Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 30 April 2001, Regulations No. 181 "construction Products Conformity Assessment Procedures For The Regulated Sphere"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 30.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.181 "Būvizstrādājumu atbilstības novērtēšanas kārtība reglamentētajā sfērā"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 371 of 2004 in Riga 20 April (pr. No. 23 71) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 30 April 2001, regulations No 181 "construction products conformity assessment procedures for the regulated sphere" Issued in accordance with the law "on conformity assessment" of article 7 and article 25 of the law on construction of the second part 1. make Cabinet 30 April 2001 No. 181 "in the terms of construction products conformity assessment procedures for the regulated sphere" (Latvian journal, 2001, 68 no) the following amendments: 1. replace the text, the words "authorized institution" (fold) with the words "notified body" (fold); 1.2. make points 1 and 2 by the following: "1. the provisions set out the requirements for construction products to ensure their safety and the safety of human life, health, property and the environment (hereinafter referred to as the safety essential requirements), the order of construction products conformity assessment and market surveillance of construction procedures for the regulated sphere, to protect the Latvian market of unsafe construction products and ensure the free movement of construction products between Latvia and the Member States of the European Community. Rules apply to these rules referred to in annex 1 for the construction of the building of the hospital will construct, their parts or structures (construction). 2. Materials allowed in Latvian market-offer to sell, or put in use to give to against or without payment, as well as both have a built-in structures-if they are valid for the intended use (building) and the objective, fixed built-in, assembled and used in the construction of legislation requirements and design built projects, ensure the conformity of the construction works article 3 of the law of the third part and the Cabinet of Ministers on 27 March 2001 No 142 of the rules "rules for the Latvian et seq of the LBN 006-00" essential requirements "requirements in buildings."; 1.3. make paragraph 4 by the following: "4. the technical rules are as follows: 4.1 national standards, adapted in Latvia-the European Committee for Standardization CEN standards list by the recommendation of the Ministry of economy, the State limited liability company" Latvian standards "published in the newspaper" journal "; 4.2. the European technical approval guidelines of the Ministry of economy published in the newspaper "Gazette"; 4.3. the Member States of the European Union the national standards, the European Union, the Commission has notified the applicable conformity assessment of construction and the Ministry of economy of the list shall be published in the newspaper "Latvian journal". "; 1.4. to supplement the provisions of point 4.1, the following wording: "the newspaper" Latvijas 4.1 journal "published the list of technical rules in this rule referred to in paragraph 4, the institutions determine the technical rules, the date of entry into force, but not earlier than four months after the publication of the list."; 1.5. make paragraph 5 by the following: "5. The Ministry of economy in cooperation with the cīgaj of urban technical committees organized these provisions required for the implementation of the national standards and international standards on information standards organized by the adaptation, as well as recommendations issued by accredited and the newspaper" Latvian journal "published by conformity assessment bodies (notified body)."; 1.6. to supplement the provisions under 7.1 points as follows: "are valid in Latvia 7.1 European Union notified body (notificēt) and the manufacturer (supplier) the attestation of conformity of construction products issued and assessment of conformity issued in accordance with the technical regulations or the analogous national adaptations (excluding national attachments) in the Member States of the European Community, in which the relevant attestation of conformity or assessments issued. '; 1.7. to express the point 15 as follows: "15. Technical regulations may provide for the following conformity assessment methods: 15.1. type of construction the original testing carried out by the manufacturer or a notified body, in order to determine the type of safety compliance with the essential requirements; 15.2. the establishment of the model of construction products selected for testing in accordance with the specified test plan by the manufacturer or by the notified body; 15.3. site stall or on the construction site of the būvizstr leader + grant selected a sample of audit testing carried out by the manufacturer or by the notified body; 15.4. to send prepared or sent to the customer of the party construction model test carried out by the manufacturer or by the notified body; 15.5. the production process control; 15.6. the factories and production control system in the initial inspections and certification carried out by the notified body; 15.7. the production process of continuous monitoring and evaluation by the notified body. "; 1.8. to express 17 as follows: "17. compliance with the Construction requirements of the technical rules declares in one of the following ways: 17.1. with