Implements The Driver Qualification And Implements The Licence Procedure

Original Language Title: Traktortehnikas vadītāja kvalifikācijas iegūšanas un traktortehnikas vadītāja apliecības izsniegšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 634 in Riga on 27 July 2004 (pr. No 45 47) implements the driver qualification and implements procedure for the issue of a driving licence issued under the Road Traffic Act article 22, second paragraph and the law "About the regulated professions and the recognition of professional qualifications" in article 18, paragraph 1, first subparagraph (I). The general question 1. determines technical manager qualification procedures and the technical issue of the driving licence, Exchange and restore order.
II. The technical licence 2. Republic of Latvia there are two types of implements driving licences: 2.1 implements driver's licence; 2.2. Special implements driver's licence.
3. Implements driving licence (annex 1) and special implements driving licence (annex 2) are from a special material made of certain shapes and color card (105 x 75 mm) – a numbered document with mandatory security features embedded in it, the right to manage the technical. Implements the driver's licence is yellow, but implements a special driving licence-blue.
4. The technical licence the front of Latvian and English posted the following information: 4.1. details of licence holder (name, surname, personal code), fotokartīt of the bearer; 4.2. the serial number of the certificate, the signature of the holder of the certificate; 4.3. certificate issuing organization name, seal, signature of issuing.
5. The technical licence on the other side of the Latvian and English arranged information on the right to manage the technical category concerned and the period of validity of the licence. 6. One person can have only one valid driver's licence and implements only one valid special implements driver's licence. 7. Implements the following licence categories that entitles the bearer to drive certain types of implements: 7.1.-category A tractors with the capacity of up to 150 horsepower engine; 7.2. Category B – all tractors; 7.3. Category C – all tracked tractors; 7.4. Category D – cereals, industrial crops, grass, harvesting complex pašgājējmašīn; 7.5. E-autogreider.
8. Special implements the driving licence specified in the special technical groups what are the licence holder entitled to drive. 9. The technical categories and special technical groups which are not entitled to drive licence holder, delete the certificate (kompostr).
III. Technical Manager qualification 10. Implements the driver qualification can be obtained anywhere in the Republic of Latvia a person resident or a person who is entitled to reside in Latvia for more than six months, if the person concerned health check found no medical pretindikācij of implements. 11. the head of the technical knowledge and skills test (Exo--out), this qualification, the driving licence is issued, exchanged and renewed national technical supervision inspection of the region or district (hereinafter referred to as inspection) at the place of residence of the person (of the Declaration) or implements the driver training course location.
12. A Person wishing to obtain a driver implements the qualification that must be achieved for the following ages: 12.1.  -16 years, to obtain the right to drive tractors, with an engine power of up to 150 horsepower crawler tractors and (A and C); 12.2.17 years – to get the right to drive all the way to the (also a special) implements.
13. Special implements and implements driver qualification after qualification examination can get a person who graduated from the Ministry of agriculture licensed courses, as well as the person who implements management acquired the self-paced (external) (except in E category). 14. before implements driver Qualification exam sort person inspection submitted in part (presentation): 14.1 Passport; 14.2. implements driver's license (if any previously obtained); 14.3. of the three agriculture Minis-licensed driver implements end of training courses in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 13 (except eksterņ); 14.4. the law on health checks drivers specific medical inquiries about the compliance of health implements.
IV. The technical exchange of driving licence and renewal of licence 15. Implements is valid for 10 years from the date of issue, if Latvia binding international treaties do not provide otherwise. 16. The technical change of the licence, if: 16.1. license sasmērēt or crumpled and not clearly legible records or seal;
16.2. glued to card holder fotokartīt; 16.3. the licence holder changed the name or last name.
17. To Exchange implements the licence, the licence holder shall submit the inspection part (presentation): 17.1. passport; 17.2. the damaged licence; 17.3. the law on health checks drivers specific medical inquiries about the compliance of health implements; 17.4. the document certifying the change of first name or last name, if the licence holder changed the name or last name.
18. The technical renovation of the driving licence is a licence design lost, stolen or destroyed certificate or certificates, if the individuals from recovery of implements driving rights.
