The Status Of Non-Citizens Of Latvia Procedure

Original Language Title: Latvijas nepilsoņa statusa noteikšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1011 Riga 2004 December 14 (Mon. No 72. § 17) the status of non-citizens of Latvia procedure Issued in accordance with the law "on the status of former USSR citizens who are not Latvian or other nationality" in article 1, the fourth subparagraph 1. determines the order in which a person is considered not a citizen of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as a non-citizen), and documents required for the granting of the status of non-citizens. 2. the documents relating to the granting of the status of non-citizens, adopt and review the citizenship and Migration Affairs Board (hereinafter the Board). 3. For a person to be recognized as a citizen, not a person in the Administration submit the following documents: 3.1 application for non-citizens status, certifying that the person is not and has not been in any State, and is not subject to the law "on the status of citizens of the former USSR, which do not have Latvian citizenship or another country" in article 1, third paragraph, the limits imposed on the status of non-citizens;
3.2. Description of life;
3.3. the birth certificate or extract from the birth registry (if any);
3.4. the document proving the identity of the person (if any);
3.5. documents proving the person's entitlement to the status of non-citizens (if any);
3.6. a document issued by the administration of certain foreign competent authority and certifying that the person is not and has not been a national citizen, is not received in that country of permanent residence and not by 1 July 1992 was registered without a time-limit (sign) of the Commonwealth of independent State, or documentary proof that the following document is impossible to obtain. 4. the registration of children born in Latvia (up to four months of age), which at the time of birth both parents are not citizens or one of the parents is not a citizen, and the other is a stateless person or unknown, and included in the population register for this child, this provision referred to in paragraph 3 are not required. 5. The rules referred to in point 3.6 of the institution, the Administration takes into account the person's legal links with the country concerned: 5.1. country in which a person is born;
5.2. country in which the person last registered place of residence;
5.3. the person's parents or other family members ' nationality;
5.4. a State whose citizen (nationality) might be the person or nationality (citizenship), it could be admitted. 6. the decision on the invalidation of the citizen personal or a refusal to admit a person as a citizen not adopt administrative officer after all these rules in the document referred to in paragraph 3 of the administrative process of obtaining regulatory legislation. Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister er ivry