Hunting Rules

Original Language Title: Medību noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 760 in Riga 2003 (December 23. No 65, § 44) hunting regulations issued in accordance with article 3 of the law of the hunt, the second and third parts, the second part of article 5, 8 and 9, article 13, second subparagraph, and article 26 of the 17 i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. game species, hunting period, as well as cases in which you may hunt outside the hunting periods;
1.2. procedure for hunting;
1.3. documenting the hunt and hunting district plan;
1.4. hunting the driver's obligations and rights;
1.5. hunting firearms and ammunition for hunting, as well as the use of hunting safety requirements;
1.6. the variety of game use hunting dogs;
1.7. procedures for the handling of wild animals that cause of death is not hunting, trapping or holding in captivity.
2. the hunting of the specially protected natural areas down these rules, specially protected natural territory protection and general terms of use, the personal protection of the territory and the terms of use and other hunting regulatory laws.
II. the wild game and to period 3. hunting wild game, other than captive-reared, game in the following periods of time: 3.1 limited: the wild game 3.1.1. Elk (Alc-alc), from 1 September to 15 December;
3.1.2. the Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) Bull from 1 September to 31 January, calves (age up to one year) and cows from 15 august to 31 December;
3.1.3. Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus): a buck from 1 June to 30 November, a kid (age up to one year) and goats from 15 august to 30 November;
3.1.4. wild pigs (Sus scrofa) from 1 May till 31 January;
3.1.5. the Beaver (Castor fiber), from 1 august to 31 March;
3.1.6. lynxes (Lynx Lynx), from December 1 to the national forest service established the highest allowable amount of hunting hunting areas (hereinafter amount of hunting), but not more than 31 March;
3.1.7. medņ (tetrao urogall) — only the roosters from 10 April to 10 may, hunting areas, which made the population protection measures under the species protection plan;
3.1.8. grouse (tetrao tetrix), from 1 September to 31 October the hunting areas that made the population protection measures under the species protection plan;
3.1.9. wolves (Canis lupus), from 15 July to the national forest service in a certain amount of hunting, but not more than 31 March;
3.2. the wild game not limited: 3.2.1. raķeļ (tetrao tetrix x tetrao urogall) — from 10 April to 10 may;
3.2.2. the grey Hare (Lep-Europaea) and white Hare (Lep-timid), from 1 October to 31 January;
3.2.3. the Woods Marten (Martes martes), stone Martens (Martes foin), ferret (Mustela putori) and muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), from 1 October to 31 March;
3.2.4. Badgers (Meles Meles), from 1 October to 31 December;
3.2.5. foxes (Vulpes vulpes), American mink (Mustela vison) and nyctereutes (Nyctereut-procyonoid) — throughout the year.
3.2.6. mežirb (bonasia bonasia), from 1 September to 31 January;
3.2.7. pheasants (Phasianus colchic), from 1 august to 31 March;
3.2.8. the field pigeon (Columba palumbus), from 1 august to 15 November;
3.2.9. the home of pigeons (Columba Livia), from 1 august to 31 December;
3.2.10. Slokas (Scolopax rusticol), from 1 august to 15 November;
3.2.11. the grey Crow (Corvus Corona) and magpies (pica pica), from 15 June to 30 April;
3.2.12. sowing geese (Anser fabal), baltpier of geese (Anser albifrons), Canada geese (Branta canadensis), from 15 September to 15 November;
3.2.13. coots (Fulic ATRA), krīkļ (Anas crecc), grey duck (Anas strepera), platknābj (Anas clypeat), wild duck (Anas platyrhynchos), garganeys (Anas querquedul), baltvēder (Anas Penelope), garkakļ (Anas acut), orange roughy (netta Rufina), brūnkakļ (Aythya ferina), tufted ducks (Aythya fuligul), Greater Scaup (Aythya maril), Velvet Scoter (melanitta Fusca), black Scoter (melanitta nigra), long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis), Goldeneye (Bucephal clangula) — from the second Saturday in august at. 16 h 00 to 15 September: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and from 16 September to 15 November: every day;
3.2.14. stray dogs and cats — throughout the year without the owner's consent.
4. If a separate hunting areas in the laws on animal infectious disease prevention and control established by an epizootic disease, has been found in a national forest service by the food and veterinary service of the proposal with other hunting periods and techniques, prohibit the individual species of wild game hunting country or a part thereof.
5. Hunting with engines or degradations (stalking) are permitted during daylight hours from 1 October to 31 March. Each time you receive a national forest service permit stalking also authorised in the following cases: 5.1 animal disease and epizootic control — throughout the year.
5.2. hunting wolves — from 15 July to 30 September.
6. Where the game the damage caused by a drawn national forest service specific pattern, this animal hunting allowed outside prey, as well as of the period up to the national forest service determined the amount of hunting.
III. procedure for the hunt 7. Hunt filed orally or in writing to the national forest service in the State of virsmežniecīb wood, which monitored the area they will be organized.
8. the game Free hunting game log on user or its authorized person. Not limited to the Wild Hunt Hunter hunting sought in his station, as well as other hunting station with the hunting rights of the user or his authorized person's written permission.
9. Log on a hunt, the hunting station, indicate the time (date, month, year), (stalking, individual hunting or hunting with traps) and hunting the applicant's name, but if the hunt takes place game hazard, also indicate a specific place or a household name.
10. a Ranger or his authorised person shall ensure the adoption and application of game tracking relevant journal.
11. Hunting log on for a period up to seven days of hunting for the moment.
12. individual hunting limitēto in the game, with one of the permitted hunting permit to hunt up to three hunters.
13. a Ranger or his authorized person is entitled to refuse the hunt where: 13.1 hunting station or part thereof is found to be an epizootic disease and this site is banned the hunting of wild species;
13.2. hunting application conflicts with hunting regulatory laws;
13.3. the hunting station in part or with the hunting rights of users of mass action or coherent Defence Ministry unit tactical training.
14. If a Ranger or his authorized person in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 13 of the hunt, for their refuse in the 24 hours after the receipt of the application, notify the applicant of the hunt.
15. the game film and photography of animals in rut and time, as well as juveniles in the vicinity of the place of stay permitted only after written consent by the user of hunting rights and the national forest service, but the specially protected natural areas, including the administration of the protected area, if any.
IV. documentation for the duration of the hunt and hunt the circuit plan contains 16. Limited hunting of wild game, as well as limited stalking the game progress document the hunt report.
17. the hunting report is a document that records all of the participants and their nomedīto hunting animals. Hunting report indicates the game start time (the moment when the hunters come in your hunting area and signed statement of the hunting rules) and game end time, as well as hunting breaks set by the hunting.
18. The Hunter's license, a hunting permit and the firearm hunting seasons hunting card located at Hunter.
19. If the State Forestry Department issued a written authorization of the season with hunting tools allowed to hunt Beaver, forest marten, stone marten, American mink, ferrets, muskrat, Fox, Badger, jenotsuņ, dogs and stray cats, grey Crow and magpies. Other wild game hunting tools allowed to hunt only, each time receiving the national forest-a permission.
20. National Forest Service issued the following documents: 20.1. foreign hunters for hunting permits, hunting in the territory of Latvia's season card, hunting permits, permission of the season hunt with traps, as well as the procedure for the issue of such documents;
20.2. the hunt report and relevant legislation.
21. the hunting district plan is hunting the right user ready and submitted to the national forest service. Hunting the circuit plan contains the following information: 21.1 the boundary plan;
21.2. the breakdown by area of land use;
21.3. the hunting rights, copies of the supporting documents.
22. If the hunting station is located more to the national forest service in the territory, the territorial Department of the State Forestry Department determines the territorial departments responsible hunting resources for monitoring and controlling the hunting station.
23. the hunting station include hunting areas located less than 100 metres from the boundary of the District of hunting.