certificate of compliance and Declaration of conformity that rule 18.1. case in point; 17.2. the Declaration of conformity that rule 22.1. (the first version of the Declaration of conformity), 22.2. (the second variant Declaration of conformity) and 22.3. (third variant Declaration of conformity) in the cases in point that varies with the reported obligation of conformity assessment bodies for conformity assessment process. '; 1.9. to supplement the rules by 17.1 points as follows: "17.1 Declaration of conformity drawn up in accordance with the rules laid down in paragraph 25. If the technical regulations unless otherwise specified, the certificate of conformity shall be drawn up in accordance with paragraph 26 of these regulations. "; 1.10. to express subparagraph as follows: " plant and production control system in the original inspection;"; 1.11. to express in this paragraph 22.2.1.: "the type of the original construction 22.2.1. testing laboratory reported;" 1.12. supplement with 22.1 points as follows: "If the technical regulations 22.1 not defined the procedure for attestation of conformity: 22.1 1. construction products, which are the stability or strength, fire safety requirements, conformity certified, with the second version of the Declaration of conformity in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 22.2; 22.1 2. construction products, which are not of strength, stability, or fire safety requirements, compliance shall be verified by the third version of the Declaration of conformity in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph. "13.9 1.13. replace paragraph 24, the words "in Latvia" by the words "European Union"; 1.14. the express 25 and 26 the following: "25. the materials for each production batch of the manufacturer shall draw up a declaration of conformity the manufacturer (also where the notified body has issued certificate of compliance). A copy of the Declaration added to each market of Latvia proposed delivery lot. Supplier for each delivery batch adds a copy of the Declaration of the manufacturer or supplier's Declaration of conformity. About the veracity of the information given in the Declaration of responsibility the construction products manufacturer (supplier) even if the construction products conformity assessment of the notified body involved. If the technical provisions of the Declaration of conformity is not specified the form and content of the Declaration of conformity be drawn up in accordance with standard EN EN 45014 "general criteria for supplier's Declaration of conformity". In particular, the Declaration of conformity: 25.1. a manufacturer or its registered in the European Union the name and address of the representative; 25.2. the description of the products (for example, type, class, class, class); 25.3. technical regulations and other normative acts, which corresponds to construction products; 25.4. specific conditions for the use of construction products; 25.5. the notified body, if the name and address of the notified body involved in the construction products conformity assessment; 15.9. the name, surname and position of the producer or the Distributor is authorized to sign the Declaration of conformity. 26. If the technical regulations conformity is not specified the form and content of the certificate, then the certificate of conformity shall be drawn up in accordance with standard EN 45011 EN "General requirements for product certification bodies". The certificate of conformity shall contain the following information: 26.1. certificate authority name and address; 26.2. the manufacturer, or the European Community registered its name and address of the representative; 26.3. the description of the products (for example, type, class, class, use); 26.4. the specific conditions for the use of construction products; 26.5. technical regulations and other normative acts, which the article conforms to the construction; 16.5. indication that the certificate of conformity issued in the regulated sphere; 16.6. the number of the certificate; 16.7. the period of validity of the certificate and the other conditions (if any); 26.9. the competent person and job title, which is empowered to sign the certificate. "; 1.15. Express 28 the following: "28. certificates of conformity of construction products shall be issued for the period of the notified certification body. These institutions provide the regulated sphere issued the certificate of conformity shall be publicly available a list specifying the certified materials, natural or legal person who has received a certificate, as well as the date of issue of the certificate, registration (identification) number and term of validity. "; 1.16. delete paragraph 29; 1.17. expression 33 as follows: 33. "State Agency" Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK-): "33.1. assess notified body competence and regularly check that the requirements in paragraph 32; 33.2. within five working days, inform the Ministry of the economy than those reported by the institutions ' competence is interrupted. "; 1.18. supplement with 33.1 point as follows: "33.1 33.1 notified body: 1. switch the contract with the Ministry of economy of the functions according to the mission; 33.1 2. each year, not later than 1 may submit to the Ministry of the economy in the report on the implementation of the contract during the previous year; 33.1 3. not less frequently than quarterly, publishes information on the attestation of conformity issued; 33.1 4. participates in the European construction