The Order In Which Agricultural Land Is Transformed On Non-Agricultural Land And Issuing Land Transformation Permissions

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā lauksaimniecībā izmantojamo zemi transformē par lauksaimniecībā neizmantojamu zemi un izsniedz zemes transformācijas atļaujas

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 619, Riga, 20 July 2004 (pr. No 44, § 6.) the order in which agricultural land is transformed on non-agricultural land and issuing land transformation permits Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act 10. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the order in which agricultural land is transformed on non-agricultural land (hereinafter land transformation) and land transformation permits issued (hereinafter licence).
2. land transformation in accordance with the procedure laid down in these rules is entitled to propose a land owner or legal possessor (hereinafter referred to as a transformation agent).
3. With the authorization of the expenses borne by the initiator of the transformation.
II. Land transformation agenda 4. Earth transformation allowed under the existing local authorities planning or detailed.
5. land transformation is prohibited: 5.1. national agricultural areas, except if it has been issued a cabinet order;
5.2. areas, transforming the Earth's nogabal, is limited to the servitude or other lien, if not received written consent to easement or the burden on users.
6. Areas that are smaller than 0.1 ha, farm with outbuildings on land transformation does not consider the following: 6.1 installation of the holding;
6.2. construction (except construction in agricultural land drained);
6.3. water installation (except for the installation of the water drained into agricultural land).
7. paragraph 6 of these rules shall not apply to specially protected natural areas and mikroliegum. In these areas, these activities are governed in accordance with the specially protected natural areas in General and personal protection and the terms of use or the protection and management of the mikroliegum rules.
III. The permitting procedure 8. Transformation agent receives a municipal certificate of land transformation with local authorities planning or detailed.
9. the rules of the transformation agent referred to in point 8 of the certificate and the application of the transformation of land (hereinafter application) (annex 1) together with the documents listed in the application submitted to the rural support service (hereinafter service) regional agricultural administration, oversight of which translation is located in the land of nogabal.
10. the regional agriculture authority within 30 days after receipt of the application, shall take a decision on the authorisation (annex 2), the conditions of authorisation or refusal of authorisation (annex 3). That decision and the reasons therefor must be notified to the agent of the transformation.
11. the period of validity of an authorization shall be two years. After receiving a reasoned request, authorising its validity period can be extended for another two years (annex 4).
12. If the land applied for nogabal transformation is drained, the service's regional agricultural administration prior to authorisation issued to the agent of transformation ' portability ' in ground opinion on the impact on the piegulošaj nogabal of meliorētaj areas and drainage system upgrading.
13. After all the Earth transformation activities completed transformation agent shall provide the service of regional agricultural land unit in the management of the situation at the border or in a copy of the plan, which contains the transformed land in nogabal area, and drainage systems of adoption of legislation reorganizing the work of copy.
14. regional agricultural administration by this provision in paragraph 13 of document receipt requests: 14.1. relevant national forest service national virsmežniecīb — opinion on the conformity of the ieaudzēt forest stand regeneration conditions, if the agricultural area transformed for woodland;
14.2. the territorial būvvald, copy of building permit, if the agricultural area transformed the building.
15. the regional agricultural administration after this provision referred to in paragraph 14 of document concerned within 10 working days of receipt of inspection and issue a written opinion on the conformity of the transformation of the land specified in the authorisation, the land use type.
16. the Transformation of the proponent shall submit to the State land service regional chapter application for change of land use. The application shall be accompanied by: 16.1 these rules in point 5.2 and 8 copies of the documents referred to in it;
16.2. authorisation and the transformation of the rules referred to in paragraph 15, a copy of the opinion;
16.3. transform the Earth nogabal the situation specified in the plan and a list of the area in which change of land use.
17. land transformation is considered complete when the State land service of the regional chapter, based on this provision of the information referred to in paragraph 16, has made amendments to the real property cadastre in the country.
18. the regional agricultural administration, getting the legislation on reclamation cadastre information exchange in the order information from the State land service of the regional departments, amending the reclamation cadastre.
19. Submissions and issued opinions on compliance with the permit of the transformation of land specified in land use type and purpose are recorded by professional regional agricultural administration.
IV. Closing questions 20. If the local authorities planning or detailed plan is not approved, the local authorities shall adopt a decision on the land.
21. If local authorities planning or detailed plan is not in effect, land transformation allowed under the law for certain environmental protection (including the protection of nature) requirements and regulations.
22. After the receipt of the application and the agent of the transformation of regional administrative services on translation of nogabal of meliorētaj of piegulošaj impact areas and drainage system upgrading opportunities, regional development and local government Ministry that rule 5.1 referred to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers draft prepared for submission to the Cabinet.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on July 29, 2004.