The Ministry Of Interior Information Center Rules

Original Language Title: Iekšlietu ministrijas Informācijas centra nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 526 in Riga, 8 June 2004 (pr. No 34, § 25) Information Centre Ministry of the Interior regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Ministry of Interior Information Center (Center) is the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry) of the direct regulatory authority.
2. the Centre's objective is to promote the prevention and combating of crime, public order and security protection using information processing and analysis features.
II. the Centre's functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. The Centre shall have the following functions: 3.1. organize and manage Center of information systems;
3.2. maintain the functionality of the information system, which is the technical resource center;
3.3. to provide Ministry and its subordinated institutions long-term and permanent storage case (and data) storage, accounting, utilization and conservation of their transfer to the national archives;
3.4. provide information systems include the reporting laws.
4. in order to implement certain features, perform the following tasks: 4.1 create information systems and software, as well as analytical work, to ensure that the existing information system development and improvement;
4.2. ensure the Center service equipment, hardware and software maintenance, administration and continuous functioning, as well as data transmission security;
4.3. provide advice, guidance and practical assistance to the users of information systems working with information systems;
4.4. provide advice, guidance and practical assistance to the Ministry and its departments in the institutions and in the implementation of the software, hardware and specialized software;
4.5 participate in legislative drafting and in the opinions of the other institutions the law drawn up projects;
4.6. provides technical oversight of the information technology Ministry and its subordinated institutions;
4.7. in the statistical and analytical reports;
4.8. comply with laws and other tasks.
5. According to the competence Centre: 5.1 works with State and local authorities as well as with legal persons;
5.2. cooperate with the authorities of other countries and international organizations for the exchange of information and experience;
5.3. provide public statistical information about the Centre's activities.
6. The Centre shall have the following rights: 6.1. to request and receive, free of charge from State and local authorities and the center of information system users with the information necessary for the performance of functions of the Centre;
6.2. to provide paid services in accordance with the legal provisions governing the procedures of the national budgets for funding bodies may provide paid services;
6.3. to enter into contracts for the operation of the Centre;
6.4. apply directly to the relevant foreign authorities for updated information systems data to be included;
6.5. implementation of other legal rights.
III. the administration of the Centre at 7. The Centre shall be headed by a Chief. Centre boss made public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions. Centre chiefs appointed and released from the post of Interior Minister.
8. the Centre's boss has a Deputy whose competence Center Manager.
9. the Centre's boss may be advisors and assistants.
IV. activities of the Centre and ensuring the rule of law activities 10. Center for Justice provides the Center boss. Centre Manager is responsible for management decisions to the establishment and operation of the system.
11. the Centre's boss has the right to cancel unlawful decisions of officials of the Centre, orders or instructions.
12. the Centre's officials issued the administrative act and the actual action of an individual may be challenged, by the Application Center boss.
13. the Centre's chief administrative acts issued and actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry. The Ministry's decision may appeal to the Court.
14. the Centre at least once a year, the Ministry submitted a report on the Centre's activities and its results.
Prime Minister i. Emsis was Interior Minister — Deputy Prime Minister a. shlesers Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force with 12 June 2004.