Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 January 2001 Of Regulation No 3 "rules On Industrial Fishing In Inland Waters"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 2.janvāra noteikumos Nr.3 "Noteikumi par rūpniecisko zveju iekšējos ūdeņos"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1071 Riga 2004 December 28 (Mon. No 75 35) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 January 2001 of Regulation No 3 "rules on industrial fishing in inland waters" issued under the Fisheries Act, in article 13, first paragraph, point 2 1. make Cabinet January 2, 2001, by Regulation No 3 "rules on industrial fishing in inland waters" (Latvian journal, 2001, nr. 3; 2003; 2004, nr. 183.175. no) the following amendments: 1. replace the text of the provisions Latvia: 1.1.1. the words "Fisheries Research Institute" (the fold) with the words "public agency" Latvian agency "resources" (fold);
1.1.2. the words "environmental State inspection" (fold) with the words "the national environmental guard" (fold);
1.2. make paragraph 3 by the following: "3. the fishermen may fish in inland waters if: 3.1 are concluded on fishing rights leases;
3.2. have a fishing permit (license), indicating the types of fishing gear and their number or catch limit (hereinafter referred to as the fishing limit);
3.3 commercial fishing, the Ministry of agriculture in national fisheries administration (hereinafter fisheries authority) have received a special permit (license) commercial fishing;
3.4. undifferentiated fishing, natural persons are registered in the regional Ministry of the environment environmental management (hereinafter regional environmental administration). ';
1.3. to replace paragraph 6, the words "Ministry of agriculture national fisheries authority (hereinafter fisheries authority)" with the words "fisheries management";
1.4. to make the first sentence of paragraph 9 the following: "fishing under the fisheries management and environmental Ministry coordinated scientific programmes or projects, which were developed by the State Agency" Latvian fish resource agency "or other legal persons provided for in the statutes, the activities can be done, if the Ministry of the environment conservation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the nature protection authority) have received a fishing permit (license) for fishing for research or other specific purposes (for fish alternating, kontrolzvej, melioratīv); the fishing. "
1.5. make 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3. by the following paragraph: "10.1. network: the passive fishing gear made of netting, which tied (uzsēdināt) the ropes. Mesh size: 10.1.1. fish network, not less than 30 mm; 10.1.2. network dedicated to Morgan fish fishing – not less than 20 mm; 10.1.3 fish network specialized sea smelt and vetch fishing — not less than 12 mm; 10.1.4. lamprey lamprey in a specialised network of fishing, from 8 to 14 mm 10.2. pots — liability krātiņveid fishing gear made of netting material of which no Twine diameter thinner than 1 mm and which consists of one or two of the codend, excluding eel traps with fences, which can contain up to eight of the cod trap, if the length is greater than 30 m. Murda cod can be added and/or wing (go). Mesh minimum size in any part of the design of the pots: 10.2.1. fish pots — 30 mm; 10.2.2. fish pots in specialized sea smelt and eel fishing and vetch pots — 12 mm; 10.2.3. lamprey-pots with a horizontal opening of the pot must not exceed 4 m, — 8 mm; 10.2.4. stickleback trap and Lake smelt pot-6 mm. 10.3. Lampreys TACIS — fixed river bottom in one line fixed lamprey pots; "
1.6. to express such paragraph 11: "11. fishing is considered specialized if you caught a fish of a particular species with this species, this provision provided for in paragraph 10 of the fishing gear and the gear is designated a fishing permit (license) (except this rule 10.1.1 and 10.2.1, 10.5) (specified in the. fishing gear not in directed fishing). Each specialized type of fishing down the individual fishing limits under paragraph 6 of these regulations, as well as limits the number of cod eel traps that the back is greater than 30 m. ";
1.7. to express points 13 and 14 by the following: ' 13. no Buļļup, and in directed fishing in Daugava (also its reservoirs) prohibited from using fish nets.
14. it is prohibited to use such fishing gear: pots, of which 14.1. back length or the wing opening is greater than 30 m, excluding eel traps and Lake smelt fishing and specialist fishing traps in the river Daugava, Buļļup round from mouth to the sea to the river Daugava Riga HES, reservoirs and Lake Liepāja, where pot back length can be greater than 30 m, but must not exceed 100 m and two wings trap may not be greater than 30 m, 14.2. networks with a length of less than 15 m, where the fishing waters, and private networks, the length of which is less than 30 m, where the fishing public waters;
14.3. If you are fishing for domestic consumption: 14.3.1. more than one fish pots, where the length of the fence or the wing opening is not greater than 30 m, where private and public fishing waters, or more than two 15 m long networks where private fishing waters, and more than 50 m long, where the fishing public waters;
14.3.2. any other rules referred to in point 10 gear. ";
1.8. to replace the figure "in paragraph 16.5.45" with the number "50";
1.9. to complement the 22 in the second sentence by the following: "the rest of the time the by-catch of other species is not limited, pursuant to this provision, paragraph 21 and 23 by-catch limits specified.";
1.10. to express in this paragraph 26.5: "after transport 26.5. role of the landing or transhipment of the site or to sell fish caught, if they are not sorted and weighed, as well as the relevant entry has been made in the log;"
1.11. Express 26.9. subparagraph by the following: "fishing network 26.9.: 26.9.1. Feimaņi, big Papa, Baltimore and Ludza Lake, throughout the year.
