The Order In Which To Pay The Damages Caused To The Property Of The Soldiers Of His Duties Due To

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā atlīdzina zaudējumus, kas nodarīti karavīra mantai viņa dienesta pienākumu izpildes dēļ

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 528 in Riga, 8 June 2004 (pr. No 34 35) the order in which to pay the damages caused to the property of the soldiers of his duties execution Issued under the military service act article 53 of the fourth part 1. determines the order in which to pay the damages caused to the property of a soldier his service duties. 2. The soldier's belongings are not considered in the use of State property. 3. Compensation paid from the Defence Ministry for this purpose in the State budget. 4. to receive the reward, the soldier submitted to national armed forces Commander written application for compensation (annex). 5. the application shall be accompanied by a copy of the document (the presentation of the original), which certifies the applicant damages of property or possession, as well as documents proving the fact of damage and the extent of damage. 6. National armed forces Commander creates Commission (hereinafter the Commission). The Commission month check the documents submitted and take a decision. If you need additional information or further damage to check conditions or the actual amount of losses and the calculation, a decision shall be taken within two months of the notification to the applicant. 7. the Commission, in considering these rules 4 and 5, the document referred to in paragraph 1 shall be entitled to take one of the following decisions: 7.1 the damages in full;
7.2. to refuse indemnification. 8. the Commission may refuse to grant compensation if: 8.1. soldier has not submitted all the 4 and 5 of the provisions referred to in paragraph;
8.2. the examination of the documents submitted, not a causal relationship between the damage of property and the soldier's duty. 9. the Commission shall, within three working days after the rules referred to in paragraph 7 of decision, inform the soldiers, sending him the motivated decision. 10. in paragraph 7 of these rules, that decision may be challenged in the Defence Ministry within a month of receiving it. 11. The Ministry of defence decision may appeal to the Court within one month of receiving it. 12. Remuneration payable 30 days from the date of the notification of the decision on damages. The amount transferred to the application of the credit institution given in the checking account. Prime Minister i. Emsis Defense Minister a. Slakter attachement Cabinet June 8, 2004, regulations No 528 Defense Minister a. Slakter States