Maintenance Guarantee Fund Administration Rules

Original Language Title: Uzturlīdzekļu garantiju fonda administrācijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 614 Riga 20 July 2004 (pr. No 44, § 37) maintenance guarantee fund administration regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Maintenance guarantee fund administration (hereinafter Fund Administration) is a children's and Family Affairs, the Ministry's direct regulatory authority.
2. Fund Administration is a maintenance guarantee fund (hereinafter Fund) funds.
II. fund administration functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. Fund Administration managed fund.
4. To ensure that the functions referred to in paragraph 3, the Fund Administration shall undertake the following tasks: 4.1, accumulates and attracts the Fund costs according to subsistence guarantee fund Act, article 3, first paragraph the purpose stated;
4.2. targeted and effectively manage the resources of the Fund, as well as ensure use control;
4.3. registers persons paid out of the Fund, and the maintenance debtor.
5. the administration of the Fund shall have the following duties: 5.1 without special decision of the Court to take the place of the maintenance party in case part of the maintenance Guarantee Fund Act 8 in accordance with the procedure laid down in article paid maintenance from the debtor;
5.2. in order to recover from the unchallenged that the applicant provided false statements (for maintenance), the Fund paid maintenance and legal interest on the unduly paid amount of the amounts of maintenance;
5.3. no particular ruling to get from the debtor's legal interest on the amount of maintenance that is paid from the Fund and not recovered from the debtor;
5.4. prepare proposals for legislation and policy planning document maintenance projects;
5.5. preparation and the laws and regulations in order to provide proposals for legislation and relevant policy planning documents for the implementation of the measures provided and the tasks of the authority, the necessary funding from the State budget.
6. the administration of the Fund shall have the right to: 6.1. receive funding from the State budget;
6.2. receive donations and donations;
6.3. request and free of charge to get the Fund's objective, the necessary information from State and local authorities and institutions as well as individuals;
6.4. implementation of other legal or statutory rights.
III. the Fund's administration structure and competence of officials 7. Fund Administration is headed by a Director.
8. the Director of the administration of the Fund carried out the maintenance Guarantee Fund Act and other legislation in certain functions.
9. fund administration units are independent of the Department, Division, and section. Departments, sections, and chapters make up the independent, reorganize and eliminate the Fund Administration Director.
10. The Department is headed by the Director of the Department. The Department's Deputy Director can be.
11. Chapter and independent section led by head of Department.
12. the Director of Department, Division, and Department head of independent competence in the official job description or employment contract.
IV. activities of the administration of the Fund, ensuring the rule of law and the mechanisms for the review of the activities of the Fund Administration 13 activities provide the Foundation of the rule of law, the Director of administration.
14. the Fund's Administration Director decisions and actual action may be challenged, the administrative process law by appropriate application of children and Family Affairs Ministry State Secretary. The Secretary's decision may appeal to the Court.
15. the Fund's Administration Director not less than annually provides child and Family Affairs report on the fund administration functions and State budget funds.
16. The children and Family Affairs has the right at any time to request a review of the fund administration functions and State budget funds.
V. closing question 17. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.
Prime Minister i. Emsis child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.