Museum Of Government Regulations

Original Language Title: Muzeju valsts pārvaldes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 917 in Riga 2004 (9 November. 64 23. §) Museum Administration Regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Museum of the public administration (hereinafter the Board) is the Minister of culture in the country monitoring the direct regulatory authority. 2. the aim of Government is to implement the kultūrpolitik of the State in public and private museums. II. Administrative functions, tasks and rights 3. Management has the following features: 3.1. promoting the Museum building and the coordination of their development (regardless of the status of the Museum);
3.2. monitoring national museum, promoting its conservation and to coordinate the staffing strategy;
3.3. ensuring the Museum activities and Museum staff professionalization of conditions;
3.4. to collect and analyze information to promote museums accumulated heritage movement in society. 4. The Board shall have the following tasks: 4.1 accredited museums;
4.2. to maintain a register of the Museum;
4.3. to participate in the activities of the museum related legislation projects;
4.4. to ensure Latvian Museum Council;
4.5 engage the museum industry in international organizations and activities;
4.6. monitoring the stock Assembly, Museum documentation and conservation compliance with legislation on the National Museum inventory;
4.7. to participate in the National Museum of the global catalog item.
4.8. license subject to the exclusion from the National Museum of the item;
4.9. authorise the National Museum for the export of objects of an item temporarily outside the territory of Latvia;
4.10. to issue permissions for objects of the Museum as a National Museum for the transfer of components of an item from one Museum to another;
4.11 ensure natural, seized the cultural, artistic, archaeological and other muzejisk items of the evaluation and selection of the National Museum of the item;
4.12. According to competence to cooperate with national regulatory authorities, as well as legal and natural persons;
4.13. provide and organise professional and methodological assistance to the Museum staff;
4.14. to organize training courses and lessons to improve the professionalism of the employees of the Museum;
4.15. to organize training and with Museum work issues related guidance documentation issues;
4.16. build industry guidance literature inventory;
4.17. organize national and international conferences, seminars and other educational activities as well as participate in such activities;
4.18. to document the progress of Latvia in the activities of the Museum, to accumulate and analyze the relevant information, as well as to ensure its publicity;
4.19. provide legal and physical persons, information and advice on matters within the competence of Government;
4.20. organize the different opinions of the audience the Museum sector. 5. The Board has the following rights: 5.1. to request and receive from the museums administrative tasks necessary information, as well as the National Museum of the item ';
5.2. the Museum of Latvia to participate in the sessions of the Council;
5.3. to receive the Museum of compulsory free copy printing management guidance literature item.
5.4. to receive information on muzejisk transfer of the subject of the auction;
5.5. invite experts with Museum work related issues;
5.6. to provide paid services to workers with special training and literature;
5.7. implement projects associated with regulatory functions;
5.8. to carry out other specific legislation. III. Governance structure and management officials 6. shall be headed by a Chief of Government. Managing boss make public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions. Government Chief after its nomination to the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed and released from Office by the Minister of culture. 7. Chief of Government establish a management structure. 8. the Administration's Deputy Chief. The Deputy Chief of management competence management boss. IV. Administration of Justice and ensure the transaction activity report management transactions 9 rule of law provides the regulatory Chief. The Chief of Government is responsible for the management decisions for the creation and operation of the system. 10. Administration boss decides the individuals officials issued the contested administrative act or the administrative officers and staff of the actual action. 11. Administrative Chief to succeed administrative provisions and the actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of culture's decision can be appealed in court. 12. the Chief of Administration at least once a year, provide to the Minister of culture review of regulatory functions and State budget funds. 13. Minister of culture has the right at any time to request a review of regulatory functions. V. closing question 14. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 27 January 1998, Regulation No 30 "Museum of the Statute of the public administration". Prime Minister i. Emsis cultural demakova, Minister H.