Study Contract Provisions To Be Included In

Original Language Title: Studiju līgumā obligāti ietveramie noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 886 of 2004 in Riga on October 26 (Mon. No 62 10) required to be included in the Treaty Study Regulations Issued in accordance with article 46 of the Law School's second part 1. determines the studies agreement (hereinafter Agreement) required mandatory rules.
2. Contract with a university student for all courses in learning time.
3. the contract shall contain the following information: contractor 3.1. student name, surname, personal code, declared place of residence address;
3.2. the University name, legal address, registration number in the register of educational institutions, credential (credential registration date and page number), bank details, the Rector's name or, if the contract signature the authorised person authorised person's first name, last name, title, and the date and number of the document certifying the authorisation;
3.3. indication of whether student studying on the State budget or on the natural or legal persons.
4. the contract shall contain the following information about a study programme: 4.1 courses name, duration, volume, kredītpunkto you want a degree and/or professional qualifications;
4.2. study programmes accreditation licence and/or the page number and the date until which it was issued;
4.3. the type of study.
5. the contract shall include the following universities: 5.1 provide licensed and provide accredited study programmes;
5.2. ensure the availability of information for the student of internal regulations governing the activities of the University;
5.3. to agree with the student about his use of intellectual property;
5.4. to inform the student about the changes universities and/or study programmes accreditation and/or licensing data.
5.5. to determine the tuition fee payment deadlines. If the terms are amended, not later than one month before the current academic year to inform the student about the time limit for payment of the fees for the next academic year.
6. the contract shall include the following student responsibilities: 6.1. to comply with treaty obligations;
6.2. to respect the internal regulations governing the operation of the University.
7. in addition to these rules 3, 4, 5, and 6. the information referred to in the contract State: 7.1 the order in which the Parties inform each other of the amendments to this rule 3.1. and 3.2. information referred to in subparagraph;
7.2. the study fee for all courses in General. This is the only payment you can get from a university student on a University in order to successfully master the study programme;
7.3. the parties made or intended to amend the Treaty, concluded the study to change in sources of funding the studies where the student College internal regulations in the order have the right to be transferred to the State budget-funded study places to study place financed on the natural or legal person, or vice versa. If the study is intended to amend the Treaty, the Treaty of study indicates that a change to the place of study of the source of funding (from the State budget grants to natural or legal persons), the student will determine the fees set out in the rest of the semester the student concerned;
7.4. the parties provide for or intended for the University the right to determine the other charges (for example, a repeating task sort or repeating other Studio tasks), if the student has not mastered the study programme successfully;
7.5. termination conditions.
Prime Minister i. Emsis education and Science Minister j. Radzevič Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by October 29, 2004.