The National Charter Of Energoinspekcij

Original Language Title: Valsts energoinspekcijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 972 Riga 2004 30 November (pr. No 68 3) national energoinspekcij regulations issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. energoinspekcij (hereinafter referred to as the energoinspekcij) is subordinated to the Economic Minister's direct authority.
2. the aim of the Energoinspekcij energy merchants and energy use, the equipment and the installations of the State technical supervision and control of energy quality and conformity control and surveillance, as well as energy supply equipment and protective systems used in market surveillance.
II. the functions and competence of the Energoinspekcij 3. Energoinspekcij energy carried out statutory functions.
4. Energoinspekcij according to competency is entitled: 4.1 provide opinions, as well as other specific legislation;
4.2. draw up protocols of administrative offences and impose administrative sanctions in accordance with the Latvian Code of administrative offences;
4.3. to request and receive, free of charge from the law enforcement, medical and fire services to the information necessary for accident and emergency power supply system for energy merchant objects;
4.4. to request information from the energy operators.
5. Energoinspekcij the staff carrying out the supervision and control of the power supply company, is right, the indicating the service card, check the smooth energy supply equipment used in compliance with the requirements of the safety of equipment and conformity assessment in the regulatory normatīvajosakto.
III. structure of Energoinspekcij 6. Energoinspekcij controlled energoinspekcij. Director of Energoinspekcij after the approval of the nomination of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed and released from the post of Economy Minister.
7. the Director of the Energoinspekcij consists of energoinspekcij internal organisational structure.
8. the Director of the national Energoinspekcij administration equipment Act direct authorities managerial functions.
IV. activities of the rule of law Energoinspekcij and reporting 9. actions Energoinspekcij the rule of law provides the energoinspekcij Director. The Director is responsible for the Authority's internal control and management decisions of the setting up and operation of the system.
10. Energoinspekcij the Director has the right to cancel unlawful decisions of the energoinspekcij officials and internal regulations.
11. Energoinspekcij Director shall take a decision on the challenge energoinspekcij officials issued the administrative act or the officials or servants of the energoinspekcij actual action if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified.
12. the administrative act issued Energoinspekcij and energoinspekcij decisions of the Director of the Ministry of economy may be challenged in the administrative procedure law. The Ministry of the economy, may appeal to the Court.
13. Energoinspekcij each year until April 1, submit a report of the Ministry of Economic energoinspekcij activities and functions during the previous year, as well as the report on the use of financial resources.
Prime Minister i. Emsis economic Minister j. lujans Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 4 December 2004.