Rules For The Implementation Of The Action Requires The Amount Of Expenditure And The Payment Order

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par izpildu darbību veikšanai nepieciešamo izdevumu apmēru un maksāšanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 510, Riga, June 1, 2004 (pr. Nr. 33. §) rules for the implementation of the action requires the amount of expenditure and the payment order Issued in accordance with the code of civil procedure, art. 567 fourth i. General provisions 1 the questions determines the Executive activities of the expenditure required and payment arrangements. II. Implementation of the action requires the expenditure of about 2. Necessary expenses for a sworn bailiff, conducting Executive operations, shall be borne by the following: 2.1 for the summons and other documents, depending on the selected delivery delivery feature;
2.2. banking and other services, the authorities of the appropriate pricing of those bodies;
2.3. for receiving information, information providers take charge and enquiry costs — depending on the selected feature request;
2.4. property auctions announcement, invitation, and in due course the required publication of the advertisement, according to the newspaper's particular pricing in the normal manner;
2.5. other expenses: according to the product vendor or service provider's pricing. 3. the expenditure which, in accordance with the agreement for expert services are used, the property belonging to the debtor, storage (including monitoring costs of property) or disposal of the waste, shall be covered in accordance with the relevant area down the average fee for the relevant services. 4. the sworn bailiff for the journey to the place of execution of the judgment uses the vehicle to be able to provide specific enforcement. Travel expenses associated with the trip to the place of execution of the judgment and back: 4.1 charges for transport tickets, if the sworn bailiff uses public transport;
4.2. the expenditure related to the hire of the vehicle but not exceeding a particular area the set fee for the use of taxis;
4.3. expenditure related to personal vehicle use. This expenditure is calculated as follows: cost of fuel ($ 0.05 per kilometre travelled) and vehicle depreciation expenses ($ 0.10 for each kilometre travelled). 5. If one of the activities in a number of external enforcement cases, sworn bailiff in each individual case can be reimbursed up to 50% of the total judgment, what should be about a trip in each individual case. 6. a Party may specify limits to the bailiff sworn enforcement activities (transport, communication or information would limit). If the sworn bailiff has breached the limits specified for the collection agency has the right to object to the underlying calculations. III. Implementation of the action requires the expense payment arrangements 7. Party of enforcement expenses paid to the sworn bailiff's specified account or in cash, for the receipt of it. 8. the Executive in matters of national income and recovery of the person who under the law are exempted from the payment of the costs of enforcement, Ministry of justice enforcement action requires the payment of expenditure can be performed by a sworn bailiff: 8.1 advance request, for which in the month following receipt of the advance submission of expense account;
8.2. the submitted invoice. 9. a sworn bailiff advance request indicates: 9.1. sworn bailiff's name;
9.2. posts and practice;
9.3. the taxpayer registration number;
9.4. the value added tax registration number (if any);
9.5. deposit account number;
9.6. the Executive file number;
9.7. the execution of the individual and the total amount of expenditure indicating the expected use. 10. the sworn bailiff expense account and invoice stating: 10.1 sworn bailiff's name;
10.2. posts and practice;
10.3. taxpayer registration number;
10.4. the value added tax registration number (if any);
10.5. the account number;
10.6. the Executive file number;
10.7. the execution of the individual and the total amount of expenditure indicating the value added tax;
10.8. the words "Ministry of Justice";
10.9. The Ministry of justice the taxpayer's registration number;
10.10. The Ministry of Justice of a value added tax payer's registration number. 11. The Ministry of justice costs, in accordance with the sworn bailiff advance contributions in the request of the sworn bailiff's deposit account. Before the receipt of the advance sworn bailiff shall ensure that the tag registers and credit institutions. 12. The Ministry of justice enforcement expenses according to the sworn bailiff shall invoice the invoice submitted in sworn court bailiffs account. 13. Advance request, expense account and invoice sworn bailiff endorsed with a signature, your ģerboņzīmog and submitted to the Ministry of Justice. 14. Advance billing for the sworn bailiff accompanied by a copy of the payment order, which justify the use of the advance. 15. If the sworn bailiff execution means activities necessary to cover received from the State budget, but then the piedzin, then the features included in the account specified by the Ministry of Justice. IV. final question 16. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 23 March 1999, Regulation No 124 of the "procedure for calculating the bailiff's travel expenses to be paid to the experts, the amount paid for the property of the debtor and of the holding and transport of freights on the remuneration be determined enforcement" (Latvian journal, 1999, 98./; 2000, 286./ Prime Minister i. Emsis, Minister of Justice v. höche