Amendments To The Law "on State And Municipal Property Privatisation Of Object"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par valsts un pašvaldību īpašuma objektu privatizāciju"

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Clarifies 27.08.2003., Journal No. 117 (2882) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 455 in Riga in 2003 (12 august. No 44, § 40) the amendments to the law "on State and municipal property privatisation of object" issued in the Republic of Latvia article 81 of the Constitution in order to make the law "on State and municipal property privatisation" of objects (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1994, nr. 6, 14; 1996; 1997, no. 23, no. 15; 1998, nr. 9; 1999, no 8, 24; 2002, no. 5.) the following amendments: 1. Deletion of article 66, the third and fourth.
2. in article 71:2.1 to make the first paragraph by the following: "(1) Land privatised for a price not less than the cadastral value of the land, determined in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers for the cadastral valuation of land, as well as in the light of the fifth part of this article.";
2.2. to supplement the article with the fifth paragraph as follows: "(5) a separate built-up piece of land (article 60, first paragraph, point 2) Riga and Jurmala City territory and the land together with the privatizējam object (article 60, first paragraph), as well as undeveloped piece of land (article 60, first paragraph, point 3) privatised for a price not less than the value set in accordance with standards prescribed in the law, approved by the Latvian property valuation standards and If necessary, adjusted for market price for that particular area. "
3. Deletion of the transitional provisions of paragraph 4.
4. Express transitional provisions in paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the cabinet order for the liquidation of the privatisation agency can issue only: 1) by this law, the transitional provisions provided for in paragraph 5 of the privatisation Agency for the transfer of the functions of the other institutions;
2) after privatisation Agency has completed all the privatization of the State property of the object passed to privatization. "
5. the transitional provisions be supplemented with 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the following: "9. by august 21, 2003, the privatisation agency terminates this law, article 12, first paragraph, in order to accept the privatisation proposals regarding: 1) national real estate, which is not State property of the undertaking or business;
State property 2) object-property investment company, which in a way is by applying private equity-method;
3) State-owned undeveloped rural area of land privatization.
10. on 21 august 2003, the privatisation agency terminates this law article 65 in the first subparagraph in order to accept the privatisation proposals as regards the built up land.
11. Up to august 21, 2003 in the transitional provisions of the Act 9 and 10 above are considered the privatisation proposal and the decision is taken in accordance with this law and the regulations issued.
12. Until 5 March 2002 to 31 of this law in accordance with the procedure laid down in article the privatisation proposal for local real estate, other than a municipal property of the undertaking or business, is reviewed and a decision on the transfer of immovable property privatisation is taken under this Act and the regulations issued.
13. If transitional provisions this law 11 and 12 in the case referred to in paragraph a decision has been taken on State or municipal property privatisation, the object it is privatized in accordance with the procedure laid down in this law.
14. public joint stock company "national real estate agency" after august 21, 2003 was forfeited in accordance with State and local divestment laws transitional provisions this law 9 and 10 above State property to which this Act does not apply to the transitional provisions in paragraph 11.
15. the determination of the price of Land of this law article 71, the fifth subparagraph shall apply if the particular land privatisation rules (draft) of the privatisation agency or municipality approved by august 21, 2003.
16. in determining the means of payment for State and local government privatizējam the land for which the privatisation proposal filed and registered in the privatisation agency or municipality concerned: 1) to the 2003 15 April-apply means of payment for that property the refund certificate is less than 80 percent (specially assisted areas established under the regional development law — not less than 90 percent) from the land of the notional price;
2) after April 15, 2003, — means of payment shall apply as laid down in the rules of the Cabinet on the means of payment and payment arrangements, adopted and entered into force after April 15, 2003. "
Prime Minister e. Repše economic Minister, the Minister of finance v. dombrovsky Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by august 21, 2003.

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