On State Material Reserves, Storage, Use And Mobilization Procedures For The Determination Of The Tasks

Original Language Title: Par valsts materiālo rezervju veidošanas, uzglabāšanas, izmantošanas un mobilizācijas uzdevumu noteikšanas kārtību

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The Republic of LATVIA Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 76 (pr. Nr. 18 l) Issued in accordance with the law «on the State of the Republic of Latvia to the substantive provisions» l5. the article on State material reserves, storage, use and mobilization tasks procedures i. General questions 1. provisions on State material reserves (hereinafter — the «national reserve») building, storage and use, as well as mobilization tasks (hereafter referred to as «rules») are valid until the national economic mobilization readiness concepts or the adoption of the law and on the basis of the rules drawn up for approval.
2. the Derogation conditions during the work with the national reserves carried out in accordance with the law «On the State of exception».
3. All works related to national provisions and custody are carried out subject to the economic, commercial and State secrets.
II. Mobilization task review 4. Ministry of Finance (jointly with the Ministry of defence in matters affecting the interests of national defence): 4.1 review and revoke the mobilization orders that are lost their meaning, or clarify these tasks;
4.2. determining the temporary mobilization tasks, it is necessary for the performance of the national reserve and the nomenclature of the overlap quantity after coordination with the Ministry, which is in the business, and the Ministry, which sets strategy in the sector concerned;
4.3. the decisions presented a joint order or command.
III. National provisions and updating 5. constitute the national reserve in accordance with the approved nomenclature and an overlap quantity, as well as according to the Ministry of Finance approved the national plan of the reserve.
6. national provisions apply: —-that the purchase of these objectives divided into national budget resources;
— national reserve existing material values (after the mobilization task review).
7. the national reserve update carried out by the responsible custodian in accordance with the established value of the storage material.
IV. National reserve storage 8. National Reserve stores: 8.1. companies and organisations — the librarian responsible, in accordance with the stipulated tasks;
8.2. the specialised national company «reserves» base Materials.
9. the national reserve storage costs State Enterprise «Material» reserve covers: 9.1 from the State budget funds allocated to it for those purposes;
9.2. in exceptional cases, from funds obtained by realizing the national reserve material removed.
V. material goods from State reserves 10.-from the national reserves can be withdrawn with the permission of the Ministry of finance, but cases affecting the national military defense interests, in coordination with the Defense Ministry.
11. Remove the material goods marketed auction or, in exceptional cases, the contract price with the permission of the Minister of finance.
12. the value of the material removal from the national reserves: 12.1. company and organization — the librarian responsible, must be submitted to the national company «reserves» Material Act on removable material value and price matching the draft Protocol;
12.2. the contract price matching the draft Protocol for consideration and acceptance by the State Enterprise «reserves» Material;
12.3. the librarian responsible for the recipient of the material or saņemamaj values amount to be paid in advance in accordance with the invoice issued and submitted to the State Enterprise «Material reserves» a copy of the payment order and the Act concerning withdrawals of material value from State reserves.
Vi. The national reserve activity 13. financing the State budget funds allocated to the Ministry of finance to work with State reserves, including State Enterprise «Material» current account reserves.
14. Funds obtained through national reserve material values, placed in the national reserve of the company «Material» current account.
15. State Enterprise «reserves» Material: 15.1. about the national reserves of purchased material needs values paid from the State budget funds allocated for these purposes, or products obtained through national reserve material values;
15.2. to bear the Latvian Bank interest-free loans from funds obtained through national reserve material values, or from the State budget funds allocated to these objectives;
15.3. the librarian in charge of the switch state material reserves value storage expenses from the State budget funds allocated for these purposes, or products obtained through the national material reserves. Storage costs for responsible custodians shall submit to the State Enterprise «Material reserves under the Ministry of Finance» instructions prepare the storage costs calculation, which checks the State Enterprise «Material reserves».
VII. The national reserve activity control 16. Responsible custodians with the Ministry of national rezervēmFinans in the order controls the State Enterprise «Material reserves».
17. on the basis of the law «on the State of the Republic of Latvia to the substantive provisions, 27 and 26», article 28, the national company «reserves» Material the Director has the right, by decision, impose fines on the arbitrary use of material reserve, set the delay for the lent or arbitrary material used non-reserve early and unchallenged in order to recover penalties and late payment of money from convicted natural or legal persons.
This decision to the interested parties may appeal to the Court of law.
18. the State Enterprise «material» every year the reserve up to 10 February, the Ministry of Finance submitted a report on the activities during the previous year, with the State reserve material values.
19. every year the Ministry of finance until March 10 to give the Cabinet a report on public finances and activities during the previous year.
20. Compliance with the provisions of the control of the Finance Ministry.
Prime Minister v. Birkavs Finance Minister u. OS Riga 1994 April 5.

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