24. Hunting station is considered continuous hunting area if their distribution infrastructure objects.
V. Hunt driving responsibilities and rights For hunting the heads of 25 stalking may be the person who the national forest service passed the knowledge test and received a hunting licence. Hunting permit hunting is located next to the driver. Hunting is prohibited without driving to organize stalking.
26. If the hunting of wild game is waiting at the, it invites or with hunting breed dog Hunt game in limitēto (hereinafter referred to as the individual hunting), hunting the driver believes that the person is hunting report and hunting permit. Individual hunting the driver of a hunting licence is not necessary.
27. Hunting the driver has the right to determine the prey and hunting trophies.
28. The Hunt Manager has the following responsibilities: 28.1. answer about hunting organization, progress and order;
28.2. to fix the game start time, end time and hunting breaks;
17.6. to determine with some ammunition to shoot wild game;
28.4. before hunting check hunting members of hunting and hunting arms documents;
28.5. If the offence was committed, to stop hunting or prohibit its continue certain hunters;
28.6. to suspend or prohibit the hunting of poor visibility conditions and storm;
28.7. hunting hunting before instructing participants on hunting safety requirements, to inform about the hunting order, call of the operational services and first aid facilities;
17.9. to receive and complete the game documentation (where the hunted or hurt the animal, wild limited hunting Manager fills out the hunting permit and hunt at the end of the day fills the hunt report, indicating the number of the Wild Hunt);
46.8. If hunted Wolf or Lynx, to draw up the next working days and to announce it during the national forest service;
28.10. to find out all the shots and organize the wounded animal tracking. If the wounded animal left the constituency registered hunting hunting Manager shall inform the user of hunting, hunting in the territory of which the animal hurt iebēdz. If hunting rights concerned user cannot be contacted, the wounded animal tracks the national forest service officials;
No 28.11. to notify the national forest service for hunting pieklīduš hunting breed dogs;
No 28.12. by hunting wild game in the primary and to organize, if necessary, prepare the meat sample veterinary inspection;
28.13. determine and provide the procedure of primary prey;
28.14. Design for the accident and hunting regulatory legislation and the next working day to submit it during the national forest service;
28.15. month of hunting hunting permit transfer completed, as well as limited stalking the game and limited the hunting of wild game review national forest service;
28.16. providing first aid necessary to provide pārsienamo materials;
28.17. If hunting accident occurred: 28.17.1. immediately stop hunting;
28.17.2. to organize first aid on the scene and, if necessary, to summon emergency medical help or organize the victim into the medical institution. About the accident immediately to report to the national police and the national forest service;
28.17.3. provide the location to the delimitation, as well as foot and the preservation of evidence. Compose the scene schema (the schema specifies all hunters hunting in the parking line, the distance between them, the mast of the healing and other information that describes the event) and the design of the Act by the State forest service a specific pattern;
28.17.4. to request from witnesses of the accident to the writing-explanation;
28.17.5. If the victim's health situation so permits, to interrogate and write down the victim's testimony (testimony by two witnesses attest to the signature).
29. If the driver fails to hunt this rule 28. the obligations laid down in paragraph virsmežzin that the area to be monitored is going hunting, revoke the hunting licence.
Vi. Hunting firearms and ammunition for hunting and the use of safety requirements 30. Prohibited hunting on hunting areas to prepare to use a weapon (except waterfowl hunting on public bodies) or hunting gear, hunting is not logged if.
31. the Hunter with a hunting firearm under any circumstances act as loaded.
32. If hunting firearm is not possible to deliver it at the place of storage, it is placed in a location that meets the regulations concerning arms movements.
33. it is prohibited to use a hunting firearm with technical defects.
34. Before and after hunting hunting firearm is unloaded (cartridge Chamber space or not attached to it in the magazine), break (if it constructively intended) and packed. Hunting in hunting during the circuit area when carrying or transporting hunting firearm, it is empty.
