The National Railway Technical Inspection Regulations

Original Language Title: Valsts dzelzceļa tehniskās inspekcijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 14 in Riga in 2005 (4 January. No 1 21) national railway technical inspection in accordance with regulations issued by the State administration of machine article 16 of law the first part i. General questions 1. Railway Technical Inspectorate (hereinafter Inspectorate) is a traffic monitoring in the Ministry's direct regulatory authority. 2. Inspection activities aimed at the implementation of functions of Government railway technical operation monitoring and control, to ensure that the scope of regulatory compliance laws and enforcement. II. Inspection functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. Inspection carried out the railway statutory functions. 4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the inspection function: 4.1. examine how members of the railway operation, the carriers, consignors and consignees, railway infrastructure managers and persons who provide relevant technological processes: follow the laws and requirements of the railway operation;
4.2. control new or reconstructed railway infrastructure or rolling stock commissioning and verification of the compliance with the technical provisions of the railway operation and labour protection requirements;
4.3. control of the railway system of civil protection, emergency (emergency) situation of prevention and disaster relief system readiness and performance;
4.4. the laws and regulations in order to train the accident investigation;
4.5. examine the individual categories of railway professional qualification requirements and compliance under regulations issued by railway experts certificate of professional competence in the regulated sphere;
4.6. security certificate issued by the carrier that gives access to the railway infrastructure;
4.7. security certificate is issued that licence holder is able to operate in the field of commercial activities in the rail sector, subject to the safety requirements;
4.8. in accordance with the proposals of the competence necessary amendments in the laws related to railway operations;
4.9. According to competence, cooperate with foreign public administration institutions, international and non-governmental organizations, their representatives and experts;
4.10. performs other tasks in accordance with the legislation. III. Inspection the structure and competence of officials 5. inspection work organized and chaired by the Director of the Inspectorate. Director of inspection at the inspection Chief Inspector. 6. inspection after the approval of the nomination of the Director of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed and released from Office by the Minister of transport. 7. the Director of the Inspectorate carries out public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions. 8. the Director of the Inspectorate's inspection form the internal organisational structure. 9. Control and monitoring powers are the following: 9.1 inspection officials control and monitoring unit managers;
9.2. senior inspectors;
9.3. the oldest speakers. 10. inspection officials in the performance of their duties, have the right to: 10.1. at any time, without prior notice, the special permission, free of charge and other restrictions to visit and inspect railway objects (site) and rolling stock, regardless of their nationality and type of property;
10.2. to stop train traffic, reduce speed and prevent technical and operation of rolling stock, where an irregularity in use endangers human life or health, safety or the environment; 10.3. issue the administrative provisions on railway technical operating rules and other railway-related violations of law;
10.4. the laws in order to examine railway operation in administrative infringements;
10.5. to request and receive, free of charge from legal and physical persons, information about sights, rail rolling stock, rail transport organisations and processes, as well as certain categories of railway personnel;
10.6. the free ride of railway rolling stock traction control booth and all passenger trains. 11. inspection officials and employees prohibited from: 11.1. post and job duties, as well as at the Office and termination to disclose to third parties (except to law enforcement authorities, competent for the receipt of information) information to which they become aware in the performance of their Office and duty.
11.2. disclosure to third parties (except to law enforcement authorities, competent for the receipt of information) the particulars of the persons who provided information for the inspection of irregularities;
11.3. without the authorisation of the Director of the Inspectorate to express the official views of the Inspectorate in the media. 12. inspection officials is the military card. Service card sample approves traffic Minister. 13. the certificate shall contain at least the following: 13.1. inspection;
13.2. the number of the licence;
13.3. the officials position, name and surname;
13.4. the date of issue and date of expiry;
13.5 these terms 10.1 and 10.6. inspection officials referred to rights;
13.6. the officers of the photo. IV. Overview of the functions and State budget funds 14. inspection the Director prescribed regulations shall provide a statement of the Ministry of transport inspection functions and State budget funds. 15. The Ministry of transport has the right at any time to request the inspection reports on the State budget funds and information for the inspection function, as well as on the activities of the Inspectorate. V. inspection activity ensuring the rule of law and the administrative act or actual action 16 for appeal Inspection activities ensure the rule of law, the Director of the Inspectorate. The Director of the Inspectorate is responsible for the inspection of internal control and inspection system and operation. 17. the Director of the Inspectorate have the right to cancel or amend the inspection officer decisions and succeed in the internal regulations. 18. Inspection the Director shall take decisions for individuals challenged the inspection officials issued the administrative act or the inspection of officials or servants of the actual action. Decision of the Director of the Inspectorate for individuals challenged the inspection officials issued the administrative act or the officials or employees of the Inspectorate's actual action can be appealed in court. 19. the Director of the Inspectorate issued by administrative or actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry of transport. Decision of the Ministry of transport for individuals challenged the inspection issued by the Director of the administrative act or actual action may appeal to the Court. VI. final question 20. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 15 June 1999, Regulation No 211 "the railway technical inspection regulations" (Latvian journal, 1999, 198./ Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers