Cabinet Of Ministers 2010 November 1, Regulation No 1026 "procedures For Granting State Aid In The European Union And Open Project Submissions In The Form Of A Competition Event" Modernisation Of Agricultural Holdings "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2010.gada 1.novembra noteikumos Nr.1026 "Kārtība, kādā piešķir valsts un Eiropas Savienības atbalstu atklātu projektu iesniegumu konkursu veidā pasākumam "Lauku saimniecību modernizācija""

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 361 in 2013 (2 July. No 37 19) amendments to the Cabinet on 1 November 2010 by Regulation No 1026 "procedures for granting state aid in the European Union and open project submissions in the form of a competition event" modernisation of agricultural holdings "" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth paragraph to make the Cabinet on 1 November 2010 by Regulation No 1026 "procedures for granting state aid in the European Union and open project submissions in the form of a competition event" modernisation of agricultural holdings ";" (Latvian journal, 2010, 2011, 176 No; 16, 32, 97 no; 2012, 15 No.) the following amendments: 1. Express points 5 and 6 by the following: "5. the applicant is a legal or natural person (hereinafter holding), which produced the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union annex I not referred to in the processed agricultural products (hereinafter the agricultural products), excluding fishery products, as well as the House (room) the animal and the animal production not covered by breeding and animal breeding. 6. eligible activities in the event are: 6.1. investment of new equipment, the acquisition of machinery and equipment and installation for the production of agricultural products; 6.2. new manure storage and construction of slaughterhouses, the existing storage of manure and slaughterhouse reconstruction and purchase of the necessary materials. " 2. Make the following point 8.3: "8.3. the project showing support in the application of the economic viability of the applicant pursuant to this provision in paragraph 10 above requirements;". 3. Delete paragraph 8.5. 4. Make paragraph 10 by the following: "the application of the project 10:10.1. simplified business plan, which include a cash flow statement over the years to the application of the draft year, in subsequent years up to the end of the project, and a year after the implementation of the project; 10.2. Overview of the evidence supports the economic viability of the applicant, and the cost of production. The economic viability of the positive cash flow in the project report in the year of application, all project implementation years and years after the implementation of the project. Cash flow statement cash balance at the end of each year is positive. The project attached to the application of the cash flow statement, the production volume and cost of the project in the year of application, all project implementation years and years after project implementation reflects the possibility of implementing project and achieving project goals. A year after the project income from agricultural production will increase by at least three percent or costs reduced by three percent compared to the year of submission of the project. " 5. The deletion of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17. 6. Express section 18.3. the following: "18.3. together with the project application or within one month after the entry into force of the rural support service of the decision on the application for the approval of the project, if implemented this provision activity referred to in point 6.1, and within three months, if implemented this rule 6.2. activity, referred to in-credit institutions, leasing companies or cooperative credit society credit granting decision, where the project will take credit or documents that prove the availability of funds, if the applicant for the project intends to invest private (except credit) money; ". 7. Express 18.6. subparagraph by the following: "construction of a new 11.6., reconstruction or purchase of fixed asset – land registry Department issued a copy of the shore type (the original show) or certificates of land real estate copy (the original show), or a long-term lease contract copies (the original show), registered in the land registry for at least seven years from the date of application for the real estate, which, by implementing the project, intended to build new facilities to reconstruct existing buildings and to install fixed assets; ". 8. Delete paragraph 18.7. and 18.10.. 9. Make the paragraph 19 by the following: "when Claiming 19 funding for new construction, reconstruction, acquisition or building fixed installations and their equipment, which is presented in the technical project or technological part, this rule 11.7. construction referred to in documents as well as purchase documents submitted with the application or project within three months (except for the acknowledgement card and planning and architectural task) after the entry into force of the rural support service of the decision on the application for the approval of the project." 