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Original Language Title: IBAN lietošanas noteikumi

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Financial and capital market Commission Regulation No 271 in Riga, 13 December 12 (financial and capital market Commission Council meeting No. 48 2. p.)
IBAN terms Issued in accordance with the payment services and electronic cash law 48. the second paragraph of article 1. down payment service provider, in accordance with the rules referred to in point 2.1. international standard open and serving the customer accounts that the retained funds used in domestic and cross-border payments in euro and in foreign currency, international payment account number IBAN structure (hereinafter body) and minimum requirements to be followed by the payment service provider in relation to the building of the Latvian IBAN. 2. the rules shall have the following terms: 2.1 the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) – international payment account number, which clearly identifies the separate payment account in a Member State and complying with the international standard ISO 13616-1:2007 financial services. International bank account number (IBAN). Part 1: IBAN structure ". 2.2. The Latvian IBAN-IBAN that meet these rules, described in paragraph 3. 3. the payment service provider shall, when granting the payment account IBAN unique identifier, the Latvian IBAN consists according to the following structure: 3.1 two letters – country code LV Latvia in accordance with international standard ISO 3166 "countries and their territorial breakdown unit name code"; 3.2. two digits – check digit in accordance with the international standard ISO 7064 "information technology – security techniques – checkmark system" method of calculation described MOD 97-10 (annex); 3.3. the four letters, the payment service provider's BIC first four letters in accordance with the international standard ISO 9362:2009 "company identification code"; 3.4.13 marks – the payment service user's account number. 4. The Latvian IBAN use only uppercase Latin letters and Arabic numerals. 5. the rules shall enter into force on January 1, 2014. Financial and capital market Commission Vice Chairman p. Birdie annex financial and capital market Commission of 12 December 2013 regulations No 271 check digit identification, verification and assurance of accuracy I. determination of the check digit 1. Latvian IBAN structure creates a corresponding symbol string, check digit are replaced with "00". For example, the Bank of Latvia (with BIC "BANK") to the customer's account number, the corresponding symbol 2900 4351 9500 1 string is LV00BANK2900435195001. 2. The first four symbols move their account number to the right. 1. This annex above the corresponding symbol, for example string is BANK2900435195001LV00. 3. Translate the letters to numbers in accordance with the following table of conversion of letters: A = 10 G = 16 M S = 22 = Y = B = 34 28 11 H = 17 N = 23 T = Z = 29 C = 12 18 35 I = O = U = 24 13 19 30 D = J = P = g = E = 25 31 20 26 14 K = Q = W = 32 F = 15 L = R = X = 33 27 21 transformation the resulting string of digits is 111023202900435195001213100. To determine the check digit in the 4. the method of calculation used MOD 97-10 and the balance shall be deducted from the number 98. If a one-digit number is obtained, with a zero on the left. The balance is calculated according to the following formula: MOD (n; 97) = n-97 * int (n/97) where: n-divisible (account number corresponding to the string of digits obtained in paragraph 3 of this annex reflect the outcome of conversion of letters); Int — an indication that the result will be rounded down to obtain a whole number. For example, int (5.5) = 8, but int (14) = 14. Thus, the check digit in the customer's account is "45" [98-MOD (111023202900435195001213100; 97) = 98-53 = 45] and the Latvian IBAN is LV45BANK2900435195001. II. Check digit verification 5. First four Latvian IBAN characters move their account number to the right. Move the resulting symbol string is BANK2900435195001LV45. 6. Translate the letters to numbers in accordance with paragraph 3 of this annex contains letter transformation table. Conversion of the resulting string of digits is 111023202900435195001213145.7. Check digit is correct when using MOD 97-10, you get a number of example 1 check digit "45" is correct, because the result of the calculation is the number 1 [MOD (111023202900435195001213145; 97) == 111023202900435195001213145-97 * int (111023202900435195001213145/97) = 1]. III. ensuring the accuracy of precision ensuring 8 a floating-point numbers (floating point numbers) instead of using whole numbers (integers). With 32 or 64 bit binary number can down to display integers in decimal numbers, note the way the composition of 9 or 18 characters. 9. If the number consists of more marks than whole numbers, which maintains the software, the calculation of balances (by dividing this number by the 97) can be divided into a number of consecutive integers (balance) the calculation: MOD 97-10 calculation of the first 9 (or 18) number of digits, then creates the next 9 (or 18) digit number, derived by adding the balances for the next 7 or 8 (or 16 or 17), and calculates the numbers MOD 97-10 of the new number. Repeat these steps until all of the digits of a number is used. 10. The remainder when dividing a number by the number 97, 111023202900435195001213145 is 1, and the result of the following: to MOD (111023202; 97) = 9 MOD (990043519; 97) = 21 MOD (215001213; 97) = 34 MOD (34145; 97) = 1 financial and capital market Commission Vice Chairman p. Bird

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