The Order In Which Registered Persons Who Paid Maintenance From The Maintenance Guarantee Fund And Debtors

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā reģistrē personas, kurām izmaksāti uzturlīdzekļi no uzturlīdzekļu garantiju fonda, un parādniekus

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 613, Riga, 20 July 2004 (pr. No 44, § 36) order in which registered persons who paid maintenance from the maintenance guarantee fund and debtors Issued in accordance with the maintenance Guarantee Fund Act, article 4, paragraph 3 1. determines the order in which the recorded persons who paid maintenance from the maintenance guarantee fund (hereinafter Fund), and the debtor.
2. Persons who are paid from the Fund, and the maintenance debtor and a debtor shall be recorded in the register (hereinafter register).
3. the register is a public information system. The information contained in the register is restricted availability status. The registry is the only owner of the Latvian State. The registry is the administration of the Fund. The inclusion of the information in the registry, its processing, updating, storage and use, as well as the maintenance of the register shall ensure the administration of the Fund.
4. the register shall include the following information: 4.1 the applicant's name, surname, personal code and residence;
4.2. the applicant's child (which required maintenance) name, surname and personal code;
4.3. the date of filing of the application;
4.4. date of adoption of the decision on maintenance payment, refusal to pay maintenance, the maintenance cost of the interruption or termination, the number and date of the decision when the decision is notified to the applicant and the bailiff;
4.5. the debtor's name, surname, personal code and residence;
4.6. information on the debt and the debtor, recover from the resources;
4.7. the date by which the cost of maintenance of the initiated;
4.8 Maintenance Guarantee Fund specified in article 9 of the law on the family courts (pagastties) of the information provided.
5. This rule 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5 and 4.6 of the information prescribed in paragraph to be included in the register on the basis of the application for the award of maintenance and the information referred to in the documents, as well as the information in accordance with the law of maintenance guarantee fund the Fund Administration shall provide the bailiff and the family courts (pagastties).
6. The register is on-line with other registries, also with the national unified computerized land register that provides the foundation required for the receipt of information free of charge.
7. the information contained in the registry is stored, transferred to the national archives or destroyed in accordance with the laws and regulations on archiving documents.
8. The right to receive the information in the registry is: 8.1 natural persons — information about yourself;
8.2. The children and Family Affairs Ministry — the information necessary to monitor the administration of the Fund;
8.3. the bailiffs — information required to recover the alimony;
8.4. the authorities of the public prosecutor's Office the certificate authorities and courts — information that is required for official purposes.
9. the rules shall enter into force on august 1, 2004.
Prime Minister i. Emsis child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on august 1, 2004.