The Order In Which Received A Certificate Of Professional Qualification In Real Estate Evaluation

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā saņemams profesionālās kvalifikācijas sertifikāts nekustamā īpašuma novērtēšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 534 in Riga on 9 December 2002 (pr. No 55, § 20) procedures for receiving a certificate of professional qualification of real estate evaluation in accordance with the Issued mortgage bonds article 15 of Act i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the receivable certificates of professional qualification in real estate valuation (hereinafter certificate).
2. A certificate of professional qualification of the person to determine the real estate market value, issued by the certification bodies, which, by the advice of the Ministry of Finance has appointed a Cabinet of Ministers (hereinafter referred to as a certificate authority). The certification authority must be accredited for the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau in accordance with the standard EN-EN-45013.
3. Persons who, in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions have received a certificate (certified), the certification authority shall keep records of the certified person log (Journal). Log entries are public, and any person is entitled to receive free of charge information about certified, the name of the person, the certificate number and the period of validity of the certificate. The certification authority shall make the relevant information available on the internet.
II. requirements for applicants and certificate required documents 4. A Person is eligible for a certificate if it meets the following requirements: 4.1 the person is obtained higher education. Requirements for real estate appraisers professional qualifications determined by the accredited study programmes;
4.2. the assessed real estate according to the standard status in Latvia registered property valuation standards (LVS 401);
4.3. the person is at least three years of work experience in the real estate valuation Assistant, and during this time it has taken at least 20 real estate assessment.
5. a Person who has the requisite education, but do not have three years of experience in real estate evaluation, certification authorities, examination real estate evaluation theory test in order to obtain the status of the Assistant. If a person has successfully passed the exam, a certificate authority that person registers on real estate appraiser Assistant (Assistant).
6. Assistant professional activities according to the requirements of this Regulation take the certificate authorities only confirmed the supervisor's control. The supervisor can approve only a certified person.
7. the Assistant shall have the same rights and duties as a certified person, except the right to unilaterally sign a real estate assessment and to issue it to a third party. Assistant developed real estate assessment be recognised as valid only if it is signed by the supervisor.
8. If the supervisor has confirmed with the signature that the Assistant property assessment is correct, he is responsible for the real estate assessment.
9. After the necessary experience Assistant is eligible for a certificate.
10. the certificate shall not be entitled to get the person who has committed a criminal offence and a criminal record is not deleted or removed in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.
11. a Person wishing to obtain a certificate (hereinafter applicant) shall submit a certification body: 11.1;
11.2. passport copy (showing original);
11.3. a copy of the document (the presentation of the original or notarized copy), which certifies that the applicant's education meets this provision in point 4.1 the requirements;
11.4. Description of professional activities;
11.5. the previous three years the real estate valuation (hereinafter referred to as the assessment) list (the list of Assistant submitted must be approved by the supervisor's signature);
11.6. the Assistant-Supervisor's recommendation for a certificate;
7.3. personal proof that it has not committed a criminal offence, or a statement that the convictions it is deleted or removed in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.
III. the Certification Commission 12. Certification Authority creates the Certification Commission. The Commission shall consist of at least three certified property valuation professionals.
13. the Certification Commission is responsible for scoring the job and applicant's aptitude test. According to the Commission's assessment of certification the certification body shall decide on the grant of a certificate, annulment, the extension of its validity or suspension of the certificate, as well as decide on the revocation of the status of the Assistant, if the Assistant does not comply with these rules.
14. After the documentation submitted by the applicant for certification testing, the Commission chooses four scoring works from the submitted list and inform the applicant in writing. Check the selected works will be presented in the evaluation, the Certification Commission within 10 days after receipt of the communication. Certification Commission designate a reviewer of this evaluation work quality testing. The reviewer can only appoint certified person.
15. After receipt of the opinion of the reviewer, the work of the evaluation, the quality of the Certification Commission determines which of the four evaluation works submitted to the applicant must be defended, and notify the applicant.
16. If the assessment work is defending successfully, the applicant organizes examination real estate evaluation theory test.
17. If the applicant has successfully passed the exam for real estate valuation theory test, the certification body shall decide on the grant of the certificate.
18. the certification authority's compliance with the requirements of these rules monitor the three public institutions authorised representatives (one representative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of finance and the State land service). The authorised representative is entitled to participate, without the right to vote at general meetings of the certification authority, the Certification Council meetings and meetings of the Commission, as well as to familiarize yourself with the certification authority and certification decisions taken by the Commission and all documents used in the decision-making of the Certification Commission.

