Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 20 June 1996, Regulations No 222 "regulations On Control Arrangements In The Area Of Road Transport"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1996.gada 20.jūnija noteikumos Nr.222 "Noteikumi par kontroles kārtību autopārvadājumu jomā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 98 in Riga 2000 14 March (pr. No. 12 10) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 June 1996, regulations No 222 "regulations on control arrangements in the area of road transport" Issued in accordance with article 4 of the law on road transport of the second subparagraph of paragraph 2, to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 June 1996, regulations No 222 "regulations on control arrangements in the area of road transport" (Latvia's journal, 1996, 110 no) the following amendments: 1. Replace throughout the text, the words "Customs authorities" (the fold) with the words "Customs authorities" (the fold).
2. Replace paragraph 4.1., the words "Ministry of transport" with the words "traffic" of the Minister.
3. Express 4.4.1. and 4.4.2. subparagraph by the following: "4.4.1. State border guard of the controls: documents certifying the right to drive a vehicle of the category concerned; vehicle registration document; vehicle owner's civil liability compulsory insurance; mandate the use of the vehicle, if upon departure from Latvia, the vehicle is not located on the owner; vehicle technical condition; regular route bus permit international routes; passenger list (Formulary) existence, making the tag on the actual passenger found in a check of conformity to the passenger list (Formulary) that, except where the transport is carried out in accordance with the regular international bus routes;
4.4.2. the customs authority control: permission for bulky and heavy freight; cargo securing compliance with the provisions; the actual mass of the vehicle or axle loads and dimensions; dangerous goods transport requirements of the rules drawn up for each test of a road vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods by road inspection Protocol (annex) in triplicate. The first copies of the minutes stored in the body, controlling the second copy shall be issued by the tested vehicle's driver and the third copy shall be sent to the Directorate of road transport; a foreign registered vehicle international agreements and protocols on transport by road of certain international transport permits (bilateral journeys, in transit to or from third countries, combined shipping, per journey, multiple, RO-RO) existence, compliance with the transport authorization in connection with other documents and information for shippers and recipients, as well as making marks in permits and register them in accordance with the Ministers of finance and Transport Ministers issued a joint instruction; Latvia registered the vehicle business license card or the border crossing permits. "
4. Delete paragraph 5, the words "and monitoring".
5. Replace paragraph 7, the words ' border and customs services "with the words" national border guards, customs authorities ".
6. Express 12.2. subparagraph by the following: "12.2. compliance with the rules of cargo, including dangerous goods transport requirements of the rules drawn up for each test of a road vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods by road test report in duplicate. The first copy of the Protocol for the controlling body and stores the second copy shall be issued by the head of the inspected vehicles; ".
7. To supplement the provisions of chapter IV with the following: "(IV). The final question 23. This provision paragraph shall enter into force by 1 September 2000."
8. To supplement the provisions of the annex as follows: "Cabinet of Ministers of 20 June 1996, regulations No 222 of dangerous goods by road test report checklist on the transport of dangerous goods by Road 1. place/place verification of check date 2/3 time/date time: from/to/from their 4. Vehicle registration/vehicle nationality mark registration number/Registration number 5. trailers/semi-trailers/country of registration Trailer/semitrailer nationality mark registration number/Registration number 6. Vehicle/type of vehicle : lorry road train road trains British cargo saddle tractor with flatbed trailer articulated vehicle with platform 7. Undertaking carrying out transport and address/Undertaking carrying out transport/address 8. Country/Nationality 9. Road vehicles driver/Driver 10. Vehicle driver's Assistant/Driver's mate 11. Consignor, address, place of loading/Consignor, address, place of loading 12. the recipient, address, place of unloading/Consigne» , address, place of unloading 13. gross mass of dangerous goods by transport unit/gross mass of dangerous goods by transport unit 14.10011. marginal value in exceeded yes no quantity limit exceeded Yes Marginal 10011 15. Transport Carried out by road takes place in/fixed tank removable tank removable tank package package of batteries in battery tank tank tank container receptacle in bulk bulk cargo in bulk containers in container in the form A * B * C * 16. The consignment note and Declaration of dispatch/transport/accompaning documents written 17. instruction/Written instructions 18. Bilateral/multilateral agreement/permission/Bilateral inland transport/agreement/national authorization 19 the multilaterals. certificate of the vehicle/vehicle approval certificate 20. Driving licence to the transport of dangerous goods/Driver's training certificate 21. Freight made ADR Agreement authorized for transport/the Good in the ADR Agreement 22. Bulk bulk cargo/Bulk goods 23. carriage of Tanks/Tank transport 24. P./Container transport 25. Type of vehicle load allowed/Authorized goods for type of vehicle 26. Mixed loading Prohibition of mixed loading prohibitions/goods 27. disposition and shore/Handling and storage 28. cargo leaks or damage the package/leakage of goods or damage to package 29. substance identification number UN/packaging labels/signs/UN packaging and substance identification number/package labelling/packaging and code 30. Vehicle and/or container marking/vehicle and/or container marking 31. tanks or bulk cargo carrying the bulk of the vehicle's hazard signs/Tank or bulk transport hazard labels 32. Set of tools for small repairs/Tool set for temporary repairs at least 33. one pad of wheels each vehicle/At least one scotch per vehicle 34. Two Orange lamp/two orange-colored lights 35. Fire extinguishers/fire extinguisher (s) 36. personal protective equipment Driver/Driver's personal protective equipment shall (A) verified/inspected-B-infringement is established the infringement established, C/-no need/not applicable 37. Notes/miscellaneous/callout (control name of institution/authority) (checker, title/officer) (checker's signature/signature) "Prime Minister a. slice traffic Minister a. Gorbunov will

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