Rules For The Rapid Alert System For Food

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par ātrās reaģēšanas sistēmas darbību pārtikas apritē

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 631 in 2004 (27 July. No 45, § 43) provisions on rapid response system food chain Issued under the food surveillance article 4 of law eleventh part 1. determines the response system food chain of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002, Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 on general food law principles and requirements, establishing the European food safety authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety , Chapter IV, section 1, and according to the laws and regulations on the food chain. 2. About the rapid system responsible institution is the food and veterinary service. 3. food and veterinary service creates a national point of contact, responsible for the receipt and dissemination of information concerning the risks to human health or life. 4. Food cause or are likely to cause direct or indirect risk to human health or life in the following cases: 4.1 food have illegal substances or ingredients, or illegal substances or ingredients than on food legislation and regulations set out in the veterinary field. Do not allow the presence of substances or ingredients may cause: 4.1.1. microbiological or other biological pollution;
4.1.2. the agricultural, environmental or industrial pollution;
4.1.3. physical pollution;
4.1.4. radioactive contamination;
4.1.5. illegal or inappropriate food irradiation with ionizing radiation;
4.1.6. food additives;
4.1.7. chemical reaction;
4.1.8. with food contact materials in non-compliance;
4.1.9. the inadequate food storage temperature;
4.1.10. pesticide residue;
4.1.11. residues of veterinary medicinal products;
4.1.12. organophosphorus or organochlorinated compounds in food of animal origin;
4.2. the new foods and food containing genetically modified organisms, consisting or obtained from them, is distributed without permission;
4.3. the food is inconsistent or misleading labelling, and use of such food may present a risk to specific consumer groups;
4.4 food organoleptic characteristics (appearance, smell, taste, texture) is not specific or irrelevant;
4.5. the food is contaminated or has information about the attempt to poison food. 5. Food business person: 5.1 is immediately reported to the food and veterinary service, if in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 shall be considered or have reason to believe that foods cause or are likely to cause direct or indirect risk to human health or life, if a particular food (or batch) are no longer located in the food business concerned persons directly controlled or under its control are only a part of the party because a specific lot is distributed elsewhere;
5.2. immediately take measures according to the laws and regulations on the food chain to prevent or reduce food risks to human health or life, and shall inform the food and veterinary service of the measures taken. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. rose