Rules For Cabinet Members In The Consultative Status Of Freelance Staff And Expertise

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Ministru kabineta locekļa ārštata konsultatīvā darbinieka statusu un kompetenci

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 495, Riga, 18 May 2004 (pr. No 29 6. §) rules for Cabinet members in the consultative status of freelance staff and competence Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 25 of the equipment's fifth rule 1 shall be determined by the members of the Cabinet of Ministers Advisory staff of freelance (freelance staff consultative) status and competence. 2. External Advisory Officer is the person who advises the Cabinet Member for public policy development and the implementation of Cabinet members led by the sector, as well as provide a Cabinet Member's link with society. 3. Cabinet Member and freelance writing staff consultative agreement on external advisory employee responsibilities. External advisory staff appointed in the Cabinet Member with the order. The order indicates a free-lance employee advisory competence. 4. External Advisory Officer exercised his powers only in the Cabinet during the Member's term of Office. 5. External Advisory personnel have the following obligations: 5.1.1. provide Member of the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on public policy development and implementation in the specific area;
5.2. advising Cabinet Member in the relevant field;
5.3. the Special Cabinet mandate to represent the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, the views of the members of other national institutions, working groups, advisory councils, and meetings are consistent views;
5.4. to participate in the activities of the country, according to a Cabinet Member's specific tasks;
5.5. the mandate of the members of the Cabinet to make Cabinet members ' views in the media. 6. External Advisory Officer: 6.1 is loyal to the Member of the Cabinet of Ministers and is responsible for non-disclosure of information, which then become known in the course of their duties;
6.2. operating in the public interest;
6.3. by its action to discredit themselves, a member of the Cabinet of Ministers and the State. 7. External consultative working employee will not receive payment. 8. a member of the Cabinet has the right to close the external advisory company the contract for a specific task. A member of the Cabinet of Ministers assess the admissibility of that contract in accordance with the law "On Prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of public officials". 9. External employee compensation advisory costs and mission expenses shall be borne by the Organization to the Treaty from the State Chancellery, Ministry, or specific tasks assigned to the Secretariat of the Minister of State budget resources. 10. If necessary, the Cabinet Member shall provide the external advisory staff to the job and put him in the use of material goods. External advisory staff is responsible for State property assigned to him. 11. External Advisory officer uses his powers only for the performance of obligations. Prime Minister i. Emsis, Minister of Justice v. höche