Central Statistics Administration Regulation

Original Language Title: Centrālās statistikas pārvaldes nolikums

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/97391

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1007 Riga 2004 30 November (pr. No 68 41) Central Statistical Administration Regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Central Statistical Bureau (hereinafter the Board) is the Minister of economy under the supervision of an existing direct regulatory authority.
2. the aim of Government, respecting the internationally recognized principles, create and develop a unified State in Latvia's statistical system on the economic, demographic and social phenomena, processes and environment. II. Administrative functions, tasks and rights 3. Administration by the State Statistics Act.
4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of functions: 4.1 according to the expertise and financial means, the Government implemented a national programme of statistical information;
4.2. are collected, processed and analysed for statistical information about the economy and the social and economic processes in the field, obtained by statistical surveys and censuses, as well as through public records and other information systems existing data;
4.3. publish and disseminate domestic and foreign data users required summary statistical information;
4.4. maintain statistical information base of pirmdat;
4.5 according to the competence of the European Union's Statistical Office, the United Nations Statistical Office and the other international institutions with statistical information;
4.6. coordinate the international standard and all public administration institutions, local authorities, economic operators and organizations required continuous economic information classification and coding system implementation and operation;
4.7 align and coordinate the different national regulatory authorities approved statistical surveys, questionnaires, and methodological guidelines;
4.8 proposes national registers and other information systems to be included in the index;
4.9. improved statistical methodology and ensure the international comparability of statistical information via internationally recognized, scientifically valid and recognized practice appropriate data gathering and generalisation;
4.10. in agreement with the national regulatory authorities, legal or natural persons in addition to take charge or free the statistical work that is not included in the national programme of statistical information;
4.11. the development and use of new technological solutions for statistical data collection, processing and distribution;
4.12 improves and enhances the quality of the statistical services, advise the statistical information providers, and users of the national statistical system and created a methodology;
4.13. in accordance with the Latvian Code of administrative offences proposed and examined the cases of administrative offences specified in the preparation of statistical information of the failure to timely statistical information or refusal to provide it;
4.14. take part in European Union law to develop projects in the field of statistics;
4.15. gives proposals on drafting laws and opinions on the other institutions the law drawn up projects.
5. The Board has the following rights: 5.1 according to competence to cooperate with national regulatory authorities, municipalities and their institutions, as well as other institutions;
5.2. According to competence to exchange information and experience with other countries and international organisations;
5.3. to express their views and proposals for the European Union and other international institutions to develop methodological documents for projects in the field of statistics;
5.4. in accordance with the competency to participate in international projects;
5.5. the laws and regulations in order to request and receive, free of charge from natural and legal persons, as well as State and local authorities in the management of task information.
III. Administrative structure 6. Administration headed by the Chief of Government. Government Chief after its nomination to the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed and released from the post of Economy Minister.
7. the Commissioner shall Administer State Government facilities and other law regulations in certain direct authorities managerial functions.
8. the administration of the Chief administration of internal form the organisational structure.
IV. Administration of justice activities and reporting the actions of Government 9 rule of law provides the regulatory Chief. The Chief of Government is responsible for the Authority's internal control and management decisions for the creation and operation of the system.
10. Administration boss decides the individuals challenging the regulatory administrative acts issued by the officer or officers or employees of the actual action.
11. Administrative Chief to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the administrative process, the Ministry of the economy of regulatory legislation. The Ministry of the economy, may appeal to the Court.
12. The Board once a year, the economic Ministry to provide an overview of the regulatory functions and the use of State budget funds.
Prime Minister i. Emsis economic Minister j. lujans Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 4 December 2004.