35. A hunting firearm loaded or empty, the barrel must be facing up or down. After loading their weapons provided with fuse.
36. it is prohibited to use ammunition with which no kapsel till the end of the čaulīt printed kapsel socket.
37. the Loaded hunting firearm, hunters make sure that the barrel channel is free.
38. If the patron does not explode shooting, hunting firearm allowed to open after eight seconds.
39. it is prohibited to shoot from several barrels at the same time.
40. Banned the holding of two fingers on the two hunting guns the trigger devices simultaneously.
41. it is prohibited to shoot on a clear target (for example, in the dark, to the Sun, to the animal, which covered the branches of trees and shrubs, grass).
42. Into the hunting Tower and getting off of it, as well as before the barrier (such as ditches, fence, stream) busting hunting firearm discharged.
43. before sure shot Hunters, or shooting direction not in people, pets, vehicles, buildings or roads to move people and vehicles. These conditions also, hurling with a loaded weapon.
44. it is prohibited to teach the loaded hunting firearm to another person.
45. Hunting weapon only allowed to use the shooting.
46. it shall be prohibited to damage the forest and hunting infrastructure items (such as hunting towers, feeders, footbridges, bridges), as well as to interfere with the hunt.
47. Hunting banned in low visibility conditions and storm.
48. The Hunt 24-hour dark time only allowed from the bench (Hunter's parking or seating platform at least 2.5 m above the ground). Hunting with hunting firearms are not allowed, if natural light does not provide a target resolution, except the Fox and jenotsuņ Hunt, as well as hunting wild pigs, cows and heifers red deer damage using artificial light sources.
49. the Person who runs the engines, familiar with the Hunter line. Engines prohibited to the mast with a loaded hunting firearms and shoot the game, except one or two hunters tracking shot the animal, as well as wolves, Lynx and wild boar hunting, when the engine is only one Hunter with dogs. In this case, the engine must be familiar with the suit and the Hunter line.
Moose and deer in the 1950s allowed to shoot only with a bullet (hunting).
51. Stalking in the healing time which engines are clothing the bright highlights to the background.
52. After the shots at a fallen Bull, red deer, wild boar or roe deer to the loaded weapon towards the animal from behind.
53. it is prohibited to build the Hunter line on 1 and 2, category national road.
54. The Mast during the healing Hunter or engines banned exit on the track or road, or on the other side, if it's there, as well as of the hunters in the arbitrary change or leave a location without waiting the healing end tone.
55. Every Hunter, from the specified location, you must know the Hunter line placement direction and adjacent Hunter location.
56. Allowed to shoot the only sector not exceeding 70 on both sides of the perpendicular to the line of the hunters in the mast or outside the mast. Shooting through the Hunter of the prohibited line (that is, charge or part may not fly closer than 15 m from the Hunter).
57. The Hunt engines on the shooting game allowed the suit or when the animal is wild game hunters crossed the line, outside the mast. Shooting in the mast broke, if the engines less than 200 m from the Hunter line.
58. With smooth-bore hunting firearm may shoot for the wild, who are closer than 50 m from the shooter.
59. Allowed to shoot on the game, which is half the distance between adjacent parked hunters, without exceeding the maximum shooting distance.
60. Shoot to the game next to the Hunter's rifle standing sector allowed only when standing next to Hunter fired a hunting gun cavity all cartridges.
61. it is prohibited to pielādē hunting firearm hunting before the specified start time.
62. Stalking hunting firearm allowed pielādē, just put in the designated parking lot and only after passing all the members last hunt. Hunter, courted by the game, allowed to move with a loaded hunting firearm, if not present in other members of the hunt.

63. Hunting, prohibited the individual pielādē of hunting firearm, before Hunter reached the hunting area boundaries.
64. A hunting firearm discharged before leaving the parking lot of the Hunter. Hiking in hunting firearm carries only unload, with the barrel up, down or open.
