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Original Language Title: Izglītības kvalitātes valsts dienesta nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 623 in 2004 (27 July. No 45, § 29) education national inspection regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Education State Inspectorate (Inspectorate) is the Ministry of education and science in direct supervision of the regulatory authority.
2. inspection activities aimed at ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in the field of education.
II. Inspection functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. inspection function is to carry out State supervision of education laws in force.
4. inspections shall carry out educational tasks defined in the act as well: 4.1. within the limits of its competence, cooperate with other national regulatory authorities and non-governmental organizations;
4.2. within the limits of its competence, cooperate with the authorities of other countries and international organisations;
4.3. inform the media representatives for inspection activities.
5. the Education Inspectorate has statutory rights.
III. structure of the inspection the inspection work 6 conducts the inspection.
7. the head of the inspection after the approval of the nomination of the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Minister of education and science. The head of the inspection shall be relieved of the post of Minister of education and science, based on the Cabinet decision.
8. inspection leader meets the Education Act, public law and other equipment external legislation in certain functions.
9. the head of the inspection can be alternates.
10. inspection Deputy Head of competence determined by the head of the inspection.
11. inspection of the structure determines the inspection regulations. Inspection subject to the approval of the head of the inspection after coordination with the Minister of education and science.
12. the unit led by heads of unit. The heads of the departments functions and competence of the Inspectorate.
13. The inspection unit is subject to inspection by the Manager or his Deputy in accordance with the allocation of functions.
IV. Inspection activity ensuring the rule of law, and reports on inspections of 14. head of Inspection inspection activities ensure the rule of law. Inspection Manager is responsible for the inspection system decisions and action.
15. the head of the inspection shall take a decision on the individual's contested inspection officials issued the administrative act or actual action by officials.
16. inspection leader to succeed administrative provisions and the actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry of education and science. The Ministry of education and science of the decision may be appealed in court.
17. the inspection once a year, provide to the Minister of education and science review of the inspection function and inspection of the State budget allocated to the funds. The Minister shall be entitled at any time to request a review of the inspection operation.
V. closing question 18. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 21 December 1999, the provisions of no. 419 "education national inspection rules" (Latvian journal, 1999, nr. 443, 42 no; 2003).
Prime Minister i. Emsis education and Science Minister j. Radzevič Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by July 31, 2004.