products directive the Commission created the institution notified by group work and exchange information on the construction of law enforcement to notify the Member States of the European Union (notificēt) institutions; 33.1 5. immediately report in writing to the Ministry of the economy and the market surveillance authorities about unsafe construction products, if any, are detected the conformity assessment; 33.1 6. participate in the development of the standards. "; 1.19. Express 34 as follows: "34. If compliance with the construction products certified in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations and the relevant technical rules stipulate that the labelling of the products with the CE marking, the manufacturer (supplier) of the products marked with CE marking (CE-mark) in accordance with the rules laid down in annex 2. "; 1.20. supplement with 34.1 and 34.2 points as follows: "If the technical regulations defined 34.1 conformity assessment procedure notified body involvement, highlight with CE marking of construction products is allowed only if the institution concerned has been notified (notificēt) and the European Commission has allocated the notification number. 21.3 If the materials while also subject to other regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, providing for labelling the CE marking, the marking of the products concerned, the CE mark, ensure that it meets also requirements laid down in the relevant legislation. "; 1.21. replace paragraph 46, the words "the protection of the environment and regional development" with the words "economic"; 1.22. supplement with 46.1 and 46.2 point as follows: "461. būvinspekcij, an officer of the State have the right to: 1. Enter the construction site 46.1 and to check accompanying documents, of the products delivered and, where appropriate, to organize inspection of construction products; 46.1 2. jointly with the consumer rights protection centre of construction inspectors at points of sale to verify the provenance of construction market of the Declaration of conformity; 46.1 3. stop the works if it is built into the regulated areas include construction products, which have undergone specific technical regulations conformity assessment to be certified with a certificate of compliance and Declaration of conformity in accordance with paragraph 21 of these rules or by a declaration of conformity in accordance with the provisions of section 22.1; 46.1 4. enter on the manufacture of construction products, check with the conformity assessment of the products of the associated documentation and organize materials sampling and production control system audit, if market surveillance established in the on-site materials produced. 46.2 Responsibility of public works Director is responsible for: 46.2 1. check of construction records delivered and compliance with construction laws, as well as the existence of the Declaration of conformity; 2. National būvinspekcij 46.2 of the building's request to produce materials delivered and integrated supporting documents and regulatory sphere of construction products Declaration of conformity. '; 1.23. supplement with an informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions resulting from: 1) Council of 21 December 1988 of Directive 89/106/EEC on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to construction products; 2) Council of 22 July 1993 of Directive 93/68/EEC amending Directive 87/404/EEC (simple pressure vessels), 88/378/EEC (safety of toys), 89/106/EEC (construction products), 89/336/EEC (electromagnetic compatibility), 89/392/EEC (machinery), 89/686/EEC (personal protective equipment), 90/384/EEC (non-automatic weighing instruments), 90/385/EEC (active implantable medical devices), 90/396/EEC (appliances burning gaseous fuels) , 91/263/EEC (telecommunications terminal equipment), 92/42/EEC (new water heaters that heat with liquid or gaseous fuels) and 73/23/EEC (electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits). ";   1.24. Express annex 1 as follows: "annex 1 Cabinet of 30 April 2001, the Regulation No. 181 for the conformity assessment of the products subject to the regulated sphere no p.k. commodity code in accordance with the combined nomenclature, the name and description of the construction products 1 2 3 1 mineral materials and filler 1.1.
 2505 natural sands of all kinds, painted or unpainted except sand, metals (Group 26) 1.2.
 2516 granite, porphyry, basalt, sandstone and other monumental or building stones, coarsely crushed, not crushed or cut or sawn, or otherwise treated in rectangular (including square) blocks or slabs 1.3.
 2517 10 pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone, which is normally used for concrete aggregate, road or rail embankment ballast and other ballast, shingle and Flint, cooked or raw in 1.4.
 2518 calcined or not calcined dolomite; Dolomite, coarsely crushed, cut or sawn, or otherwise divided into rectangular (including square) blocks or slabs; the agglomerated Dolomite (including tarred) 1.5.
 2521 00 limestone flux; limestone and other lime-stones used in lime or cement for 1.6.
 6801 pavers, edging stones and slabs of natural stone 2. Cements and other cement types 2.1.
 2523 Portland cement, slag, aluminātcement, supersulfāt and similar hydraulic cements, unpainted or painted Cement and 3 Fibre composite material 3.1.
 6811 20 11 sheets for wall and roof trim, no larger than 40 x 60 cm 3.2.
 6811 30 00 tubes, hoses and fittings 4. Concrete and reinforced concrete products 4.1.
