Genome Research Council Charter

Original Language Title: Genoma izpētes padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 698 in Riga august 10 2004 (pr. No 47 13) Genome Research Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 13 of the equipment 1. Genome Research Council (hereinafter Council) is collegial institution that made the human genome research tasks required by law. 2. the Council shall have the following rights: 2.1 Governing Council invite you to a medical treatment and other competent persons and to receive the necessary information from them;
2.2. to call upon the preparation and consideration of issues to experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations;
2.3. to request and receive, free of charge from the State, the municipality and other bodies of the Council for information. 3. The work of the Council chaired by the President of the Council and organized or, in his absence, the Deputy Chairman of the Council. Council President or, in his absence, the Deputy Chairman of the Council: without special authorisation 3.1 representative Council;
3.2. shall convene and chair the meetings of the Council;
3.3. the signature of Council decisions;
3.4. is responsible for the work of the Council as a whole, the work of the Council of Justice and efficiency, as well as the tasks of the Council. 4. The Council shall hold its meetings not less than once every quarter. Council meetings are open to the public. The Council may declare the hearing closed, if necessary, to comply with the requirements of the law on the protection of personal data. Extraordinary meeting of the Council may be convened if requested by the genome database of the main processor, the President of the Council, his Deputy or at least a third of the members of the Council. 5. The Council meeting agenda may propose items to the genome database the main controller and any member of the Council. Council meeting and the agenda shall be communicated to all the members of the Council no later than two weeks before the Council meeting. 6. the Council shall be valid if they participate in the hearing not less than half of the members of the Council (Meeting Manager). 7. the Council shall act by simple majority, vote. If the vote splits equal, the Chairman of the Board shall have a casting vote. 8. the minutes of the Council. Recorded in the agenda and decisions, as well as persons who participated in the meeting, and the people who commented on the matter. If any of the members of the Council does not agree with the decision, the members of the Council concerned the individual views, at his request, be recorded in the minutes. 9. open meetings of the Council in the decisions taken are openly and publicly available. 10. The work of the Council and Commission provide the secretariat functions of the Council carried out the genome database of the main processor. Prime Minister i. Emsis Health Minister r. Muciņš