Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 19 April 2016. Regulations No. 249 "action Programme" Growth And Employment "specific Support 8.1.3 Target" Increase Modernized Institutions Of Vocational Training "implementing Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2016. gada 19. aprīļa noteikumos Nr. 249 "Darbības programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība" 8.1.3. specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Palielināt modernizēto profesionālās izglītības iestāžu skaitu" īstenošanas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 501 in 2016 (august 2. No 38 11) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 April 2016. Regulations No. 249 "action programme" growth and employment "specific support 8.1.3 target" increase modernized institutions of vocational training "implementing rules" Issued under the European Union's structural funds and the cohesion fund the 2014 – 2020 programming period management law of 6 and article 20 paragraph 13 do cabinet 2016 19. Regulation No 249 of April "action programme" growth and employment "specific support 8.1.3 target" increase modernized institutions of vocational training "implementing rules" (Latvian Journal, 2016, 82. No.) the following amendments: 1. Make paragraph 9 by the following: "9. to close the agreement or contract for the project implementation until 2018 31 December selection round within the total available funding is attributable to not less than 98 394 660 euro, including the European regional development fund – 83 635 461 euro and national public financing, not less than 14 759 199 euro. The total available to apply the European regional development fund in the first selection round is 65 144 511 euros, the second selection round-18 490 950 euro. By January 1, 2019, a responsible authority under the European Commission's decision on the priority axis "education, skills and lifelong learning of the European regional development fund in the framework of the specific performance (hereinafter referred to as the performance frame) may propose to increase the available funding to apply the rules referred to in point 15 of the planned maximum funding." 2. Add to subparagraph 10.2 of co-financing after the words "total" with the words "which does not include this provision the funding referred to in paragraph 37.1 of these provisions set out in paragraph 20.11. eligible actions implemented this rule 17.1. referred to partner". 3. Express 16.3. subparagraph by the following: "the first selection round 16.3 of this provision and in 15.1.17 15.1.18 that beneficiary and the second selection round 15.2.7. these provisions and the benefit referred to in subparagraph 15.2.8. beneficiary the maximum available relevant European regional development fund until 2018 31 December shall not exceed the following: 16.3.1. Jelgava post high school – 2 921 183 euro; 16.3.2. Cesis vocational high school – 1 321 620 euro; 16.3.3. Daugavpils secondary school of art and design in the "solar schools"-1 993 240 eur; 16.3.4. Valmiera art secondary school-448 373; euro ". 4. Express 16.5. subparagraph by the following: "this rule 16.3.2.,.,., and 16.3.4 16.3.3. beneficiaries referred to 2018 31 December projects planned fiscal reserve of about 6.1 percent may provide the cover from its own funds. After the decision of the European Commission responsible for implementing the performance frame body shall inform the liaison body for the proposal to carry out the project amendments increasing the funds of the European Union co-financing rate. The liaison body for change the need to inform the applicant of the project. " 5. Supplement 20.6. section behind the words "service hotel" by the words "including the service equipment of the hotel". 6. Supplement with 20.12. subparagraph by the following: "construction, 20.12. including the construction a minimum stage, development or updating of an existing construction, independent būvekspertīz and technical surveillance, inženierizpēt, including independent construction expertise." 7. Replace paragraph 24.2. numbers and the word "and" with 20.7 20.8. numbers and the word "20.9 20.7 20.8.,.,., and 20.12.". 8. Supplement 24.2.6. section behind the words "service hotel" by the words "including the service equipment of the hotel". 9. Replace the words "paragraph 24.2.8 reconstruction or construction" with the words "rebuilding or new construction". 10. Replace the words "in subparagraph 24.2.9. infrastructure commissioning" with the words "and to ensure a streamlined entry into the infrastructure". 11. Make the following subparagraphs 24.2.12. "application of the project supporting 24.2.12. documentation preparation costs, including training facilities, equipment and technology for the development of plans and specifications for a cost that is reasonable and related to the specific aid and the implementation of the activities supported with this rule 24.2.13. and 24.2.16. action referred to the cost does not exceed 10 percent of the project's eligible direct costs;". 12. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the 24.2.16: "construction, including 24.2.16. projects in the minimum stage, development or updating of existing projects, independent būvekspertīž, technical survey and engineering studies, including independent construction of expertise." 13. Replace 31.1 in numbers and names. ", and" with numbers and the word "and". 24.2.12 24.2.16. 14. Replace paragraph 32, the words "the completion of the implementation of the project" with the words "final payment". 15. Supplement with 37.1 and 37.2 points as follows: "these provisions referred partner 15.1.2. these provisions referred to in the framework of funding payments from funds intended for the implementation of the project in the budget of the Ministry concerned, according to the cooperation agreement concluded with the beneficiary. 37.2 the liaison body shall reimburse the expenses relating to this provision the funding referred to in paragraph 15.1.2. the beneficiary of the project expenses, excluding expenses for this rule referred to in paragraph 20.11. eligible activities in the rule referred to in paragraph 17.1. partner. " 16. Replace paragraph 38, the word "last" with the word "closing". 17. To supplement the rules by 24.9 points as follows: If the recipient of this funding 24.9 rule 24.2.8. electricity referred to in the rebuilding or new construction costs are compensated by the distribution system operator, the beneficiary shall repay at least once a year to the liaison body of the costs concerned the European regional development fund and the State budget co-financing. " Prime Minister Māris kučinskis education and Science Minister, Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis

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