Reclamation Cadastre Rules

Original Language Title: Meliorācijas kadastra noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 629 in Riga on 27 July 2004 (pr. No 45, § 41) reclamation cadastre rules Issued in accordance with article 13 of the law of the land drainage the first part i. General questions 1. determines the drainage and the contents of the cadastre creation procedures, as well as the national drainage systems, drainage systems and to share one property drainage system status.
2. Reclamation cadastre is a database that contains systematized information on drained ground drainage system arrangement the quantitative and qualitative condition, as well as the land owner or legal possessor and provides State and local government functions, and other natural and legal persons the information necessary for the transaction.
3. the rural support service (hereinafter service) consists of the cadastre the land drainage — retrieves, codified, clarified, store data and perform the Exchange (hereinafter data movement), as well as the drainage system status.
4. Service award system for ūdensnotek of the drainage catchment areas (catchment) water economic code, according to the Ministry of the environment approved water economic and water district classification.
II. contents and reclamation cadastre creation 5. Reclamation cadastre consists of: 5.1 parts of the text that summarizes data on the drainage system of the quantitative and qualitative status, status, drained the land, the land use type and area, the hidrometrij melioratīv, as well as the land owner or legal possessor, indicating the person's address, name, surname and personal code, a natural person, the name and registration number of the legal person;
5.2. the graphical part, which includes the scale reclamation cadastre plans and digital maps, which display ūdensnotek, catchment area and drained the land boundaries, drainage systems and devices, hidrometrij, drainage of the cadastral designation, as well as ground units, field block boundaries and land cadastral designation of units.
6. Drainage system of quantitative position is determined by filling in the drainage system, a summary of the main indicators (annex 1).
7. Reclamation cadastre plans use the legend according to annex 2 of these rules.
8. Reclamation cadastre creation and maintenance use: drainage system 8.1 works execution documentation;
8.2. construction plan;
8.3. the inventory and documentation of the technical provisions for drainage system conversion;
8.4. melioratīv-hidrometrij;
8.5. the real property cadastre of public registry data for ground units and units of the land cadastre, real estate cadastre number, name or address and land units, the overall distribution of land uses.
9. the service referred to in point 8 documentation and data sort three levels of reclamation cadastre cases: 9.1. service the region concerned departments of the territorial reclamation cadastre thing: 9.1.1. melioratīv-hidrometrij;
9.1.2. regional administrative area drainage system the key indicator summary;
9.1.3. reclamation cadastre of the graphic part of the scale of 1:50000;
9.2. the administrative area reclamation cadastre thing: 9.2.1. drainage system of documentation and completion of construction;
9.2.2. the drainage system inventory and documentation of the technical provisions for drainage system conversion;
9.2.3. administrative area drainage system the key indicator summary;
9.2.4. reclamation cadastre of the graphic part of the scale of 1:25000 and 1:10000;
9.2.5. drainage system nospraudum plans for a scale of 1:5000 and 1:2000;
9.3. land reclamation cadastre of property case: 9.3.1. drainage system: acceptance of the transfer Act;
9.3.2. land property reclamation Passport;
9.3.3. reclamation cadastre of the graphical part of the scale of 1:10000 and drainage system plan of nospraudum scale 1:5000 or 1:2000;
9.3.4. land reclamation system of units the key indicator summary.
10. land reclamation of property made, passport and one copy is in the service of the territorial unit, and the other — to the land owner or legal possessor.
11. the information service shall specify and reclamation cadastre in place, on the basis of the documents on the drainage system construction, inventory write-offs, and the real estate cadastre of the State registry of datiematbilstoš legislation on the exchange of cadastral information drainage.
12. Reclamation cadastre information and the accuracy of changes made to a service officer certifies by signature, indicating the entry date (also computerised database, if possible).
13. the service establishes and implements electronic reclamation cadastre database, developing text and graphic parts of the structure, content and data exchange procedures, as well as provides a single registry software use (development), subject to the requirements laid down in the law on public information systems.
14. Electronic reclamation cadastre database maintained by the service. Documents, on the basis of which creates and maintains cadastral drainage, stored permanently in paper and/or electronic form.
III. the drainage system inventory 15. Drainage System reclamation Phys. Invt in accordance with article 15 of the Act, to ensure that the reclamation cadastre database recovery and reclamation system of Government in a particular property or legal possession of the existing ground.
16. the drainage system is to specify a counting task of reclamation system of quantitative and qualitative condition and drained the land's location and area.
17. Service in the drainage system and Phys. Invt is responsible for the accuracy of the inventory data.
IV. Drainage system status and drainage system registration service established 18 such drainage system status: 18.1. national drainage system. Status States: 18.1.1. ūdensnotek whose catchment area is 10 km2 and greater length 5 km and higher (including transnational ūdensnotek);
18.1.2. waterworks structures and devices (including polders draining systems) that in the event of an accident or flood endangered pal 100 ha and more area or locality;
18.2. sharing drainage system. Status States: 18.2.1. ūdensnotek (including large diameter collector), which provides two or more estates or legal possession of the existing ground-water regime regulation, except the delimiting and regulatory network construction;
18.2.2. the waterworks structures and devices that no other natural or legal persons in possession, but is on a shared ūdensnotek;
18.3. the property drainage system. Status: 18.3.1. ūdensnotek determining that is on one property or legal possession of the existing land border;
18.3.2. regulatory and delimited network structures (drain systems, drainage ditches and kontūrgrāvj), which is located in one of the property or the legal possession of the land regardless of how much the legal possession of the property or land in water regime regulation affects;
18.3.3. waterworks structures and devices that no other natural or legal persons in possession, but located on one property ūdensnotek.
19. the service for information clarification or changes to it annually prepares a summary of the data on State and national reclamation systems and submit it for approval to the Minister of agriculture.
20. the drainage system, which is the State, municipal and other natural or legal persons or legal possession of the existing land, regardless of their nationality and status of property service registers the reclamation cadastre, giving them a reclamation cadastre number. Registered in the drainage system, which assigned a specific reclamation cadastre number, form a reclamation cadastre units.
21. Reclamation cadastre number consists of three levels of designation: 21.1. the first level (six decimal sign) denotes administrative area under the administrative and territorial units;
21.2. the second level (three decimal sign) represents the number of objects in the reclamation in accordance with the assigned number of reclamation cadastre;
21.3. the third level (three decimal sign) denotes the number of reclamation system in accordance with the drainage system of the nospraudum plan.
V. concluding questions 22. Service until 1 November 2005:22.1. grant referred to in paragraph 4 of the rules of the economic code of water catchment areas;
22.2. in paragraph 18 of the provisions in the order specified in the drainage system status and the changes recorded in the cadastre of land drainage.
23. in paragraph 13 of the Terms electronic reclamation cadastre database service creates and implements by 31 December 2006.
24. the legend of annex 2 No. 1, no. 3 and no. 5 in the graphical material applied up to 31 December 2006.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by July 31, 2004.