The Procedure For The Grant And Payment Of Rewards For Being In Child Care

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir un izmaksā atlīdzību par adoptējamā bērna aprūpi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 27 in Riga on 11 January 2005 (pr. 3. § 5) procedure for granted and paid in consideration for the child's care is being Issued under the State social benefits law in the third paragraph of article 6.1, the first subparagraph of article 15, article 16, sixth and article 17, first and second subparagraphs 1. determines the order in which grant and paid compensation for being in child care (the reward), the amount of remuneration and the procedure for its review, and the documents What to submit in order to receive consideration.
2. the compensation granted by the State social benefits law 6.1 in the first paragraph. The person employed part time, is entitled to remuneration if it is employed not more than 20 hours a week. The remuneration granted to one of the adoptive parents that care and supervision before the adoption of the Court with the approval of the family courts (pagastties) decision to put the child being adopted.
3. the amount of remuneration is $35 a month.
4. The amount of remuneration by the children and Family Affairs shall review the proposal of the Cabinet, according to the national budget.
5. to receive remuneration, the remuneration of a claimant or his authorized person within 30 days after the entry into force of the family courts (pagastties) decision on the transfer of the child adoptee adoptive care and supervision of children and Family Affairs Ministry (hereinafter the Ministry): 5.1. submit the following documents: 5.1.1 a request in writing for consideration;
5.1.2. the family courts (pagastties) decision on the transfer of the child adoptee adoptive care and supervision (copy) or family courts (pagastties) a decision is extended child care and supervision (copy);
5.1.3. the employer's written statement for the period in which the consideration is given to the applicant leave without saving or pay down part of the time (indicating the number of hours a week), if the person is employed;
5.1.4. a certificate attesting that the applicant is not employed in a allowance (benefits the applicant may request that the statement requires the Ministry);
5.2. the presentation of the following documents: 5.2.1. identity document;
5.2.2. If the remuneration of the mandate requires the authorized person.
6. the request for reimbursement and allocation of documents accompanying the appearance of the Ministry within 10 days after receiving it and shall decide on the grant of compensation or refusal to grant compensation.
7. the Department shall adopt a decision on refusal to grant compensation in the following cases: 7.1 the applicant for compensation or the content does not match the State social benefits law and the requirements of these regulations;
7.2. remuneration of the applicant provided false statements;
7.3. the lost the legal basis for the granting of compensation.
8. the decision on the grant of compensation or refusal to grant a reasonable remuneration the remuneration of the Ministry shall notify the claimant in writing.
9. the Secretary of the Ministry shall have the right to cancel the Secretary designated officials of the decision taken, if it is challenged by the Administrative Procedure Act.
10. A Person who is a worker, the remuneration is granted for the period during which a person is on leave without pay. The reward is granted from the date of the grant of leave.
11. a Person who is not employed (not considered to be workers or self-employed according to the law "on State social insurance") or who work part time, compensation shall be granted for the period during which the child adoptee is in adoptive care and supervision, according to the family courts (pagastties).
12. the Ministry started to provide benefits no later than the next calendar month after the date of award of remuneration.
13. If the fault of the Ministry of the beneficiary to the consideration has not been paid within the time limit laid down, the amount he paid without a time limit.
14. the fault of the beneficiary does not justify the amount of remuneration received by a beneficiary shall repay voluntarily or it is deducted from the remuneration to be paid in the coming months.
15. If a beneficiary is not reasonable remuneration received shall not be refunded or compensation costs voluntarily terminates before the debt is deleted, the corresponding amount is recovered, to travel to the Court of Justice.
16. the consideration of the cost of the month interrupted by the first date following the month when the circumstances which led to the discontinuing of the remuneration costs (except in the case of remuneration at the time of grant already had known the term of suspension of remuneration).
17. If the decision about child care benefits a person accepted the award until 31 December 2004, after 1 January 2005, on the basis of that decision.
18. provisions applicable to January 1, 2005.
Prime Minister a. Halloween children's and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: rules applicable to January 1, 2005.