19. the certification body shall, at least three days in advance, inform the national authority representatives authorised certification bodies the general meeting of the Council and the Commission, the certification hearing time and place, as well as the national authority representatives authorised by the general meeting or scheduled the meeting agenda.
IV. the refusal to grant a certificate 20. Certificate Authority is denied a certificate, if the applicant does not comply with the following: 20.1. the provisions in paragraph 4;
20.2. real estate valuation theory test exam have been received by the certification authority of the minimum number of points;
20.3. repeatedly without justification, fails to appear at the Commission hearing of certification.
21. If the certificate authority is denied a certificate to the applicant, it shall prepare a motivated written refusal to certify the applicant (hereinafter referred to as the refusal) and issue the applicant or sent by post (registered mail) to the address of the place of residence specified in the application.
22. If the applicant is received, resubmit the application certificate after he could only prevent all denial reasons referred to.
23. If the applicant received a refusal in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 20.2, re-submit the application certificate he can after six months, but no more than three times in two years.
V. information appearing on the Certificate and the validity period 24. Certificate is valid if it contains the following properties: 24.1. certification authority's full name;
24.2. the certified persons name, surname and personal code;
24.3. the action to be certified;
15.2. date of award of the certificate;
15.2. the period of validity of the certificate;
24.6. the registration number of the certificate;
15.3. the certification authority's stamp and signature of the driver.
25. the certificate is granted for a period of five years.
Vi. the extension of the period of validity of the certificate, the certificate suspension and revocation of the certificate of recognition of void 26. Certificate Authority certificate is entitled to extend the period of validity of five years. The period of validity of the certificate is extended after they have been received to this provision of the acts referred to in paragraph 11, which is change, and verified the person certified to evaluation work undertaken.
27. the certification body shall be entitled to revoke the certificate, the certificate's activities be suspended for up to nine months, to refuse the extension of the period of validity of the certificate or make a certified person warning about the suspension of the certificate if the certification authority has come to the certified person certificate has supplied false information, for more than a year has not taken real estate appraiser jobs, does not respect the property valuation standards (LVS 401), violated the requirements of the law or incorrectly assessed real property.
28. prior to the certification authority's decision, its designated certified real estate appraisers verify any of the information received the certified person, who can become the reason of the rule referred to in paragraph 27 of the enforcement of sanctions.
29. any natural or legal person is entitled to lodge a complaint about the certification body certified personal work or inform the certification authority for this provision in paragraph 27 above, infringement of which is done in a certified person.
30. the certification body shall consider the complaint and in the month after its receipt, respond in writing to the complainant, as well as in writing notify the certified person concerned.
31. A Person whose certificate has been suspended or whose certificate is revoked, or who has received a refusal of the extension of the period of validity of the certificate, the certificate authority entitled to register as an Assistant and work management supervisor.
32. a Person whose real estate assessment is carried out in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 31 and the activities of which are found in this rule violation referred to in paragraph 27, are not eligible for reuse certificate renewal or a new certificate. These conditions do not apply to those persons whose certificate has been suspended or whose certificate is revoked on the basis that the person is no longer than a year made the real estate appraiser.
33. For cancellation of the certificate, the certificate suspension or refusal to extend the term of validity of the certificate, certificate authority, indicating the reasons for its decision, notify in writing the person certified not later than 10 days after the date of adoption of the decision in question. After the receipt of the notification of withdrawal of the certificate of the certificate within 15 days of the candidate certification authority.
34. A certificate may be revoked in the following cases: 34.1. the certified person has made the real estate appraisal when it granted the certificate were suspended;
21.3. the certified person is wrong real estate or repeatedly violated the other requirements set out in these rules;
21.3. the certified person is received the request to revoke the certificate.
35. If the certificate is lost, a certified person shall inform in writing the certification authority. Based on the submissions of the person certified, the certification authority shall decide upon the lost recognition void and shall issue to the person a certified duplicate of the certificate. A duplicate of the certificate validity period is the same as the lost certificate.
36. Information on assigned, annulled, invalid certificates and certificate suspension of certificate authority 10 days after adoption of the relevant decision shall be published in the newspaper "journal".
37. the certification body's decision on the refusal of the grant of a certificate, certificate revocation, certificate suspension or refusal to extend the period of validity of the certificate may appeal against the legislation.
VII. Closing questions 38. Certification bodies expenditure relating to the certification and issuing of the certificate (including the costs of the production of the certificate and the Certification Commission expenses), in accordance with the certification bodies and approved by the Ministry of finance coordinated price list shall be borne by the person before the certified certificate.

39. the certificate issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 15 February 2000, the Regulation No 60 "real estate appraiser license (certificate of professional qualifications) order of receipt", recognized as valid until their expiry date.
40. The rules referred to in paragraph 4.1 of the requirement does not apply to those persons who have received certificates or acquired the status of assistants under the Cabinet of Ministers of 15 February 2000, the Regulation No 60 "real estate appraiser license (professional qualification certificate) to receive the order.
41. the rules shall enter into force on July 1, 2003.
Prime Minister e. Repše Finance Minister v. dombrovsky Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on July 1, 2003.

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