10. Make 22 and 22.1 points as follows: "22. Assessing the project submissions in accordance with the laws and regulations establishing procedures for granting national and European Union support for the development of rural and fisheries, rural support service evaluates the project submission compliance with key aid conditions established in this provision in paragraph 3 and 5, as well as in paragraph 10.2. 22.1 If this rule 18.3. in subparagraph or paragraph 19 referred to in the documents are not submitted together with the application of the project, the rural support service, deciding on the approval of the project application, it shall include this rule 18.3. conditions in subparagraph or in point 19 deadline to submit proof of the implementation of the project available financial resources. If these documents are not submitted within the time limit, the decision on the approval of a project application to lapse. " 11. Make 23, second sentence the following wording: "If you have the same number of points, and both factors, preference to receive public funding is supporting the applicant, which last year concluded there is greater revenue from agricultural production." 12. Express 26 the following: "26. The aid intensity shall determine the cost of each activity individually: 26.1.25 per cent of the eligible costs related to the investment in the new plant, machinery and equipment purchase and installation, intended for the production of agricultural products and general costs; 26.2.40 per cent of the eligible costs associated with investments in new agricultural production structures for construction, reconstruction, acquisition of necessary materials, as well as those built by the fixed installations and on-board equipment purchase, if it is presented in the technical project or technological and general costs. " 13. Replace paragraph 27, the number "10" with the number "5". 14. Express 28 the following: "28. Support to the applicant that the investment put legislation on the national and European Union aid for rural development, the environment and the improvement of the countryside in certain less-favoured areas, this rule 26.2. the in point, the aid intensity increased by 10 percent, if the implementation of the provisions referred to in point 6.2. activity, after completion of the project for the construction of agricultural production in less-favoured areas." 15. Replace the figure "in paragraph 26.5 28.1." with the number "26.2.". 16. the introductory part of paragraph 30 expressing the following wording: "30. Programming period to one support applicants to the total amount of eligible costs not more than 2 800 000 lats and may exceed its revenue from the production of agricultural products last year concluded before the application of the project:". 17. Make the paragraph 32 as follows: "32. One support applicant selection round of the eligible cost amount does not exceed 210 841 lats." 18. Delete paragraph 33. 19. Make 35 as follows: ' 35. These provisions 6.1. implementation of activities referred to support the applicant begin no later than three months, but this rule 6.2. implementation of activities referred to in point – not later than six months after the entry into force of the decision on the application for the approval of the project. " 20. Put 36 as follows: "36. measures are defined in the following eligible costs: 36.1. such new manufacturing fixed asset acquisition: 36.1.1. cereals, oilseeds, fibre plants, harvesting equipment, powered potato, fruit and vegetable harvesting technique; 36.1.2. trailed or tractor-mounted grass forage press, wrappers livestock farms; 36.1.3. self-propelled or towed by the tractor-mounted or forage grass green savācējpiekab of feed grinders and harvesting from the livestock farms (except the usual trailers); 36.1.4. storage of manure and slaughterhouse fixed mechanization equipment; 36.1.5. milk cooling equipment when the date of the presentation of the farm is from 15 to 50 cows and the applicant has not received the support of the acquisition of such equipment; 36.2. new construction and reconstruction costs, on the basis of contracts with third parties, responsible for carrying out the work, but not exceeding the rules referred to in annex 5; 36.3. the purchase of building materials based on the accept or support the construction plan drawn up by the applicant for the simplified reconstruction, not exceeding the provision mentioned in annex 5; 36.4. General costs (including architects, engineers and consultation fees, legal services, the technical-economic justification, patents and licences) which directly related to the preparation or implementation of the project and shall not exceed eight percent of the total cost referred to this provision, and 36.1 36.2 36.3., including: two percent of 36.4.1. the costs referred to in those provisions 36.1; 36.4.2. eight percent of the costs referred to in these terms and in 36.2 36.3. " 21. Amend paragraph 37 and 37.1. 22. the express section follows 44.9.: 27.9. costs for general-purpose vehicles; ". 23. Make 1. parts C and D of the annex by the following: 24. Replace annex 2 table 1 in paragraph 1, the word "six" with the word "three". 25. The deletion of table 2 in annex 2. 26. To complement annex 5 with the following paragraph 11: "11. Manure storage Ls/m3 35, "Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, Agriculture Minister Defence Minister Artis Pabriks

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