Urban Cadastral Land Valuation Rules

Original Language Title: Pilsētu zemes kadastrālās vērtēšanas noteikumi

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The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia of 9 June 1998 on the regulation. 214 in Riga (. 9, § 29) urban land cadastral valuation rules Issued in accordance with the law "on real estate tax" article 4 i. General questions 1. these provisions set a single urban cadastral valuation of land, and they are applicable, making the city the cadastral valuation of land or using city land cadastral valuation data.
2. urban land cadastral valuation data used: 2.1. real estate tax calculation;
2.2. the legislation in the cases of land rent calculation;
2.3. the privatizējam parcel evaluation terms and redemption fees;
2.4. the legislation in the cases specified in the land purchase, sales, inheritance, gifts and other land related transactions;
2.5. calculation of equivalent land in compensation of equivalent land.
3. Real estate tax in calculating the cadastral land valuation and revaluations carried out national land mass service within the time limit set by the Cabinet of Ministers. Individual orders for the cadastral valuation of land shall be adopted and implemented in the State land service, as well as licensed individuals.
4. To order individual land cadastral valuation of land owner or legal possessor shall submit the following documents: 4.1 the plot border with a copy of the plan;
4.2. documentary proof of land use objectives or goals established under the Cabinet of Ministers regulations on real estate classification the purpose;
4.3. the relevant national bodies or authorities issued a document on land-use aprobežojum and burden.
5. If the land owner or legal possessor cannot assert land use objectives or goals pursuant to paragraph 4 of these rules, it shall submit to the appropriate national authority or authorities for issuing the actual (current) land use objectives or goals.
6. If the cadastral valuation of land by an individual order, land cadastre value calculation and justification of the order of the records in the land evaluation Protocol, which will be served one copy for the client. Land evaluation Protocol drawn up and with your signature certifies assessors. Land assessment protocol: 6.1. cadastral valuation of land;
6.2. the common land cadastral value and 1 m2 land cadastral value in dollars;
6.3. If the parcel is divided into parts of the calculation, the calculation of each part of the cadastral value and 1 m2 land cadastral value in dollars.
7. If the land cadastre valuation is made, the results indicate massive taxpayers ' lists, whom the State land service of territorial division to corresponding authorities real estate tax calculation to the law "on real estate tax".
8. the cadastral valuation of land monitoring and compliance with the requirements but provides the State land service. Cadastral valuation reports and cadastral valuation calculation used information prepared accordingly as the cadastral valuation case and a candidate for State land service of the territorial Department archives. Cadastral valuation case design and archiving procedures established by the national land service according to the law "on the archives".
9. the cadastral valuation of land needs the State land service real estate purchase price, rent and other real estate market information and analysis, as well as create and maintain the database. The real estate market to create the database and updating the land registry Department of the real estate rental cases and cases of transition provided by the national land service territorial divisions the following information: 9.1 the purchase contracts: 9.1.1. designation of the immovable property cadastre;
9.1.2. the real property owner earlier and current;
9.1.3. the composition of the object of the transaction;
9.1.4. transaction price in dollars;
9.2. the rental contracts: 9.2.1. designation of the immovable property cadastre;
9.2.2. the lease object composition;
9.2.3. the rental fee per month or year in dollars.
10. each month, the actual information is passed and received a single land and State land service information system.
11. Local Government bodies that have done business with real estate and not these transactions in the land register month cemented the transaction submitted to the State land service territorial Chapter 9.1 and 9.2 of these terms in this infor m ions.
12. the other person after the entry into force of those provisions have made transactions with real estate and not these transactions in the land register, log on to secure in a given municipality as real estate tax payer and fill out a property owner or legal possessor of the communication (annex 1).
13. the provisions of the municipal 12. communications referred to transmit each month the State land service of the territorial divisions.
14. The State land service law duly provides the confidentiality of the information, if requested by the provider of the information.
15. urban land cadastre is used for the evaluation: 15.1. cadastral valuation methodologies, based on the market value of the land;
15.2. transitional cadastral valuation methodologies, based on the market value of the land simulation method. This methodology is used, if the number of transactions in the city's real estate market is not sufficient to determine the market value of the land, and if the city does not have a valid r ālplān's genitals.
II. Urban land cadastre valuation, based on the market value of land 16 cities where it is possible to analyze the information about the real estate market for at least two years and over a long period, on the basis of that analysis, develop a zoning of land values, a specific piece of land cadastre value calculation of the value of the land for the base model. The base model is the land of several parcels for land value determining criteria established for revealing plot pattern.