 3824 50 90 others, including transportbeton 4.2.
 6810 Cement, concrete or artificial stone products, reinforced or not reinforced 4.3.
 6810 99 00 rest, including aggregate and its variations 5. Thermal insulating materials and products 5.1.
 3901 90 others, including polymers of ethylene in primary form of insulation (polyethylene foam) 5.2.
 3903 90 others, including styrene polymers in primary forms of insulation (polystyrene foam) 5.3.
 3909 50 90 others, including urethane polymers in primary forms of insulation (foam polyurethane) 5.4.
 6806 90 00 other, including expanded and other minerals porizēt 5.5.
 6806 10 mineral wools, slag wool and their products for 5.6.
 6808 Wood, panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar articles of vegetable fibre, straw or shavings, chips, chips, sawdust or other waste of wood, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other minerālsaistviel 6. Synthetic building materials (plastics), including floor and wall coverings 6.1.
 3917 plastic pipes, tubes, hoses and accessories (e.g., elbows, flanges) 6.2.
 3918 floor coverings, adhesive or adhesive, in rolls or slabs, walls and ceilings of synthetic segmateriāl, which combined nomenclature referred to in note 9 this group 6.3.
 3921 General plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and strip 6.4.
 3925 20 00 door thresholds and window frames and 6.5.
 5903 fabrics, other than goods of heading 5902. these, impregnated, covered or backed up with plastics 6.6.
 5904 linoleum, cut to shape or not cut; flooring materials to tekstilpamatn, after the cookie cutter or cut the 6.7.
 5905 wallpapers from textile materials 7. Plaster Binder and articles 7.1.
 gypsum binders 7.2 2520 20 90.
 6809 articles of plaster or of mixtures on the basis of plaster, including sheets of gypsum ģipškarton, acoustic and decorative plates, blocks and panels ģipšbeton 8. Būvkaļķ, including hydraulic 8.1.
 2518 calcined or not calcined dolomite; Dolomite, coarsely crushed, cut or sawn, or otherwise divided into rectangular (including square) blocks or slabs; the agglomerated Dolomite (including tarred) 8.2.
 deleted, the deleted not 2522 and hydraulic lime, other than calcium oxide and hydroxide (2825. goods item) 9. Asphalt concrete material 9.1.
 the rest, including the 2714 90 00 Road bitumen in 9.2.
 Bituminous mixtures 2715 00 on natural asphalt, on natural bitumen, on petroleum bitumen, on mineral tar or on mineral tar of the pitch (for example, bituminous mastic asphalt, bitumen) 10. Timber and timber products 10.1.
 4403 logs, peeled or unpeeled, square or square 10.2.
 4406 railway or tramway sleepers of wood 10.3.
 4407 Length sawn or otherwise processed lumber, sliced or peeled, whether or not planed, sanded or non-sanded or end-jointed, jointed with the pins of the zobveid, of a thickness exceeding 6 mm 10.4.
 4409 wood (including parquet Board, not assembled) continuously profile (with feathers, grooves, ribs, restriction, beaded, bevel) in one of the sides or surfaces, planed or not planed, sanded or end-jointed, uncut length of 10.5.
 4410 Particle board and other boards, originating vegetatively with resins or other organic binding agents or not agglomerated agglomerated in 10.6.
 Wood or other vegetative 4411 materials plates, whether or not followed by the resin or other organic substances 10.7.
 4412 plywood, veneered panels and similar materials from glued laminated timber 10.8.
 4418 90-other, including Windows, doors and glazed wooden structures 11. Dry and ready-to-Binder mixtures 11.1.
 deleted, the deleted not 2522 and hydraulic lime, other than calcium oxide and hydroxide of the referred goods of heading 2825. LKN 11.2.
 2523 Portland cement, slag, aluminātcement, supersulfāt and similar hydraulic cements, unpainted or painted 12. Bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials 12.1.
 4811 paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, impregnated, coated, coloured or decorative surface or drawing, in rolls or sheets, other than 4803, 4809. and 4810.. in item 12.2.
 6807 rolls 12.3.
 roof and wall surface 6807 10 10 finishing articles 12.4.
 6807 90 00 other 13. silicate materials Prefabricated-13.1.
 6810 11 Būvblok and bricks, including aggregate 14. Refractory materials and articles 14.1.
