Nordic And Baltic Song Festival Fees Service Price List

Original Language Title: Ziemeļu un Baltijas valstu Dziesmu svētku maksas pakalpojumu cenrādis

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 234 in Riga, 19 may 2015 (pr. No 25 28) Northern and Baltic Song Festival fees service price list Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management of the ninth article 5 part 1. determines the national cultural centre in the northern and Baltic Song Festival (hereinafter Festival) under the charge of the price list. 2. the national cultural centre within the given public holiday pay for the services in accordance with the price list (annex). 3. the national cultural center no more than 10% of holiday venue in the number of seats available is entitled to establish the holiday guest of honour and the Latvian as the State holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union organisers and participants ' input, without face value. 4. the fee for the Latvian National Cultural Center fees rendered services related to celebratory event tickets, charged the ticket provider and regulations duly transferred to Latvia's national cultural center. 5. The Festival participants fee charged at the national cultural centre of Latvia and Latvian national culture included in the Centre's budget. 6. the provisions in force until July 12, 2015. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the cultural ministers Newsletters site – the Minister of Justice amber Rasnač annex Cabinet 19 may 2015 by Regulation No 234 North and Baltic Song Festival events free service price list Nr. p. k. Service veids1 the unit price Excl. VAT (eur) VAT (euro) Price incl. VAT (eur) 1. Programming devoted to the national concert ticket in 1.1. The great Aula of the University of Latvia. Zāle7., 12., 2-row 23. place 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 line, 1-24.11, 16 row, 3.-23. place 1 ticket 2 15.00 0.002 15.00. Closing concert ticket 2.1. Kaiserwald great Bandstand 4. zone sector 15-24 II. row 4. zone III sector 32-36. line 4. area 32-36 g sector. 4. zone lines the sector 15-21 VI. row 3. zone I sector 23.-28. row 3. Zone VII sector 23-28. line 4. zone II sector 7-14.4. zone lines the III sector 21-31.4 zone IV line sector 25-34 line 4. zone sector 21-31 V. row 4. Zone VI sector line 7 through 14. 1 ticket for 3.00 0.002 3.00 2.2. Kaiserwald great Bandstand zone 2 (I) sector 17.-28. line zone 2 II sector 25-28 line zone 2 (VI) sector 25-28 line zone 2 pie VII 17.-28. row 3. zone I slice, 17-22. row 3. zone sector 17 VII.-22. row 4. zone II sector 1-6.4. zone lines the III sector 7.-20.4 zone IV line sector 11-24.4. zone lines the sector V 7.-20. line 4. Zone VI sector 1 through 6 in line zone 2 (I) sector 9-16 line zone 2 sector 9 VII-16. line 3. zone I sector 5-row 3.16 zone II sector 17-28. line 3. Zone VI sector 17-28 line zone 3 sector VII 5-16. line 4. zone III sector 1-4 row 6, zone IV sector 1-row 10 4 sector 1. V zone-6 line zone 2 slice 1-I 8. line zone 2 sector 1. Vii-8. line 3. zone I sector 1-3 line. 4 zone II sector 5-row 3.16 zone III sector 17-28. row 3. zone sector IV 21.-28. line 3. zone sector V 17.-28. row 3. Zone VI sector 5-row 3.16 zone VI for sector 1-row 4 1 ticket 5.00 0.002 5.00 2.3. Kaiserwald great Bandstand area 3 sector II 1-3 line. 4 zone III sector 5-row 3.16 zone IV sector 7.-20. line 3. zone V sector 5-row 3.16 zone VI sector 1 through 4 line zone 2 g sector 25-28 line zone 2 (iii) sector 26.-28. row 3. zone III sector 1. – 4.3 zone IV line sector 1-3 line 6 zone V sector 1 through 4 line zone 2 slice 1-10 V line 2. zone III sector 1-18 line 1 ticket 10.00 0.002 10.00 3. Member's membership fee 3.1. The Baltic countries (the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Estonia) folk art collective member's membership fee 1 member's membership fee 20.00 0.002 20.00 3.2. The Northern States (the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Finland, the Republic of Iceland, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden) folk art collective member's membership fee 1 member's membership fee 30.00 0.002 30.00 notes. 1 entrance ticket price is set according to the type of service or entrance ticket specified seating location, nature of the event venue. Seating, and zoning design event venue designed according to the viewer's location for a project that may change, for example, can be closed separately pie, if there are changes in the artistic and technical conception of the implementation plan. 2 the services value added tax is applied according to the value added tax Act, article 3 of the eighth. Minister of culture, Minister of Justice Rasnač in amber