17. In analysing the information on the land market, the following real estate market value determination methods: 17.1. comparative transaction method;
17.2. the revenue method of capitalisation;
17.3. the cost method.
18. In analysing the information on the ground, use the tir gu: 18.1. real estate purchase or auction prices;
18.2. real estate rental fees;
18.3. news about supply and demand in the property market.
19. In analysing the information on land market: 19.1 codified information on land ownership or usage according to the land use purpose;
19.2. identify and study the market transaction object location and develop a price;
19.3. determined for each land use target appropriate land base model graphically and numerically analyzing prices. Land base model 1 m2 land value is the value of the concerned area 1 m2 land value in dollars;
19.4. determines the plot and ground base model differences between scores, depending on their location and land quality and their corresponding coefficient is expressed. Low quality performance is the physical land and geological characteristics, physical as well as use rights aprobežojum and the burden that affects a specific land use purpose land value.
20. the assessment of the land when the needs of strāl lists the following land and land base model differences: 20.1. position in public and social service, as well as engineering support for the use of infrastructure;
20.2. the area;
20.3. Configuration and depth;
20.4. the explosion toward the streets and availability;
20.5. building intensity;
20.6. land use rights aprobežojum or burden impacts;
20.7. the environmental landscape.
21. The land and land for the base model, the difference in the figures, which do not substantially affect the value of the land should not be recorded.
22. The value of the land zoning developed according to the master plan of the city defined in land use. The master plan in the primary land use is the value of the area concerned, the main objective of the use of land, and other land use objectives are subordinate. The main purpose of use of land and other land use objectives and specifies the value of the calculated area 1 m2 land area that is constant.
23. the values specified in the zoning mess Ze area 1 m2 land values cooperation, to the Cabinet of Ministers established the real estate revaluation date and then according to the estimated real estate market price level.
24. The value of the land zoning of land cadastral valuation needs to be developed, starting in 1998, the city, which is the city's master plan: 24.1.;
24.2. it is possible to analyze the information about the real estate market for at least two years.

25. The value of the land zoning by the municipal or State land service initiative develops and articulates the State land service. The value of the land development and zoning updates financed real estate cadastre valuation for the State budget according to the reasoning of r Statistical Pocketbook 2009 the work to be done.
26. The value of the land zoning project are transferred to the public consultation organised by the municipality concerned. The public consultation period may not be less than three weeks. The proposals and comments of the population collects and examines common to the local authorities concerned and the State land service established a working group to public discussion of the value of the zoning project, together with the proposals of the population and notes shall be submitted to the meeting of the City Council, which shall take a decision on the project.
27. The value of the land zoning originals drawn up in duplicate, and shall be approved by the State land Department, while giving the zoning, the date of entry into force, as well as the time-limit within which is in force in the administrative territory of the previous land cadastral valuation. If the zoning referred to enter into force by January 1 of the tax year, they confirmed no later than 15 October of the current year. One of the approved zoning for the land value of the original remains on the State land service, the second-the municipal action.
28. If the value of the land zoning escalation, the zoning review and approval of these rules to be in that order.
29. The value of the land zoning in each municipality is freely available and can be viewed by anyone interested.
30. the cadastral land value is calculated by the formula: KV = LN x x x AK1 AK2 PfZ. … x which AK7 SQ-land cadastre value in dollars;
PfZ-the value of the land area 1 m2 land value (in dollars) the land use purpose;
LN-rated plot m2;
AK1 ... AK7-rated plot of land and the land of the base model of the difference score factor.
31. the cadastral value of the land, a cadastral value of mass calculations include only the main plot and the land the base model of the difference score coefficients. The main difference is the rate coefficient of indicators that, when analysing the information on the city's real estate market, it is possible to identify and establish a ms Cabinet mass set in real estate a cadastral valuation or revaluation date.
III. Current value of land zoning and the cadastral valuation escalation procedure for the calculation of the period of transition of the city land cadastral valuation methodologies within the existing town 32. value of land zoning are updated when relevant changes: 32.1. the city's administrative boundaries;
32.2. the city is engineering to learn new areas;
32.3. changed the main land value zone determinants;
32.4. it is possible to analyze the information about the city's real estate market for at least two years.