 3214 90 00 0 surface processing fireproof protective 14.2.
 3816 Refractory cements 00, mortar and concrete, and the like, other than those of heading 3801.14.3.
 3824 50 Ugunsneizturīg of mortar or concrete to 14.4.
 6902 refractory bricks, blocks, tiles and similar refractory ceramic building materials, excluding products of kramzem stone of flour or from similar rock 14.5 kramzem.
 other 6903 refractory ceramic products (such as the retort, the Crucible, mufeļ, tips, support, testing, seal dish, pipes, tubes, rods, rods) with the exception of products from stone meal of 15 kramzem. Ceramic materials and articles 15.1.
 6904 building bricks, flooring blocks, support or finishing plate and similar pottery 15.2.
 6905 10 00 roof tiles and accessories 15.3.
 6905 90 remaining 15.4.
 6906 00 00 ceramic pipes, water pipes, kabeļvad duct and pipe accessories 15.5.
 6907 unglazed ceramic slabs, paving the road for banding and decorating pottery plate stove, the walls; unglazed ceramic mosaic cubes and similar articles, whether or not based on 15.6.
 6907 90 others, including clinker bricks, blocks and fasonizstrādājum to 15.7.
 6908 90 remaining 15.8.
 6907, 6908 other 15.9.6910 sinks, washbasins, washing equipment, consoles, baths, bidets, toilets, washing boxes, urinals and similar articles of ceramic sanitārtehnisk 15.10.
 Ceramic chimneys-6903 16. glass materials and articles 16.1.
 7003 19 others, including sheet glass, including polished, decorative, reinforced, fireproof and multiple of 16.2.
 7004 Drawn or blown glass sheets with an absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer, but not without or treated with other methods of 16.3.
 7005 thermally polished glass and glass with polished surfaces or polished sheets, with an absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer, but not without or treated with other methods of 16.4.
 7008 supposed glass insulators 16.5.
 7016 10 00-glass cubes and other glass products, and similar decorative tile works on basic or 16.6.
 7019 glass fibres (including glass wool) and articles thereof (for example, yarn, glass fabric) 17. metals and articles thereof 17.1.
 7213 91 with a round cross-section less than 14 mm in diameter 17.2.
 7214 99 other 17.3.
 7216 iron and non-alloy steel angles, shapes and sections 17.4.
 7217 iron or non-alloy steel wire 17.5.
 7227 other alloy, hot-rolled steel bars loosely wound bundles 10.9.
 7228 other alloy steel rods; other alloy steel angles, shapes and sections-alloy or non-alloy steel hollow bars drilling 11.0.
 7307 steel pipes and their fittings 11.1.
 7308 structures, of iron or steel (except for the goods of heading no 9406. These prefabricated buildings) and parts (such as bridges and sections, lock-gates, towers, lattice masts, roofs, floors būvsastatn, doors, Windows and their frames, sills, shutters, balustrades, pillars and columns, column); iron or steel plates, profiles, tubes and the like, used in 17.9 metālkonstrukcij.
 7214 99 metal chimneys 18. Fire protection system and design of 18.1.
 4418 90 fire and smoke-proof doors, Windows and hatches, including wood, metal and glass 18.2.
 4418 90 fire walls, partitions and floors, including glass 18.3.
 7308 4418 90 and the curtain of smoke control systems 19. Fixed fire extinguishing system 19.1.
 8481 80 00 Hydrants and hydrant risers 19.2.
 7310 29 90 5909 00 01 8424 30 90 8481 10 99 fixed fire hose system 19.3.
 7326 90 8424 59 8481 80 water, steam, foam, liquid, gas, powder and spray fire-extinguishing system of fixed equipment, devices and elements of 19.4.
 7326 90 7616 99 90 lafetstobr and stationary devices to create the water shield 20. Fixed fire detection and alarm system 20.1.
 8531 10 8531 80 7214 93 fire detection and alarm equipment, including centralised notification and evacuation issues management system, equipment, devices and components for ventilation and smoke 21. output systems and their elements 21.1.
 3214 10 10 3814 97 7308 7214 99 smoke output and ventilation system equipment, devices and their elements, including metal, glass and polymeric smoke hatches, Windows, ugunsnorobežojoš valves, including their control systems "2. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 May 2004.
Prime Minister i. Emsis economic Minister j. lujans