26.9.2. other public Lakes were not mentioned in that rule 29.4. in subparagraph 26.9.1. and,: from spare ice fishing season on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 24.00 o'clock at night from Friday to Saturday (or from 24.00 of the day at night or Sunday on the holiday) until 24.00 o'clock in the night from Sunday to Monday (or till 24.00 at night from the last holidays on the next working day). This condition does not apply to the rules referred to in annex 3 public Lakes (Lake parts); ";
1.12. supplement with 26.10 26.11 26.12., and subparagraph by the following: "fishing eels in 26.10. the traps of the Lake during daylight hours;
26.11. initiate fisheries to research and other specific purposes, if it has not previously been notified to the relevant regional environmental governance;
26.12. the use for fishing vessels that are not registered under the Cabinet of Ministers regulations on small vessels registration. ";
1.13. the express 27 the following: "fishing for 27 and get any fish species in all bodies from 16 April to 20 June, except for the specialized fishing with traps, zušķērāj and chironomidae larvae frame, as well as fisheries to research and other specific purposes, which shall be in accordance with paragraph 9 of these regulations.";
1.14. subparagraph expressing 29.4. by the following: "29.4. Alūksne, Āraiši, Babīte, prize, Cirm, Dagda, Jugla, kaunata, lielauce, large navel, Lilast, small, tiny navel Ludza, Rezekne, Islands, Slokas, viesīte, viļaka, Virtukšņ and Lake Zosn, Dūņezer, Dzirnezer,, big Baltezer the Kisezers, Lielezer and little Baltezer.";
1.15. replace paragraph 18.9., the word "September" with the word "October";
1.16. deleting subparagraph 30.;
1.17. the 31 worded as follows: "31. gear (except specialized eel fishing with zušķērāj) prohibited to place: 31.1. blocking the body of water between the land points any more on the side of free water in the area is not densely overgrown with reeds, rushes or other aquatic plants, with the exception of specialised fishing lamprey Weir. The lamprey may obstruct the tac to no more than two-thirds of the free water surface area;
31.2. closer than 100 m from any water body on the opposite bank in fishing gear deployed in the water below the point;
31.3.100 m from each other than in any direction up the fishing gear deployed except specialized lamprey fishing;
19.5. closer than 50 m on all sides of the river and the inlet channels and sources. "
1.18. Express 33.1. subparagraph by the following: "commercial fishing 33.1. to hold the present fishing permits (license) and identity documents, but domestic consumption, fishing, fishing permit (licence);";
1.19. Express 20.8. subparagraph by the following: "after returning to shore 20.8. before the sale or transport of fish to weigh and sort the fish caught along the fish species, as well as to register regional fishing data environment management in inland waters issued logbook (annex 1);"
1.20. the express section follows 33.10.2.: "33.10.2 networks highlight appropriate. This provision in paragraph 34 above requirements, but use the flags for marking (except white), each side of which is not less than 40 cm.";
1.21. Express 21.5 and 21.6. subparagraph such.: 21.5. "network location marked with buoys or other visible water marks as follows:

34.6.1. network at both ends and the two furthest advanced Murda paragraphs added to the fixed or floating vertical marker buoys (cards) with the same colors (except white) flags, each side of which is not less than 20 cm. of Those, in addition also the gear attached identification mark;
34.6.2. network, which length exceeds 50 m, and traps that the back is longer than 50 m, in addition to the 50 m each marked with buoys with a diameter of not less than 15 cm; 21.6. navigable rivers fishing gear on the right shore of the River in addition to marked with a red buoy, but the left bank — with a white buoy. ";
1.22. Express 35. introductory paragraph as follows: ' 35. National Environment services authorized officials within their competence: ";
1.23. supplement 35.1.1. section behind the words "be issued a fishing permit (license)" with a number and the word "(annex 4);"
1.24. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the 35.1.4: "35.1.4. destroy illegally used (not highlighted) fishing gear, as well as restricted fishing gear and funds;";
1.25 supplement 36 with a second sentence as follows: "the fisheries administration after coordination with the Ministry of environment has the right, at its own initiative, as well as on the basis of the municipal initiative to prohibit industrial fishing and non-fishing limits set in public waters where necessary to preserve fish resources or perform actions that could be used in recreational waters.";
1.26. the express 37 as follows: "37. These rules shall control and supervise: 37.1. National Environment services and specially protected natural areas, as well as public inspectors of environmental service for authorized persons;
37.2. the authorized officials of the local government, which in the territory of the municipality is entitled to examine the role that tools used in fishing and, if a violation is found, the corresponding competence to draw up administrative reports and send them to the competent authorities for consideration, as well as the laws and regulations in order to remove illegal fish and fishing gear used and means;
37.3. the police, municipal police, National Guard, as well as the status of the owners and tenants, which in cooperation with this rule 37.1. inspectors referred and authorized persons or 23.1. these provisions under these officials according to competency are entitled to participate in the fishery supervision. ';
1.27. the introductory part of paragraph 38 of the supplement after words "enforced in court" with the words "including the possibility of a judicial decision that damages the wrongdoer must clean up the environment";
1.28. the express 39 the following: 39. "without taking into account the appropriate administrative or criminal sanctions for the national environment service authorised officials have the right to withdraw a fishing authorisation issued (license). Fishing regulations can lead to refusal to grant fishing limits next year or lease fishing rights for breach of contract. If a person has caused damage to the fish resources, by a decision of the Court of Justice may determine that it is an obligation to clean up the environment, to compensate for these losses. "
1.29. replace paragraph 40, the words "the State Environment Ministry of inspection and environmental management of the marine environment" with the words "and the national environmental guard";
1.30. delete paragraph 43;
1.31. supplement with 44 as follows: "44. paragraph 13 of the rules relating to the prohibition of the use of non-specialised in fish fishing Buļļup and Daugava (also its reservoirs) shall enter into force on 16 April 2005.";
1.32. supplement with annex 4 by the following: 2. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.
Prime Minister, Minister of health l. Smith Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.