33. The value of the land area size, configuration and the prevalence of these rules defines the limits in paragraph 34 that the land area of the main factors that make up a set of changes. One area of territorial boundaries highlights the next land value of the area with its intrinsic factors and ground sample. The land under the terms of this sample is the city's low e s value area 1 m2 land, the highest value, in particular land use purposes acquired the parcel. The land area is dependent on the number of the city's population, territory size and design.
34. main land value zone v eidojoš factors: 34.1. city planning structure;
21.3. the central part of the city or its downstream part functional distribution (distance);
21.3. building intensity;
21.4. area security engineering;
34.5. urban transport system development level;
21.5. the social, business, administration, sales, and service item availability and affordability;
21.6. territory social prestige and charisma;
21.6. building heritage significance;
21.7. recreational potential;
3 4.10. inženierģeoloģisk conditions;
34.11. adverse environmental factors.
35. If there is no need to adjust the value of the border zone, the only existing Earth articulates the sample.
36. The existing sample updates the land according to the land market price levels obtained by analyzing the real estate market.
37. The existing value of land zoning, as well as a separate sample of the cooperation of land not exceeding two years these rules 25, 26 and 27 in.
38. land use specific values of the sample plot sample and the actual zoom sample calculations.
39. Where the land cannot be used for the specific purpose of land use so that you must first take the engineering works (draining, conditioning, physical or chemical pollution relief), so the land can be equated to the sample below ground to the sample value within the zone, without taking into account land use goals. In those cases the land cadastre into t periods after its complete safety training and compliance specific land use purpose. The lowest ground on the same footing as the sample below which more than half the area of a certain inevitable and permanent property rights are limited or burden of m s, and the waters, if the national or local government bodies established by the cadastral valuation.
40. land of the actual sample (Pf) are appropriate to the particular land use purposes acquired a plot of 1 m2 land value (LCY). Knowing the sample size to the earth zone boundaries and area distribution of the distance values from one zone to the other, the interpolation path calculation for each location in the land of the actual sample size. On the site of the actual sample calculates the point graphically adopt land or notional calculation of the part of the Centre of gravity.
41. If the parcel is in the building, which has a number of objectives of use, the plot of the actual final sample (Pf), the main land use in the target sample of adding the actual underlying land use objectives of the actual sample calculations according to land use objectives for the total area of the building his assent to parts.
42. If the parcel is located in several buildings and each of them has its own purpose, plot the actual final sample is calculated after each building building area to the total area of the building.
43. If the parcel is definitely more land use objectives, measurable and reportable for each individual purpose in accordance with the actual sample.
44. If an assessor parcel establishes different quality parameters or a different purpose for which the particular land use of the areas, if necessary, land divides the conditional calculations. Each conditional calculation for part of the land determines the actual sample land and cadastral value, as well as the total cadastral land value which is the value of the calculated amount.
45. Land area which is not more than 2000 m2 and which crosses the zone boundary in notional value, land the actual sample is calculated as the land boundaries of the land pieejoš the actual sample averages.
46. The parcels of land the actual sample is reduced to 20% if: they do not fit the contours of 46.1. street network;
46.2. the direct connection is not possible for utilities;
46.3. they are capital in nature of buildings and premises;
46.4. they have no facilities and does not make the top water discharge.
47. One and di vu families Uptown group purpose of land bounded by a public or private waters, the land of the actual sample shall be increased to 10%.
48. Given that the cadastral land value is calculated by the formula: Kv = Pf x Lz that the Kv-land cadastre value (LCY);
PF-land of the actual sample;
LZ-measurable in the parcel area (m2).
49. the cadastral land value depending on parcel quality indicators be adjusted to 20% in accordance with the provisions laid down in Appendix 2 of Group I and II, the adjustment factors.
50. The correction factors are applied in accordance with the law and other: 50.1. laws and property rights laid down aprobežojum and burdens;
50.2. a court judge or laid down in the land of mu of land property rights enshrined in aprobežojum and burdens;
50.3. the decisions of the local aprobežojum and the burdens laid down;
50.4. the relevant national institution or local documents on land use.
51. the cadastral value of the land, about aprobežojum not considered: 51.1. other people's property in the building;
51.2. a plot of land belonging to the water related laws established in the corresponding protection zone where the land use purpose of technologically related to the uses of the waters in question.

52. If on land apply correction factors in Group I, the cadastral value reduces: 52.1. to 5% If you do not specify the area covered by the correction factors;
52.2. up to 10%, if the adjustment factors applicable to the area of up to 1/3 of the total area of the parcel;
52.3. up to 20% when the adjustment factors applicable to the area of more than one third of the total land area.
53. If several correction factors in Group I refers to the same land area, only take into account the factors pertaining to the largest parcel area. If several correction factors in Group I refers to the different land areas, take into account all the factors of the adjustment.
54. If the land subject to the correction factors in Group I, group II adjustment factors are not taken into account, except where the land shall be divided into notional calculation. In this case, the correction factors in Group II (other than II-A-1) apply to each part of the calculation, and the individual correction factor group I refer to land or to a specific conditional part of the calculation, if the area specified in nature as the individual land use one property and if I group Kore functions, the factor is directly binding to it.
55. If the parcel does not apply correction factors in Group I, the cadastral value of the parcel shall be adjusted according to the correction factor in Group II, respectively reducing or increasing the cadastral value of the amount you remain stable over.
56. For agricultural and forestry purposes granted land in urban areas is assessed in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations on the rural area the cadastral valuation of land.
57. The cadastral value does not determine the public road, street, water navigation structures and public lands, waters and the land on which the economic activity is prohibited under the law. If the land on which the economic activity is prohibited by law is permitted temporary economic activity, the country's institution or municipality determines the land cadastre valuation, land use objectives, as well as the land on which the temporary is permitted in economic activities.
58. Countries that have not made individual assessments of land cadastre, cadastral valuation in a mass conducted by one of the following formulae: MKV = Pt x Lzn;
= PV x Lzn that MKV MKV-land cadastre value;
PT-Earth zoom in the sample;
PV-agricultural or forestry needs farmland medium sample;
Lzn-with real property taxable land area for each land use. If the land valuation is done massively, takes into account only those property or use rights aprobežojum and the burden of, which are registered in the country of a particular real estate cadastre.
59. Earth zoom in sample (Pt) is based on land ownership and land use plan for the report, zoom in and kamerāl to calculate the Earth's actual sample, also taking into account this provision 46 and 47 and referred to in paragraph kamerāl in apzināmo conditions.
60. Earth zoom in sample calculation requires the following documents: 60.1. the real property taxable real property or land in the list that contains the addresses of the relevant land area and land use objectives;
60.2. land ownership and use of land in the review plan;
60.3. the urban land value of zoning.
61. the cadastral value of the land (MKv) for agricultural and forestry purposes lands in urban areas calculated in accordance with the urban land (Pv) sample average (3 and 4).
62. If the privatized residential building that has a number of objectives of use, each individual land use purpose of the 1 m2 nodded cadastre value calculated by the following formula: a = Pf x F, where MK1 MK1-1 m2 of land cadastre value (LCY);
PF-individual land use purpose in accordance with the actual sample;
F-the correction factor in the plot as a whole.
63. During the period when the transitional period is used in cadastral valuation methodology, and to sample the existing land for individual updates real estate classification the purpose of use in target groups equate such objects: 39.2. governance, health, education, culture, sports and other public-interest objectives of land use of objects group: 63.1.1. territories to which the expanded economic activity is recreation and Tourism Organization and service, hotels, motels (up to three) and Guest House (up to category III) services-code 091205;
63.1.2. restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments of this type of crew (up to 50) building-code 091205;
63.1.3. civil airport, railway station, bus and port terminal building-code 091209;
63.1.4. the needs of national defence practice areas and objects-code 091215;
39.3. the industrial object building area land use target group: building 63.2.1. territories are used for economic activities in the area of services (for example, intellectual, spiritual and municipal utilities)-code 101201;
63.2.2. traffic infrastructure land use target group, except the civil airport, railway station, bus and port terminal building-code 101205;
63.2.3. engineering networks of supply and land use of the object in the target group-code 101202.64. If it is not possible to determine land use target compliance with any of the real estate used in the classification of groups, the evaluator explore the land use target functional processes and after coordination with the relevant national authority or authorities shall be that land use objectives for the group, in which similar land use target functional processes.
IV. procedure for calculating the amount of compensation for pilsē u land 65. The amount of the refund procedure for calculation of the former land owners or their heirs the estate passed to the cities down the Cabinet rules on calculating compensation for former land owners or their heirs, and the charging of fees for the property transferred to the cities, as well as these regulations.
66. The amount of compensation for land is calculated based on the market value of up to 21 July 1940 specified: 66.1. reference concerning the market value of the land;
66.2. Earth p irkum contracts;
66.3. the mortgage records of the land registry;
66.4. land assessments or other historical documents.
