State Prov's Supervisory Inspection Rules

Original Language Title: Valsts proves uzraudzības inspekcijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 547 Riga, June 21, 2004 (pr. No 38, § 13) national monitoring of the inspection process regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. national monitoring of the process inspection (inspection) is under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance's existing direct regulatory authority.
2. Inspection activities aimed at precious metals, gems and their product market development, consumer protection, fair competition and business support.
II. Inspection functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. inspection shall have the following functions: 3.1. carry out the monitoring of the process in the Republic of Latvia;
3.2. stamp precious metal articles with the process laid down in the Republic of Latvia and the stamp of guarantee marks;
3.3. to issue quality certificates, which certify the purity of precious metal or composition of the melt;
3.4. to register a place where economic transactions with precious metals, precious stones and articles thereof;
3.5. register product manufacturer of precious personal stamps;
3.6. control the law "on State monitoring of the process" and another with this law enforcement-related legislation;
3.7. to fulfil the 1972 Convention on 15 November bullion product verification and sealing of article 5, paragraph 1 of the notified bodies functions in Latvia;
3.8. to fulfill the law "on laundering" certain functions;
3.9. to provide with prov's work related services;
3.10. controlling the manufacture process of national awards and honours;
3.11. to perform other external regulations defined functions.
4. to ensure that the provisions referred to in paragraph 3 of the execution of the inspection function performs the following tasks: 4.1 check the operating room to work with precious metals, precious stones and articles and follow the person's compliance with the laws and requirements;
4.2. determine the fineness of precious metals and their products, their composition, analysis and expertise out of control;
4.3. quality certificates issued and provide expert opinion;
4.4. the guarantees and the stamp of the inspection process;
4.5. the gems and other precious stones who used expertise and evaluation, quality certificate is issued;
4.6. State control of manufacturing process respect Awards, dies and the technical condition of the chisel precious metal alloy and coating quality;
4.7. preparing and submitting proposals to the Ministry of Finance on the measures to be taken in the competence of the inspection activities;
4.8. the laws drafting projects inspection competence areas of activity;
4.9. within the limits of its competence the appearance of natural and legal persons complaints, applications and proposals and respond to them;
4.10. inform the public about the activities of the inspection;
4.11. impose administrative penalties;
4.12. the laws and carrying out other tasks.
5. inspections shall have the following rights: 5.1 external laws and cases, to request and receive, free of charge to perform tasks on the necessary information and documents from State and local government institutions, as well as from the private law natural and legal persons;
5.2. to cooperate with foreign public administration institutions, international and non-governmental organizations, their representatives and experts;
5.3. implement the laws and other rights.
III. Inspection the structure and competence of officials led Inspection 6 inspection chiefs. After the approval of the nomination of the Chief Minister's Office appointed and released from the post of Finance Minister.
7. inspection Chief meets the equipment of Public Administration Act direct authorities public administration functions.
8. The inspection chiefs may have alternates. Deputy Chief, as well as the Deputy Chief of the Inspection Department directly responsible to determine the inspection chiefs.
9. The Inspection Unit's departments, their divisions and stand-alone chapters.
10. The inspection department determines the functions and tasks of the inspection procedure.
11. inspection officials of the service card samples approved by the Minister of finance.
12. Service card contains the following information: the name of the inspection 12.1;
12.2. name and title of officer;
12.3. the officer's name, surname and personal code;
12.4. the date of issue of the licence and the expiry date;
12.5. certificate number.
13. Control and monitoring powers are the following officials of the Inspectorate: control and monitoring of departmental head, senior inspectors and inspectors.
14. inspection officers and employees are prohibited from: 14.1. disclosure to third parties (except to law enforcement authorities, competent for the receipt of information) news about people who authorities have provided information on the law and other violations of law;
14.2. the mandate of the inspection chiefs free to express the official views of the Inspectorate in the media.
15. The exercise of State supervision and control, inspection officials according to the competence and powers have the following rights: to involve inspection and 15.1. analyses of specialists of other departments;
15.2. to carry out the test objects of precious metals, precious stones and their selection of products to deliver expertise;
15.3. to request controlled person provide the necessary working conditions for the test object;
15.4. request that the person provide a controlled company or responsible executive presence during the examination;
15.5. to prepare the inspection documents, making decisions, give obligatory instructions to execute a specified period to prevent deficiencies and irregularities identified, review the materials on violations of the laws related to the conduct of the economic activities with precious metals, precious stones and articles thereof;
15.6. If necessary, inspection tasks to call on the police and other law enforcement personnel;
15.7. the use of other legal rights.
IV. Inspection activities, the provision of justice mechanism and inspection reports action 16. inspection activities rule of law provide the inspection chiefs. Inspection Chief is responsible for the inspection of internal control and inspection system and operation.
17. the Chief of the Inspectorate has the right to cancel the inspection officer unlawful decisions and internal regulations.
18. the Chief of the inspection shall take a decision on the individual's contested inspection officials issued the administrative act or the inspection officers and staff of the actual action if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified.
19. the Chief of Inspection issued by administrative or actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry of finance administrative processes governing laws.
20. the inspection at least once a year, provide to the Minister reports on inspection functions and the use of budget resources.
21. The Minister shall have the right at any time to request a review of the inspection function, as well as on the activities of the Inspectorate.
V. closing question 22. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 18 January 2000, the provisions of no. 27 "State inspectorates of the Charter in the process" (Latvian journal, 2000, 18./
Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister a. shlesers Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 30 June 2004.