The Order In Which The Cabinet Will Coordinate With The Local Authorities In Matters Concerning The Interests Of Municipalities

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Ministru kabinets saskaņo ar pašvaldībām jautājumus, kas skar pašvaldību intereses

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 585 of 2004 in Riga on July 6 (Mon. No 41 24) the order in which the Cabinet of Ministers shall coordinate with the local authorities in matters concerning the interests of municipalities Issued in accordance with the law "on local governments" article 86 of the fourth part 1. determines the order in which the Cabinet will coordinate with the local authorities: 1. in the current financial year to be allocated to local authorities the extent of grants and mērķdotācij;
1.2. financial resources for cohesion policy if they are not determined by law;
1.3. the law "On local governments" in article 8 to carry out the functions required of funding sources;
1.4. draft laws and Cabinet regulations that affected the operation of local issues;
1.5. other authorities related to matters on which the Cabinet every year before the start of the financial year shall agree with the authorities. 2. This provision 1.1., 1.2. and 1.3. of the matters prescribed in paragraph reconciliation Cabinet representative of the Finance Minister. 3. This rule 1.4 and 1.5 issues fixed in reconciliation Cabinet Minister representing the sectors concerned or his authorized officer. 4. a representative of the local authorities in the process of harmonisation of Latvian municipalities. 5. Each year, before 1 March of the Latvian Union of Municipalities shall submit to the Ministry and regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter: the Minister) a list of the officials who are authorized to participate in the negotiations with the relevant ministries. About the changes in the list of Latvian municipalities shall in due time inform the relevant ministries. 6. Each year, before 1 April the Ministry agreed with the Union of Municipalities of Latvia on issues that need to be harmonized, and the term of their examination. Harmonisation issues can be changed, if the parties so agree. 7. Each year, before 1 august, the Ministry and local Government of Latvia takes place in Union negotiations. 8. For technical support in each Ministry and the Latvian local government Union negotiations in the Ministry is responsible. 9. The Ministry of local government and Union negotiators presented the results in the form of a protocol. Recorded in the agreed issues and disputes, structuring the Protocol respectively according to the issues that have been agreed or not. The draft Protocol before signing it the Ministry forwarded to the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Justice and to the Minister responsible, who two weeks give relevant opinions on the conformity of laws and agreements, the State budget to finance the agreement, as well as its impact on local government activities. 10. This provision of the Protocol referred to in paragraph 9 shall be signed by the Minister of industry or the authorized officer and Chairman of the Union of the municipalities of Latvia or his authorized officer. 11. each year, up to 10 august Ministry signed protocols submitted to the Minister responsible. Copies of the minutes are submitted to the Ministry of finance. The Ministry of finance until 1 September, submit to the Minister responsible agreement with Latvia's municipalities Union. Protocol are inserted (published) regional development and local government Ministry's website on the internet each month of negotiations. 12. The Ministry of finance and the Latvian Authorities, the Union negotiated protocol is drawn up in the light of the General Agreement of the Ministry of finance issues, as well as according to the State administration of machine requirements set out in law. After the signing of the Protocol submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers at the Government budget bill, and further examination and send to the Parliament in accordance with the law "On local government budgets," the requirements of article 13, but a copy of the minutes shall be sent to the other ministries for information. 13. the provisions of the draft Bill, as well as coordination with other authorities and the investigation is going on in the Cabinet under the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 March 2002, the Regulation No. 111 "Cabinet of Ministers order roll". Prime Minister i. Emsis, regional development and local Government Minister Radzevič is A.