Regulations On The State Fee For Entry In The Register Of The Arbitration

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts nodevu ieraksta izdarīšanai šķīrējtiesu reģistrā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 278 in Riga 2 June 2015 (pr. No 27 32 §) rules on State fees for entry in the register of the Tribunal Issued in accordance with the arbitration law article 6, second part of rule 1 shall determine the rates of State fees for entry in the register of the Tribunal, as well as State duty payment procedures and facilities. 2. For entry in the register or the arbitration document registration (add file) is specified, the following duty rates: 2.1 for the recording of the standing Arbitration Arbitration register – 300 Euro; 2.2. the amendment of the rules of procedure of the standing arbitration registration-50 euro; 2.3. for the list of arbitrators of the arbitration permanent registration (add stuff)-50 euro; 2.4. for another record or the amendment of the register or the arbitration document registration (add item) – 50 eur; 2.5. the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal winding-up recording in the register-50 euro. 3. If the applicant while applying two or more of these rules 2.2., 2.3., or the entry referred to in point 2.4, or the amendment or more document registration (add stuff), a State fee shall be paid in the amount of eur 50. 4. If the applicant shall submit the application electronically using the enterprise register of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter enterprise register) under the special online form and expressed the wish for the decision of the notary public to receive, using the register of companies held a special online form or through electronic mail, using a secure electronic signature, a State fee shall be paid 90 percent of these rules the following duty rates. 5. a State fee shall be paid before the submission of the relevant application, using the following payment services: 5.1 with the charge card payment card acceptance terminals in the register of companies; 5.2. the payment service provider that has the right to provide payment services and payment services, electronic money within the meaning of the Act; 5.3. using online payment services company registry in under the special online form. 6. State fee, including the State general revenue account in the Treasury. 7. a State fee is not charged for the amendment of the record: 7.1 the arbitration, if the amendment is related to the administrative area boundary alteration, or change of name, as well as by street name or building number; 7.2. the changes in the register of the arbitration, if the record is made on the basis of a court ruling. 8. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 March 2005, the provisions of no. 205 "provisions on State fees for entry in the register of the Tribunal" (Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 52.13, 65, 163;. nr. 2014, nr. 144.;). The Prime Minister is the Minister of Justice of Rashness Newsletters amber is Rasnač