65. Forbidden to board the vehicle the truck or trailer and get out of it by holding her or his hunting firearm.
66. each Individual hunt Hunter acting independently and personally responsible for the security requirements of the hunt.
67. The individual members of the hunt observe the hunting district boundaries that apply for hunting, and the other members of the hunting locations.
68. Without the authorisation of the head of the banned the hunting of wild game for the injured animal to follow. The dog apriet the wounded animal can come to only one or two hunting the driver assigned to hunters.
69. Forbidden to shoot at the flying game waterfowl when it's flying angle, who less than 30 ° from the surface of the water and if the shooting in the direction of transparency of less than 150 metres.
70. it is prohibited to shoot wild waterfowl on water (except for the injured bird shooting (piešaušan) if the direction of the shots up to 150 m distance, the area is transparent and not in humans).
71. Waterfowl hunting hunting firearm allowed pielādē if: 71.1. hunting access or walking, hunting area boundary has been reached;
71.2. hunting from a boat "on the rise", conceived the situation stable boat;
71.3. the hunters held the place in the parking lot or the stationary anchored boat.
72. Waterfowl hunting from a boat "on lifting the" hunting firearm allowed to use only one of the boat in the hunters who do not push the boat.
73. Waterfowl hunting, bow hunting firearm, it unloads.
74. Waterfowl hunting from a boat "on lifting the" hunters when the sites, hunting firearm discharged and places them in the boat, so that it does not fall and does not slide. Only after hunters again taken their places, hunting firearm handed shooter. Handed a hunting firearm, the barrel must be facing up. The advent of wild waterfowl, a hunter who's pushing the boat, stop the boat progress forward, providing the shooter can have a stable state.
75. Waterfowl hunting, if the boat was anchored as an ambush, allowed to shoot the two hunters in the boat after prior agreement about the shooting. Standing or seated in the boat Hunter banned across the other Hunter's head.
76. The Hunter hunting prohibited be alcoholic beverages, narcotic, psychotropic or other intoxicating substances.
VII. the use of hunting dogs of the breed in the hunt 77. Hunt only allowed to breed hunting dogs, which are registered and vaccinated according to laws and regulations about dog registration and keeping order.
78. The person who uses a variety of hunting dog hunting, dog breed is located and vaccination certificates.
79. Moose, red deer, wild boar and deer hunt individual breeds of hunting dog only allowed to use the wounded animal to find.
80. Hunting with hunting dog breeds in caves, they are allowed only to exhume highlight dog hold the animal. After hunting in aizrokam atrakum and nolīdzinām.
81. Breed of hunting dog owner to comply with the legislation on animal welfare.
VIII. Procedures for handling wild game that the cause of the shipwreck is not hunting, trapping or holding in captivity 82. find wounded or killed wild game for the Finder shall notify the national forest service. The national forest service officials, by the food and veterinary service officer, but the specially protected natural areas, protected areas administration representative (if the Administration is created), these depictions of animals or the reasons for the destruction, drawn up a specific pattern and decide on further action to the game.
83. Where the national forest service officials and the food and veterinary service officer, but the specially protected natural areas, with protected areas Administration (if the Administration has created) when a decision on further action to find a dead animal, not by restrictions in its use, the animal shall be returned free of charge to the Finder.
84. the national forest service officials and the food and veterinary inspector of the day-ta, but the specially protected natural areas, with protected areas Administration (if the Administration has created) when a decision on further action to find wounded game (for example, treatment, immobilization, liquidation), evaluate the wounded animal danger to public security, and the threat of injury posed wild game life.
IX. concluding issues 85. in 2004, Slokas (Scolopax rusticol) game from 21 April to 1 May and 1 august to 15 November.
86. The hunting season card issued by the State Forestry Department, starting with the April 1, 2004.
87. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 8 august 1995 rules no 251 "game rules" (Latvian journal, 1995, 129 no; 1997, no. 260).
Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions arising from directives 92/79/409/EEC and 43EEC.
Prime Minister e. Repše Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 31 December 2003.

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