Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 16 October 2001, The Provisions Of The "rules On No 444 Latvian Et Seq Of The Lbn 405-01" Structures "" Technical Survey

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 16.oktobra noteikumos Nr.444 "Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 405-01 "Būvju tehniskā apsekošana""

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 785 in 2004 in Riga, 14 September (pr. No 53 7) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 16 October 2001, the provisions of the "rules on no 444 Latvian et seq of the LBN 405-01" structures "" technical survey Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth part 1. make Cabinet of 16 October 2001, the provisions of the "rules on no 444 Latvian et seq of the LBN 405-01" technical surveillance "Structures" (Latvian journal, 2001, no. 150), the amendments are as follows: 1. replace the text, the words "the protection of the environment and regional development Ministry" (fold) with the words "economic Ministry" (fold);
1.2. the deletion of paragraph 3, the words "non-profit organization";
1.3. The Latvian et seq of the LBN 405-01 "structure": the technical monitoring 1.3.1. replace throughout the text, the words "suggested his mine" (fold) with the word "skatrakum" (the fold);
1.3.2. the deletion of paragraph 1, the words "(excluding special construction)";
1.3.3. the deletion of paragraph 3;
1.3.4. make paragraph 5 by the following: "5. the surveying of the shipbuilding, the Latvian et seq and the Latvian national standard requirements, a list of which is published by the Ministry of the economy newspaper" Latvian journal ".";
1.3.5. supplement with 7.1 and 7.2 et seq of points as follows: "If the Visual inspection results 7.1 does not have visible damage, further research is needed and the end of the survey. Fotofiksācij material attached, if there is visible damage.
7.2 technical research and design reveal, is required, if the Visual inspection time (fixed) found visible damage to structures that undermine the integrity of the building or sustainability. ";
1.3.6. supplement with 12.1 points et seq as follows: "This paragraph 12 et seq of the 12.1 shows the methods and the choice of the inspectors themselves.";
1.3.7. replace paragraph 15, first sentence, the word "sample" with the words "recommended content".
2. the rules shall enter into force by 1 October 2004. Prime Minister i. Emsis economic Minister j. lujans