Rules For The Implementation Of National Monitoring Of The Process Of State Fee

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts proves uzraudzības īstenošanas valsts nodevu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 678 in Riga on august 3, 2004 (Mon. No 46 30) rules on State supervision of the implementation of the process state toll Issued in accordance with the law "on State monitoring of the process" article 27 paragraph 4 of rule 1 shall determine the rates of State fees in the process of monitoring the implementation of the State, public order and payment of the fee.
2. the duty rates are as follows: 2.1 the precious metal products and their component parts (no stamping) provēšan: 2.1.1. gold, Platinum and palladium and their component parts provēšan-0.16 dollars per gram, but no more than 32 lats for one product; 2.1.2. Silver products and their component parts provēšan-$ 0.05 per gram, but no more than 10 dollars for one product; 2.2. articles of precious metal and stamping: provēšan 2.2.1. gold, Platinum and palladium articles provēšan and stamping-0.05 per piece and $0.16 Lats per gram, but no more than 32 lats for one product; 2.2.2. the silver provēšan and stamping of articles-0.05 $ per piece and $0.05 per gram, but no more than 10 dollars for one product; 2.3. gemstone expertise: who does not incorporate 2.3.1 gemstone identification (tutorials), 1 lats of the jewel; 2.3.2. who incorporated gemstone identification (advice) and a quality certificate (tag) issue: Diamond (diamond), Sapphire, Emerald and rubies-1 lats for the product; other precious stones – 0.50 LVL 0.50 LVL for the product and for each of the jewel, but not more than 5 lats for one product with one of a kind (nosa-Kuma, buff) precious stones; who and not incorporated into precious expertise and quality certificate (with photo jewelry) service – 10 lat; 2.4. the manufacturer of precious metal products for personal seal registration and Reregistration – 10 lat; 2.5. the fineness of precious metal articles, and the stamp of the Republic of Latvia registered personal seal of inspection: inspection of products 2.5.1 – 0.50 LVL per product; 2.5.2. the seal of inspection – 0.50 LVL per product; 2.6. chemical analyses: 2.6.1. gold content alloys in accordance with LVS EN ISO 11426:2002 "Gold Discovery gold alloy jewelry-kupelēšan technique (hot tests) '-10 lats on look-gu, where the gold content alloy is less than 990. prov, and 40 Lats per sample, if the gold content alloy is higher than 990. prov; 2.6.2. the silver content alloys in accordance with EN EN 31427:2000 + AC "Silver discovery of silver alloy jewelry-volume (potentiometric) method with potassium bromide"-5 lats for the sample; 2.6.3. gold and silver content of powdered samples-10 Lats per sample; 2.6.4. the quantitative composition of the alloy by using of rentgenfluorescenc spectrometry method (elements of the sequence number is greater than 22) – 3 lats for each requested item, but not more than 10 Lats per sample; 2.6.5. the quantitative determination of the composition of the samples using inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry method-15 Lats per sample and 5 lats for each requested element; 2.6.6. tetrahlorzeltskāb production of a subscriber base of gold-5 25 ml, if submitted for 999. prov's gold, or 10 dollars for a 25 ml, if submitted for a lower fineness of gold. 25 ml of the Subscriber submitted for tetrahlorzeltskāb 0.45 g 999 fineness of gold or equivalent. quantities of the lower uniform gold alloy of fineness; 2.6.7. manufacture of other reagents-2 late on 25 ml. 3. A State fee shall be paid for the following State and national an award institution provēšan and sealing: 3.1 the order of the three stars; 3.2. the Viesturs order; 3.3. cross recognition; 3.4. the Defence Minister's award "award of honor"; 3.5. the Minister of defence Award "honorary sign" for contribution to the development of the "armed forces"; 3.6. The Ministry of the Interior Awards "Honour sign"; 3.7. the State fire and rescue service awards a mark of merit; 3.8. State border guard mark "border guards praise the cross"; 3.9. State border guard earns mark "service excellence"; 3.10. the Ministry of culture Awards "Major Music Award"; 3.11. The Ministry of agriculture in the contest "the sower" Laureate Medal; 3.12. The Ministry of agriculture Medal "for dedication".
4. If the customer requests the service provides 24 hours, State fees charged by applying a factor of 1.5. If provēšan and submitted to the precious metal stamping products are not sorted by the type of metal and the product types in accordance with the laws and requirements governing the filing of articles of precious metal fineness of national inspectorates, or they are presented in packages, each individual State fees charged by applying a factor of 1.5.6. If the jewellery incorporated into more than one type (name, buff) gems, stamp duty on precious expertise to collect double the amount. 7. a State fee shall be paid before the estimated product fineness of precious reagents, quality certificates, test reports, expert opinion. 8. State fee in accordance with the law on the State budget for the current year including country in General. 9. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 15 April 2003, the Regulation No 171 "rules on the work of the process service fees" (Latvian journal, 2003, 60 no; 2004, nr. 20).
Prime Minister i. Emsis Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions with the 7 august 2004.