Jaunsardz Centre Rules

Original Language Title: Jaunsardzes centra nolikums

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/89858

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 529 in Riga, 8 June 2004 (pr. No 34 36) Jaunsardz centre rules Issued in accordance with the law of public administration facilities 16. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Jaunsardz (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) is the Ministry of defence's direct regulatory authority. 2. The Centre's activities aimed at youth education in the field of national defence, and citizenship and patriotism. II. the function of the Centre, and right in the center of the 3 function is to implement the youth education in the field of national defence. 4. The Centre shall have the following tasks: 4.1 to organize and provide young training process in the field of the protection of the State;
4.2. to promote jaunsardz with media and public organizations, to promote public awareness of it;
4.3. manage, coordinate and control the activities of the Department, to ensure the functioning of necessary conditions;
4.4. the plan for the operation of the Centre the necessary funding and to give proposals to the Ministry of defence about it, to provide reports on the State budget allocated funds are efficiently and correctly;
4.5. to provide Defence Ministry statements and reports on the implementation of the tasks set to the Centre;
4.6. to ensure the Centre's training and further training, make other laws of certain functions in the area of training of personnel;
4.7. in accordance with the competency to provide proposals for new legislation or amendments to extradition laws in force, as well as to prepare opinions on legislative projects in the scope of the jaunsardz;
4.8. the procurement plan and according to the financial resources allocated to carry out the procurement procedure according to the laws and regulations governing public procurement;
4.9. other regulations in certain functions and tasks. 5. The Centre shall have the right to: 5.1 external legislation in certain cases, to request and receive from the national regulatory authorities, as well as to request from the private law natural and legal persons the Centre functions and tasks, the necessary information;
5.2. securing function, deal with the purpose assigned to the national budget;
5.3. create territorial units: the jaunsardz municipality. III. the Centre's Manager 6. head of the Centre for civil law in the appointed and released from the post of Defense Minister. 7. the Centre's Director is directly responsible to the Minister or other Minister specifically authorised person. 8. the Centre Manager: 8.1 without special authorisation in other institutions the Centre represent their competence in matters;
8.2. recruiting and dismissal of employees of the Centre;
8.3. shall participate in the work of the Council of jaunsardz;
8.4. in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence plans to jaunsardz the operation of the necessary financial means;
5.3. administer the budget of the programme "Jaunsardz";
8.6. the Centre organized methodological work;
8.7. the controls and evaluate the discharge part of jaunsardz Manager and instructor;
8.8. in the facilities of the public administration Act direct authorities managerial functions. IV. activities of the Centre for Justice and reports on the activities of the Centre 9. Center for Justice provides the Centre Manager. The Centre Manager is responsible for the Centre's decisions of officials for the creation and operation of the system. 10. the Centre's Manager makes decisions about disputed Center officials issued administrative acts or actual action of officials. Center Manager to succeed administrative provisions may be challenged by submitting the application for the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of defence decision may appeal to the Court. 11. the Centre at least once a year, provide to the Department of Defense report on the function and the use of budget resources. Prime Minister i. Emsis Defense Minister a. Slakter States