Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 17 December 2013 The Regulation No 1524 "rules On State Aid To Agriculture"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2013.gada 17.decembra noteikumos Nr.1524 "Noteikumi par valsts atbalstu lauksaimniecībai"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 164 in Riga 2014 (25 March. No 18 21) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 17 December 2013 the Regulation No 1524 "rules on State aid to agriculture" Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth paragraph 3.1 and make the Cabinet of 17 December 2013 the Regulation No 1524 "rules on State aid to agriculture" (Latvian journal, 13, nr. 253.) the following amendments: 1. Make the following paragraph " measures in the horse breeding industry – 170 745 euro;". 2. Replace the introductory paragraph of subparagraph 2.2. "" with the number "580 580 246 244". 3. Replace the figure "in point 2.2.2 95 902 with the number" 95 "901". 4. Replace paragraph 39, the number "13." with the number "10". 5. Replace paragraph 47, the number "14." with the number "13". 6. Add to subparagraph 57.5. and 59.2.5., after the word "Stallion" with the words "or" breeding mares. 7. Deletion of 73.2. names and in the introductory part of point number "(from 1 July of the current year)." 8. Add to paragraph 81 and 82 of the introductory paragraph, after the word "rule" with a number and the words "and in paragraph 77.3.". 9. Delete the words in paragraph 82.1. "administrative". 10. Replace paragraph 84 figures and the words "referred to in the Treaty 81.1. and 81.3 in these rules" with numbers and words "82.1. referred to in this Treaty and the regulations" in subparagraph 82.3.. 11. Make 241. introductory part of paragraph by the following: "241. Support as a lump sum grant of up to eur 4270 cooperative society, if its agricultural goods and services, the total turnover (by members, which has been a turnover) in the previous year does not exceed 28 450 euro, but forest goods and services, the total annual turnover not exceeding eur 40 000-average with one Member:". 12. Express 24. the annex as follows: "annex 24 Cabinet 2013 rules No 17 December 1524 report support for breeding or breeding Stallion Mare parentage with DNA analysis in ____. _____ year half of the field support service to the applicant (first name, last name, phone number, email address) (name of legal entity registration number) field support service customer registration number No. PO box Flock registration number, the owner of the herd Stallion or mare's name, identification number DNA analysis price total amount of aid (in eur) (first name, last name, signature, date) (field support service representative position, name, surname, signature, date) ** notes. 1. the document properties in the "signature" and "date" does not fill in, if an electronic document is drawn up according to the law on electronic document design. 2. Do not fill in the electronic document is drawn up according to the law on electronic document design. " 13. To supplement annex 29. paragraphs 12 and 13 of the following: "12. Aid payment for breeding breeding goats and goat casein genotype identification and sourcing of goat breeding with DNA analysis _ ___ ___ _ euro 13. projected total cost (11. + 12.) ____ ____ euro ". 14. Replace paragraph 30 of annex 45, the number "358" with the number "388". 15. Replace 45. in paragraph 33 of the annex to the number "138" with the number "148". 16. Replace 45. in paragraph 43 of the annex to the number "34" with the number "40". 17. Replace 45. in paragraph 45 of Annex number "98" with the number "102". 18. Replace the words "in annex 59. Field support ____ _____ ____ regional agricultural administration" with the words "support" Field. 19. Make 60. point 5 of the annex by the following: "5. the number of members that have been a turnover, ____. 31 December of the year. " The Prime Minister is the Minister of Agriculture of Rashness Newsletters site – Defense Minister Raimonds vējonis

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