Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 22 April 1997 Regulations No. 155 "rules On Water Use Permits"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1997.gada 22.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.155 "Noteikumi par ūdens lietošanas atļaujām"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 119, Riga, 12 March 2002 (pr. No. 11, § 41) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 22 April 1997, the provisions of the "rules of no 155 water use permits" Issued in accordance with the law "on natural resources tax," the first part of article 10 and the law "on Earth" the first part of article 10 do Cabinet of 22 April 1997 Regulations No 155 "rules on water use permits" (Latvian journal, 1997, 108/; 1998, 16-17, nr. 349; 2002 15. No.) the following amendments: 1. Provisions Chapter I: 1.1. deletion of the terms ' high ecological quality "," used for the abstraction of drinking water, the surface fresh water "," good ecological quality "and their explanation;
1.2. the express definition of "limit" explanation as follows: "the Limit — water use permit conditions include water use quantitative and qualitative limits that the period set for the protection of the environment and regional development Ministry notified bodies, on the basis of the water user application water use licence and renewal of water resources and quality.";
1.3. make use of the term "water" explanation as follows: "the use of water-producing effects on water quality indicators for quantitative or surface and ground waters (except in ships ' ballast water, the use of which is determined by other legislation), if any of the following conditions: 1 the quantity of waste water in particular) the outlet more than 5 m3 per day;
2) groundwater extraction exceeds 10 m3 per day;
3) you get mineral waters, other than for personal use;
4) is affected surface water hydrological mode or the consumption of surface fresh waters more than 20 m3 per day;
5) above quantities are not exceeded, but water or emissions are likely significant effects on the environment. ";
1.4. to make the term "water user" explaining the following: "user: any natural or legal person that collects water or use it for business."
2. Delete paragraph 5.1.13. the words "(annex 13)".
3. Make 7. the third sentence by the following: "in those cases, the documents added to the centralised water supply and sewerage system or treatment plant owner or Manager of the concluded agreement."
4. Make paragraph 9 by the following: "9. In parallel with the application of water user regional environmental administration submitted the production technological processes to reduce pollution, as well as the sewage treatment plant and control system effectiveness improvement perspective plan (hereinafter plan perspective). Perspective plan specifies the specific deadlines and the measures taken to comply with the laws and regulations on underground and surface water quality in certain regulations. "
5. Add to paragraph 13 with the second and third sentence as follows: "the water user or other interested natural and legal persons have the right to appeal against the decision of the regional environmental management of water use permit or an individual permit conditions of the environmental impact assessment State Bureau. If the environmental impact assessment State Bureau concludes that, in accordance with the issued permit are not guaranteed to human life, health or safety or the environment are not taken into account in these regulations and other laws and regulations, it shall adopt a decision to cancel the decision of regional environmental management or individual permit conditions as well as instructs the Administration to issue a new permit by changing the conditions of the authorization. "
6. Make the following point 19:19 "to promote a holistic approach to water resources management and use, and the application of uniform technical solutions in the country, the protection of the environment and regional development Minister creates advisory body — water resources Council (hereinafter Council) and approved its personnel and rules. The Council operates four representatives of environmental protection and the Ministry of regional development, one representative of the Latvian Environment Agency, National Geology Department, the State environment inspectorate, the environmental impact assessment State Bureau, Ministry of welfare and local government administration. "
7. Delete paragraph 20.
8. Express 23.2. subparagraph by the following: "23.2. water quality downstream of the effluent discharge point under the watercourse or body of water of the stream speed average depth, as well as taking into account the requirements of the laws that determine the surface and ground water quality;".
9. Express 25.4. subparagraph by the following: "25.4. General surface quality requirements for fresh waters is determined according to the purpose of use and the regulations on surface and underground water quality standards set. The surface water is not classified as a priority to fish the waters, bathing or drinking water abstraction used for surface water quality requirements shall be defined according to the karpveidīg standards set in the waters. "
10. Make a paragraph 29 by the following: "the epidemic during the 29 public health agency or its affiliates have the right to impose additional requirements to reduce sewage novadām bacterial contamination."
11. Make 41 as follows: "41. the water supply and sewerage engineering of the passport system in the technical passport are entitled to develop specialists with higher education in engineering and corresponding practical skills. The skills that acknowledge the construction law granted the certificate of būvpraks in water supply and sewerage speciality. "
12. Express 44 the following: "44. Relevant data tracking frequency, sampling and reporting procedures shall be determined at the regional environmental governance, taking into account the requirements of the laws that determine the emission of pollutants in water, surface and underground water quality and drinking water safety."
13. the express 54. the second sentence as follows: "the analysis can only be specified for the type of analysis accredited laboratory."
14. Delete paragraph 57 and 58.
15. Express section 65.2. as follows:

"65.2. reduce the required limit, if the water is not rational (water is not used again if this is technologically possible, high-quality water is used, having it technologically is not necessary, is unduly high water consumption per unit of production) or if this is necessary in order to comply with the requirements laid down in the regulations on surface and ground water quality and pollutant emission of water;".
16. Deletion of annex 7 and 13.
Prime Minister a. Smith of environmental protection and regional development Minister v. Makarova in the Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to the April 4, 2002.

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