The National Examiner's Office Rules

Original Language Title: Valsts tiesu ekspertīžu biroja nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 793 in 2004 14 September (pr. No 53 29) the national examiner's Office rules Issued in accordance with the law of public administration facilities 16. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. National judicial examinations Office (hereinafter the Office) is the Ministry of Justice's direct regulatory authority. 2. the Office's purpose is to provide objective, scientifically sound legal and judicial expertise (judge) of the Court, the public prosecutor's Office and the cognitive authorities. II. the Office's functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. The Office shall have the following functions: 3.1. judicial expertise in civil and criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings;
3.2. perform inspection by legal and natural persons request;
3.3. carry out consultative work on teaching scientific and technological products in the removal of evidence, and storage consolidation, as well as expertise in the preparation of the material and send in your design. 4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of functions: 4.1 develop and implement new work of experts of research methods and technical means, on the basis of scientific achievements and the examiner's summary of practice;
4.2. developing information and methodological materials;
4.3. carry out methodical and informative training working with law enforcement agencies;
4.4. carry out scientific and practical studies of different inspection ways. 5. the Bureau within the limits of its competence: 5.1 prepare a national programme of investment and international applications, as well as to facilitate the implementation of the investment programme;
5.2. provide proposals to the Ministry of justice legislation;
5.3. cooperates with international organisations and other countries, organised by the international ekspertiestād Conference, and the Conference, forensic matters and participate in their work;
5.4. the requesting and receiving Office requires information from other countries under international agreements. III. structure of the Office 6. The work of the Office run by the head of the Office. The head of the Office shall be appointed and removed from Office by the Minister of Justice. The head of the Office in the absence of the duties carried out by the head of the Office of the Minister of Justice appointed ad interim head of the Office. 7. The head of the Office can be a Vice. The Deputy Head of the Office shall determine the competence of the Office Manager. 8. The Office is part of the Department. Offices and departments create, reorganize or eliminate the Office Manager. Parts and functions of the Department and lays down the tasks of the Office and the subjects of the Department. 9. the Office's departments are subject to the head of the Office or his Deputy in accordance with the allocation of functions. 10. Office Manager after coordination with the Minister of Justice establishes a territorial unit. 11. territorial bodies conducts territorial heads of unit. IV. activities of the Office of rule of law enforcement procedures and reports on the activities of the Office of Justice of the Office 12 is provided by Office Manager. Office Manager and executive administrative acts issued and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of Justice. Officials of the Bureau, the opinion of an expert is not an administrative act, and it is final. 13. the Office Manager is responsible for the operation of the Office required documents, information and verification systems, accounting and maintenance until their transfer to State custody. 14. the head of Office has the right to annul the decisions of officials of the Bureau and internal regulations. 15. the Office's financial resources shall consist of: 15.1. grants from the General State budget revenues;
15.2. revenue for the fees and other revenue;
15.3. foreign financial help. 16. the Office shall provide annually to the Ministry of justice review of the Office's functions and the use of budget resources. Prime Minister i. Emsis, Minister of Justice v. höche