67. If data on the land market value until 21 July 1940 is not available: 67.1. the amount of the refund is used for calculation of 1 m2 of land closer to the market value determined by the simplified analyzing historical information on the land market. This rule 66 the data referred to in paragraph territorial maps the city building plan and carry out the amount of the parcel of land in the vicinity of tir (g) values and CSR in land value determinants research as compared with the amount of countervailable plot. Several similar select plots the average land value in 1 m2 of land, which also apply to eligible parcel as it threw the 1 m2 z e zoom market value;
67.2. If there is no left over data about land market value or it is too small to make this rule 67.1. the analysis referred to in municipalities develop and approve the simplified value of land zoning based on Earth the redemption prices during the period. As the land-purchase prices were usually lower than the market price, should also be at the redemption price step-up factor that they approximate to the level of the market value at the position to 2 1 July 1940;
67.3. former rural lands, located in the territory of the current city limits, the amount of compensation for land is calculated by the adjacent County land average assessments balls laid down in the decision of the Council of Ministers approving the laws and privatization of land in rural areas.
V. consideration of proposals for changes to the urban land value in zonējumo and the cadastral valuation of land and compensation recalculation 68. Proposals for changes in the value of the land concerned the appearance of zonējumo municipal and State land service of the joint working group of its decision to inform the applicant of the proposal. If the proposal is justified, the Working Group makes changes to the value of the land zoning in its regular updating.
69. land cadastral survey rating conversion: 69.1. if their period of validity;
EB 69.2. If requested by the State land service (due to the cadastral land valuation variances calculated methodological requirements);
69.3. after the value of the zoning, land quality, land use, target;
69.4. If a parcel loses the status of non-conforming use.
70. the Following natural and legal persons receiving a written application on a recalculated the State land service of the territorial division of the Earth's land look reviews and land compensation and, if the application is warranted, recalculate.

71. Natural and legal persons repeated complaints and submissions for consideration for the real property cadastral valuation issues creates real estate cadastre of the assessment Commission.
Vi. Closing questions 72. State and local government bodies and the land registry Department of the State land service provided by authorized employees of these provisions 9.1 and 9.2. referred to availability of information for the period from 1996 to 1997.
73. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 12 April 1994, Regulation No 94 "for city land evaluation" (Latvian journal, 1994, nr. 57).
Prime Minister-Deputy Prime Minister ad interim, financial Minister r. tit or the Minister of Justice. 2. Annex Rasnač Cabinet of 9 June 1998, regulations no 214 adjustment factors table 1 factor No group I.
Factor represents the reduction-BC
you you (%)
1. Land use and the burden of aprobežojum I-A to 20 2.
The adjacent land owner or user action resulting in environmental pollution (all ground and air contaminations) I-(B) up to 20 3.
Land use aprobežojum due to the land being: I-C to 20 3.1.
especially protected natural territories 3.2.
environment and natural resources protection established in 3.3.
operation established in 3.4.
sanitary protection zone of 3.5.
the security cordon in 3.6.
other safety zones, if the law 4.
A plot of land at risk of flooding, the I-D to 20 table 2 factors in Group II No.
Factor in Reducing the Increase represents BC
you you you (%) (%)
1 2 3 4 5 1.
Plot configuration: II-A-1 1.1.
hinder land use 0 0 1.2.
provides effect on land use-2 vu-3 1.3.
makes use of 2-3-2.
Land availability: II-A-2 2.1.
not difficult 0 0 2.2.
have direct contact with Street-1-2 2.3.
There is no direct contact with the street 1-2-3.
Plot relief: II-B-1 3.1.
relatively flat 0 0 3.2.
with the fall of up to 12% 3.3-1-2.
with the fall of over 12%, complex terrain of 1-2-4.
Parcel natural highlights: II-B-2 4.1.
satisfactory 0 0 4.2.
the complete 4.3-1-2.
not enough 1-2-5.
Reproductive characteristics of soil: II-B-3 5.1.
satisfactory 0 0 5.2.
a good cover-1-2, 5.3.
harder to cover the sequence 1-2-6 generations.
Hydrogeological conditions: II-C-1 6.1.
satisfactory (groundwater level of 1.3 to 2.0 m from the ground surface) 0 0 6.2.
beneficial (groundwater level more than 2.0 m from the ground surface) 6.3-1-3.
adverse (groundwater level less than 1.3 m from the ground surface) 1-3-7.
