Amendments To The Cabinet Of July 31, 2001 Regulations No. 341 "rural Land Cadastral Valuation Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 31.jūlija noteikumos Nr.341 "Lauku apvidu zemes kadastrālās vērtēšanas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 146 in Riga 2003. April (1. No 18, § 15.) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on July 31, 2001 regulations No 341 land "rural cadastral valuation rules ' Issued in accordance with the law" on real estate tax "in article 4, the second, fourth and seventh paragraph to make Cabinet July 31, 2001, regulations No 341 land" rural cadastral valuation rules "(Latvian journal, 2001, 115, 182 no) the following amendments: 1. Make paragraph 6 by the following : ' 6. Earth cadastral valuation of unit data needs have emerged until the cadastre records changes to the rules referred to in paragraph 5 below the unit data, as well as the laws and regulations in the order updates on forest and agricultural land quality assessment. Land cadastre value cooperation, according to the Cabinet on July 31, 2001, the Regulation No. 343 "real estate cadastre value escalation procedures". "
2. Make the following paragraph 11: "11. cadastral valuation of land needs the State land Department, records, and analyzes the real estate purchase price, rent and other real estate market-related information, as well as create and maintain real estate market database. To create or update the property market database, land registry department not less than once a month, provided by the national land service the relevant territorial departments with the following information: 11.1 on purchase contracts: 11.1.1. designation of the immovable property cadastre;
11.1.2. the real property owner earlier and current;
11.1.3. transaction object composition;
11.1.4. transaction price in dollars;
11.1.5. date of the transaction;
11.2. on rental contracts: 11.2.1. designation of the immovable property cadastre;
11.2.2. the lease object composition;
11.2.3. the rental fee per month or year in dollars;
11.2.4. lease contract date;
11.2.5. lease term in months or years. "
3. Make the following paragraph 13: "13. Local authorities, this provision 12. the notifications referred to in paragraph 1 not less frequently than quarterly to submit your national land service of territorial division."
4. Express 22 the following: "22. Value of land zoning development to the current tax period 1st September suggests the following: 22.1. local governments that rule 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3. in specified cases, informing the State land service;
22.2. The State land service these rules specified in paragraph 20.4. event, informing the appropriate authorities. "
5. Make the following paragraph 25: "25. If the municipality decides not to match the zoning project, it shall inform the national land service, including: 25.1. municipalities provided reasoned proposals which were not taken into account in the zoning project design: 25.1.1. the zoning project non-compliance with the legislation in force or the design of the territory;
25.1.2. on the ground of non-conformity with the base value documented justification information on the real estate market transactions on the zoning project development time;
25.2. the zoning project of public consultation again. "
6. To express the 27 and 28 of the following paragraph: "27. Zoning project is made up of the value of the land zoning maps, zone land base value tables, zoning and land cadastral description value totals trend forecasts.
28. the national land service by matching the municipality shall prepare and approve the zoning of land values in duplicate, indicating the date of its entry into force. If the value of the land zoning developed and approved no later than the next tax period May 15, it shall enter into force with the next tax period on January 1. One of the approved value of land zoning will copy the relevant municipality, the other for the State land service. "
7. Express 31 the following: "31. the total cadastral value adjustment factor for the determination of the State land service uses this rule 30.1, 30.2 and 30.3.. relationship referred to in terms of how individual weightings. The State land service individual weightings field building lands developed and approved to pirmstaksācij 15 May of the year and inform the appropriate authorities. "
8. Deleted 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40.
9. Make 51 the following: "51. Real estate tax calculation in the agriculture, forestry and water management needs of land cadastre value cabinet order is not included in the qualitative assessment of forest land, occupied by the stand of the renewed or ieaudzēt (COPSE)."
10. Express 12. the title of the annex by the following: "the average position of a cadastral area ratio, woodland location factor and average rating".
11. Deletion of annex 7.12. column.
Prime Minister e. Repše Justice Minister a. Aksenoks Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 5 April 2003.

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