Military Intelligence And Security Service Charter

Original Language Title: Militārās izlūkošanas un drošības dienesta nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 716 in Riga on 17 august 2004 (pr. 17. § 48) military intelligence and security service regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Military Intelligence and security service is under the supervision of the Ministry of defence's existing national safety authority which according to competence take military intelligence and Counterintelligence activities and is the operational entity. 2. the military intelligence and security service (hereinafter referred to as the authority) is the flag, emblem and other insignia.
II. the tasks of the authority and functions 3. main tasks of the authority and functions are defined in the national security authorities law, national security law, operational law and the law "on State secrets".
III. structure of the authority and competence of officials the Authority manages 4 boss. The Chief authority is the National Security Council. 5. the personnel of the authority are soldiers and officers. Soldiers and employees accept service or work, switch or professional service contracts, give soldiers the first rank (a soldier) and the next rank, including instructor rank in the composition, as well as appointed and removed from Office, or of the work of the authority of the service chiefs. 6. the Authority's boss may be alternates. 7. the Authority's boss: 7.1. organizing and managing the work of the authority, the authority shall coordinate the cooperation between the Department and define the action strategy; 7.2. is responsible for the execution of the tasks of the authority; 7.3. determines the operational control procedures; 7.4. draw up proposals on the numerical composition of the staff of the institution, the institution's structure and the list of posts and submit them for consideration and acceptance of the defence ministers; 7.5. the equipment of Public Administration Act direct authorities managerial functions.
8. the authority structure of the Department and the Organization of work is determined by the superior authority in the Department approved subjects. 9. the authorities of the rights of soldiers, the personnel duties and responsibilities specified military service regulatory legislation.
IV. Institution-building and Justice reports on its operation 10. Authority the rule of law provides the authority for the boss. The Chief authority is responsible for the Authority's decision to test the establishment and operation of the system. 11. the Chief of the authority issued by administrative provisions, except for decisions of the person approach to State secrets, can be a challenge for the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of defence decision may appeal to the Court. 12. The staff of the authority for the protection of facilities prescribed by the Minister in accordance with the Ministry of defence and national armed forces in logistics facilities established norms, taking into account the specific nature of the institution. 13. the Chief of the authority shall have the right to cancel an official decisions. The Chief authority decisions contested by an official action. 14. the authority not less than annually submit to the Minister a report on the Authority's functions and the use of budget resources. 15. the Minister shall have the right at any time to request from the authorities of the Chief's report on the Authority's functions, as well as on the activities of the authority.
V. closing question 16. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers on 6 august 2002, Regulation No 347 "Military Counterintelligence Service Charter" (Latvian journal, 2002, 114 no).
Prime Minister-Minister of Economic Affairs j. lujans Minister a. Slakter the Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by august 25, 2004.