Physical-geological conditions: II-C-2 7.1.
meet the land use purpose-2-4 7.2.
not conform to the land use purpose 2-4-the Minister of Justice Or Rasnač annex 3. Cabinet 1998.ga da 9 June regulations no 214 zemesvidēj to be used for agricultural purposes in the sample cities no PO box
The city of Ls/m2 1 2 3 1.
Ainaţ in the 0.0208 2.
Aizkraukle 0.0259 3.
Aizpute 0.0240 4.
Liver in Ste 0.0233 5.
Aloja 0.0233 6.
Alūksne 0.0189 7.
APE 0.0214 8.
Auce 0.0328 9.
Baldone 0.0221 10.
Baloţ, 0.0479 11.
The prize for the 0.0196 12.
Bauska 0.0372 13.
Brocēni 0.0259 14.
Cēsis 0.0267 15.
Cesvaine 0.0221 16.
Dagda 0.0221 17.
Daugavpils 0.0315 18.
Dobele 0.0328 19.
Durbe 0.0259 20.
Grobiņa 0.0233 21.
Gulbene 0.0227 22.
Ikskile 0.0233 23.
Ilūkste 0.0208 24.
Jaunjelgava 0.0227 25.
Jēkabpils 0.0275 26.
Jelgava 0.0538 27.
Jurmala 0.0278 28.
Kalnciems 0.0240 29.
Kandava-0.0240 30.
Kārsava 0.0252 31.
Krāslava 0.0208 32.
Kuldiga 0.0246 33.
Ķegums 0.0214 34.
Lielvārd 0.0296-35.
Liepaja 0.0352 36.
Līgatne 0.0246 37.
Limbaţ 0.0259, 38.
Līvāni 0.0221 39.
Lubāna 0.0240 40.
Ludza 0.0189 41.
Madona 0.0214 42.
Mazsalaca 0.0259 43.
OGRE 0.0297 44.
Olaine 0.0246 45.
Pāvilosta 0.0189 46.
Pilten 0.0271 47 in.
Pļaviņas 0.0246 48.
Preiļi 0.0240 49.
Priekule 0.0240 50.
Rēzekne 0.0306 51.
Riga 0.0467 52.
A concise 0.0252 53.
Sabile 0.0246 54.
Salacgrīva 0.0227 55.
Salaspils 0.0246 56.
Sweet 0.0315 57.
Saulkrasti 0.0189 58.
Seda 0.0240 59.
Sigulda 0.0334 60.
Skrunda 0.0221 61.
Smiltene-0.0265 62.
Staicele 0.0240 63.
Stende 0.0259 64.
Strenč 0.0246 65 in.
Subate 0.0214 66.
Talsi 0.0252 67.
Tukums 0.0319 68.
Valdemārpil is 0.0240 69.
Wearing the 0.0240 70.
Valmiera 0.0304 71.
Vangaţ, 0.0214 72.
Varakļāni 0.0246 73.
Ventspils 0.0352 74.
Viesīte 0.0227 75.
Viļaka 0.0189 76.
Viļāni 0.0271 77.
Zilupe 0.0189 the Minister of Justice Or Rasnač of annex 4. Cabinet 9.1998, nij you regulations no 214 forestry needs to be used in sample cities zemesvidēj no PO box
The city's $/m2 1.
2. Ainaţ in 0.0145
Aizkraukle 0.0252 3.
Aknīste 0.0303 4.
Alūksne 0.0240 5.
APE 0.0265 6.
Baloţ, 0.0303 7.
8. the prize 0.0265
Cesvaine 0.0259 9.
Daugavpils 0.0241 10.
Oregon 0.0278 11.
Gulbene 0.0278 12.
Jēkabpils 0.0215 13.
Jelgava 0.0371 14.
Jurmala 0.0241 15.
Liepaja 0.0158 16.
Limbaţ, 0.0151 17.
Olaine 0.0202 18.
Pilten 0.0107 19 in.
Riga, 0.0290 20.
A concise 0.0202 21.
Sabile 0.0233 22.
Salacgrīva 0.0208 23.
Salaspils 0.0145 24.
Saulkrasti 0.0139 25.
Seda 0.0227 26.
Sigulda 0.0356 27.
Skrunda 0.0265 28.
Staicele 0.0145 29.
Stende 0.0183 30.
Strenč, 0.0208 31.
Portage 0.0259 32.
Valmiera 0.0289 33.
Vangaţ, 0.0177 34.
Varakļāni 0.0296 35.
Ventspils 0.0195 36.
Viļaka 0.0082 37.
Zilupe 0.0284 the Minister of Justice Or a Rasnač.

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