Procedure For Issuing The Certificate For Plant Protection Products Efficiency Test To Perform The Test

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā izsniedz sertifikātu augu aizsardzības līdzekļu efektivitātes pārbaudes izmēģinājumu veikšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 909 in 2004 (9 November. 64. § 3) procedures for issuing the certificate for plant protection products efficiency checks Issued to carry out the test in accordance with the plant protection law article 5, paragraph 9 (I). General questions 1. determines the order in which the State plant protection service (hereinafter service) shall issue a certificate (annex 1) for the right to make laws on the registration of plant protection products in certain efficiency testing (the trial). 2. A decision on the issue of the certificate, shall be adopted for each trial type separately. The certificate shall state the location of the trial, a group of crops and the use of the plant protection product category. 3. the period of validity of the certificate is five years. 4. Service: 4.1 shall be published in the newspaper "Latvian journal" information about the issue, reinstall the certificates issued and withdrawn and for certificate suspension and restoration;
4.2. shall inform the Member States of the European Union on the certificates issued. II. the issue of the certificate to the certificate of eligible participants in the trial that: 5.1 is registered in a commercial register;
5.2. comply with laws and regulations on the registration of plant protection products set out in the work of quality requirements (performance requirements);
5.3. the trials, studies and analyses shall be carried out and a report shall be drawn up in accordance with the regulations on the registration of plant protection products set out the methods and standards. 6. in order to receive the certificate, the operator shall submit to the trial service of following documents: 6.1. submission (annex 2);
6.2. the merchant copy of the registration certificate (showing original);
6.3. after completion of the trial: a review of each trial in the submissions. 7. Service a month from that rule 6.1 and 6.2 receipt referred to evaluate them and decide on conformity assessment or, if these documents are not submitted or the information contained in them is incomplete, the down time for the submission of the relevant documents. 8. the conformity assessment conformity with the participants in the trial and evaluate: 8.1. documents submitted indicate conformity of the actual information;
8.2. test for compliance with the quality requirements of the work;
8.3. the research and analysis of trials, compliance with this provision in point 5.3 requirements (specified in the application for each type of test). 9. Conformity assessment period is needed for the study of time (from the planning through to the completion of the trial). 10. the Department, on the basis of these provisions referred to in point 8 of the evaluation results, the month after the provision in the report referred to in point 6.3 of the receipt of the decision: 10.1. certificate — if the trial investigator meets this provision in paragraph 5 above;
10.2. the refusal to issue a certificate, if the trial investigator does not meet any of the rules referred to in paragraph 5;
10.3. for the determination of the period for the evaluation of the shortcomings found during the elimination — if the deficiencies can be corrected. 11. If the operator of a service trial period specified does not resolve deficiencies or according to the provisions referred to in paragraph 7 does not submit the documents within the time limit, the Department shall take a decision on the refusal to issue a certificate. III. Certificate issuing 12 again. If the reviewer wants the trial to receive the certificate, he repeatedly that provision referred to in paragraph 6 of document shall be submitted to the Office at least six months before the expiry of the period of validity of the certificate. 13. the decision on the certificate issue service again under this rule 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. IV. obligations of the owner of the certificate and the certificate holder monitoring 14. services provided: 14.1. three working days — information about changes to the contact information (address, phone number, person in charge, employees);
14.2. each year, before 15 may, information on the organisational structure, personnel, premises, equipment, experimental areas and action descriptions;
14.3. each year, before 15 June, information on the spring launch trials, indicating the pilot number, name and location;
14.4. each year, before 15 November, information on ongoing trials in the autumn, indicating the pilot number, name and location;
14.5. each year up to 31 December — a list of the test, indicating the pilot number, name and location. 15. Service line inspection with the owner of the certificate and verify its compliance with this provision in paragraph 5 above requirements: 9.4. random checks once a year;
15.2. the General inspection every three years. 16. On the inspection services shall draw up an inspection and, if necessary, provide guidance on the necessary improvements or changes in the conduct of the trial. V. certificate suspension, renewal and cancellation of 17 Services is entitled to take a decision on the suspension of the certificate for a period of up to six months if: 17.1. this rule 15.1 or 15.2. checks referred to in point, service notes that participants in the trial does not comply with the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 and detected non-compliance affect trial results. The decision about the suspension of the certificate, the service determines the deficiencies;
17.2. received the certificate holder's application for certificate suspension. 18. the service shall decide on the renewal of the certificate, if the certificate-holder: 18.1. eliminate the rule referred to in paragraph 17.1. gaps and meet this provision in paragraph 5 above;
18.2. certificate suspended under this rule 17.2. section and received the certificate holder's application for renewal of the period of operation. 19. Restoring the certificate validity period the validity period of the certificate. 20. the service shall decide on the revocation of the certificate if the certificate owner: 20.1. do not meet this provision in paragraph 5.2 of these requirements and it is not possible to eliminate the identified deficiencies;
20.2. the inability to perform tests, studies and analyses in accordance with the provisions referred to in point 5.3 of the requirements;
20.3. the deadline is not preventing the rule referred to in paragraph 17.1. deficiencies;
20.4. submit the application for cancellation of the certificate. VI. final question 21. Until 31 December 2005 trials registration of plant protection products can make a person who has received a certificate of the test. Informative reference to European Union Directive provisions included in the law arising from the Commission of 27 July 1993 directive 93/71/EEC amending Council Directive 91/414/EEC concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 1 Cabinet on 9 November 2004, regulations no 909 farming Minister m. rose annex 2 Cabinet-November 9, 2004 the regulations No. 909

Explanation the application to fill out information about the applicant, 1 person in charge of the completed and signed application. 2. trial type indicates planned trial in the submissions, indicating the location of the trial, a group of crops and the use of the plant protection product category. 3. Application submission, to describe the trial investigator: 3.1 organizational structure — submit information (scheme) for the organisation organisational structure and Division of responsibilities, provides an overview of the planned trial groups (if any); 3.2. the scientific and technical personnel — provides an overview of staff, support staff, and the responsibilities of each employee, add a resume, as well as the education of employees, the technical knowledge, skills and experience of supporting documents; 3.3. working space, laboratories, warehouses, submit floor plans, including their size, placement, as well as describing the suitability of the trial; 3.4. test areas, fields, greenhouses, submit information about test area master and a copy of the contract for carrying out the test (if test area do not belong to the participants in the pilot). Submit a map that shows the area and field trial placements, as well as provide information about the location of the area, the characteristics of agronomic (soil agrochemical parameters, the field's history for the last three years), placement of terrain and suitability for the trial; 3.5. the technical means equipment — submit it equipment and other technical features, which are used in the preparation of the trial (for example, kodinām machines, seeders), care, processing (e.g., sprayers), harvesting (e.g., harvesters), harvest records (such as scales, moisture meters), yield analysis (such as grain meters). Specify only the equipment that requires regular maintenance and calibration. The application referred to in the documentation accompanying the equipment must comply with the procedures described in the description of the equipment. The procedure describes the actions that the equipment or the technical feature described; 3.6. test cases and review sample-submit a completed test case (for example, test plans, protocols, form) and review all the sample applications in the trial; 3.7. operation procedures (prepared in accordance with the national plant protection service recommendations): submit the completed job list of procedures and add scheduled task procedure descriptions list (if any). Working procedures shall be drawn up in all the trials required for operations, starting with the seed preparation and field iemērīšan to data processing and reporting.
Minister of agriculture m. rose