19. The lost implements licence renewed without an examination of the sort. To restore the certificate, the person shall provide the inspection unit (presented): 19.1. passport; 19.2. valid medical reference; 19.3. fotokartīt (3 x 4 cm).
20. to restore implements driving licence after disqualification deadline if rights management implements deprived for a year or longer, or if rights management implements deprived of driving alcoholic beverages, drugs, or other intoxicating substances, the person shall provide the inspection part of medical reference for early health test and turn the theoretical examination of road rules and driving the technical qualification exam.
V. theoretical examination 21. for implements driver qualification, applicants must first sort the theoretical qualifying examination (hereinafter referred to as the theoretical exam) road traffic rules, but after its successful completion – implements driving qualification examination (hereinafter examination of driving). 22. If driving exam is not settled or are not sorted, the theoretical exam results are valid for six months from the date of settlement. The expiry of the time limit, the theoretical exam results voided and exam to be sorted again. 23. Eksterņ in addition to the theoretical exam implements operational safety rules. 24. The theoretical exam in road traffic rules exam tickets or use stencils by the State technical supervision inspection chiefs. 25. The theoretical exam the applicant subsequently reply to the road traffic safety Directorate (CSDD) prepare questions on road traffic laws and governing traffic safety. For implements driver qualification, three basic questions must be answered. 26. The theoretical exam the road traffic regulations are fine, if the applicant is not allowed more than two errors. 27. If the theoretical exam is outstanding, you can sort the examination no earlier than the day. 28. To pass the theoretical ex-Maine implements the operational safety regulations, properly respond to eksterņ two exam ticket issues.
29. theoretical exam results record the examination protocol driver implements.
Vi. Technical Management qualification exam

30. in order to verify applicants ' skills in directing, implements the driving exam. The driving exam the applicant sort independently, managing the technical categories. 31. for more categories of implements driving qualifications, the person shall keep the highest category of appropriate technical theoretical exam (eksterņ – also a theoretical ex-Maine implements operational safety rules for each category), but the driving exam first sorts with the lower category of the technical, then with each higher category implements. 32. If the driving test with a lower category is not settled or implements are not sorted, the person is not allowed to sort of driving exam with implements of higher category. 33. If the driving test with a lower category is fine, but the technical with the higher category is not settled or implements are not sorted by the person in accordance with its application for the above category and the award issued by the category of implements driving licence, which has been the driving exam. 34. Instruction on conduction in the Exo-men confirmed the Minister of agriculture. 35. The driving exam assesses inspection parts Inspector. Inspection Unit Inspector, depending on the seriousness of the errors and dangers of grade shall determine whether the applicant has passed the examination. 36. If the applicant has not passed the exam, driving test again, you can sort no earlier than the day.
VII. Driving exam rating and appeal procedures appeals 37. If the applicant disagrees with the conduct of the examination assessment this month after the date of the examination can be a challenge exam rating, submit the relevant application to the inspection area. Seven working days after the receipt of the application, the applicant shall be informed in writing of the results. 38. The driving exam rating, compliance with the requirements of this regulation and the relevant examination opinion shall provide to the Minister of agriculture established the Commission. 39. these provisions, the applicant referred to in paragraph 38 of the decision of the Commission can be a challenge and appeal against administrative process of regulatory legislation.
40. In cases not referred to in these rules, decisions of the head of the technical qualification, the driver's licence and for the renewal of a licence shall be adopted in accordance with the inspection part of the administrative process of regulatory legislation.
VIII. The technical issue of the driving licence and storage 41. Implements licence fills the desktop printing. The certificate shall be signed by the head of the inspection or the senior officer and the owner of the certificate. Certificate stamped with the stamp of the inspection, laminated and recorded in the book, where the licence holder signature on the certificate. 42. The technical form of driving licences kept part of the inspection. For their maintenance responsibility as head of the inspection.
IX. final question 43. Implements driving licence issued up to the date of entry into force of the provisions are valid until their expiration date.
Prime Minister-Minister of Economic Affairs Minister j. LujānsZemkopīb m. rose Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 20 august, 2004.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 27 July 2004, regulations No 634 reverse annex 2 Cabinet of 27 July 2004, regulations No 634