The Cereals Market Intervention Measures And Monitoring Procedures Of Administration

Original Language Title: Labības tirgus intervences pasākumu administrēšanas un uzraudzīšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 361 in 2004 in Riga, 20 April (pr. No 23 56) the cereals market intervention measures and monitoring procedures of Administration Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act, 6 the second subparagraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the order in which are administered and monitored the cereals market intervention measures through the purchase of legal persons (hereinafter referred to as the seller of cereals) in the territory of the European Union between wheat and barley, which are homogeneous batches of cereals (at one time the quantity of cereals).
2. in accordance with the Council of 29 September 2003 Regulation No 1784/2003/EKpar the common organisation of the market in cereals article 5 functions carried out by the intervention agency of the Field support service.
3. food and veterinary service of the cereals intervention measures: 3.1 reference laboratories features;
3.2. annual intervention storage on conformity assessment;
3.3. sampling and laboratory investigations;
3.4. in common with the rural support service representatives — annual intervention storage.
4. the total one seller of cereals offered into intervention the minimum quantity is 80 tonnes of cereals. In order to ensure optimum working conditions for intervention storage, the rural support service can determine the minimum grain to be delivered in one day.
II. Intervention storage choice arrangements 5. Merchant, who claimed to have purchased the adoption of cereals into intervention and the storage of the warehouse, each year before 1 august for the field support service shall submit a written application. The application demonstrates a commitment to the intervention warehouse functions and commitments, as well as the prices for services, the storage volume and type of cereal that is willing to accept and store. The application shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 the merchant copy of the registration certificate;
5.2. the taxpayer a copy of the registration certificate;
5.3. no earlier than one month before the date of submission of the application, issued by the State revenue service territorial institution certificate testifying that the merchant does not have tax debt;
5.4. bank certificate stating the merchant settlement account;
5.5. technical information about the storage location (warehouse disposition plan, technical support) and the ability to perform electronic data records.
6. the rural support service to examine the application and the decision shall be communicated to the applicant within 30 days after the deadline.
7. the rural support service to choose the intervention store, in the light of the application specified in the service price, storage volume, regional location and technical support. With the chosen intervention storage field support service contract, which must include the following sections: 7.1 contracting party name, registration number, registered address, billing details, VAT number, position, name, surname, personal code;
7.2. object of the contract — cereals and the extent to which a contract is concluded;
7.3. inventory of the holder of the rights and obligations — the adoption of the cereals storage, handling conditions, procedures and responsibilities, accepting and storing cereals;
7.4. the rural support service rights and obligations;
7.5. payments-criteria for determining the remuneration of services, billing procedures and time limits;
7.6. the liability of contractor — liability of the parties and the dispute resolution procedures;
7.7. the entry into force of the agreement, amendment and termination procedures.
8. If the intervention warehouse cannot ensure the implementation of the intervention measures, the rural support service issued a new deadline for the submission of the application.
III. the weight and quality assessment 9. Food and veterinary service of the State veterinary diagnostic laboratory conducts intervention centre provides quality analysis of cereals under the European Union's directly applicable law on methods of analysis for determining the quality of cereals using the following methods: sampling: 9.1 standard LVS 270;
9.2. for the determination of moisture — one of the following methods: 9.2.1. standard LVS 272;
9.2.2. standard EN ISO 712;
9.2.3. method based on infrared technology;
9.3. the determination of the protein content, one of the following methods: 9.3.1. standard LVS 277;
9.3.2. the IR method.
10. the seller of Cereals under the rural support service invoices issued within 10 working days shall bear all the costs incurred in taking, storage and removal of inadequate quality of cereals.
IV. Current arrangements for cereals transportation 11. Transport costs used in determining rate of 0.02 lats (including value added tax) on tonne-kilometres.
12. the transport distance in determining the use of electronic map Latvia V 2. JS the intervention stocks sales 13. Application the applicant field support service a security equal to five euros equivalent in lats at the rate of the Bank of Latvia's contributions a day per ton of grain when it is sold on the market of the European Union.
14. If the amount offered for sale is less than 2000 tonnes of field support service tool auction to sell cereals bought into intervention in the local market.
15. Stocks sold on the domestic market more frequently than once a week, if necessary, provide a basis for the European Commission on the sale.
16. Sale of cereals bought in by intervention in rural support service of the order, the buyer shall be issued by the intervention warehouse internal transfer slip, on the basis of which the rural support service designs and purchaser mandatory lading-Bill.
Vi. Closing questions 17. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet's June 10, 2003 Regulation No 303 "rules for intervention on the market for cereals" (Latvian journal, 2003, 91 no).
18. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 May 2004.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 1 May 2004.