Rules On The Organisation Of The Public Good Administrative Expenditure

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par sabiedriskā labuma organizāciju administratīvajiem izdevumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 11 in Riga in 2005 (4 January. 1. § 35) the rules on the organisation of the public good administrative expenditure made in accordance with the public good of the Organization Act 11 the third paragraph of article 1. determine the public good nature of expenditure of the Organization, the Organization of the public good within the meaning of the law is considered public benefit organization of administrative expenditure. 2. For public good organization (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) is considered to be for administrative expenditure in the Organization's management, maintenance, promotion and with the Organization's objectives and tasks necessary for the implementation of the revenue earned in the associated costs as well as expenses associated with these taxes. 3. Administrative expenditure shall include: 3.1 organizational needs that are consumed by the same reference year, donations or gifts being re-classified the received materials, goods and other items.
3.2. acquisition, production or installation costs, as well as computer software, other intangible investments, equity interests, shares and other securities acquisition expenses;
3.3. the Organization of workers in the accounting year calculated wages, remuneration or other comparable to pay the amount of the payments and the related employer State social security payments;
3.4. organisations as employers calculated in the year of the State social insurance compulsory contribution amounts, calculated the payments provided for in the law, employees in cases of disability (gross amount), cash contributions to private pension funds, and other employee social insurance-related payments;
3.5. the year under review the estimated corporate income tax and property tax amounts;
3.6. the expenses of other persons received services, room rental, heating, lighting, telephone, mail services, office expenses, travel expenses, advertising expenses, as well as property insurance payments. 4. the Organization's administrative expenses, these rules referred to in paragraph 3, expenditure on the expenditure can be reduced or the part of the expenditure that can be directly assigned to a particular task, undertaken to achieve specific objectives of the organization. Prime Minister a. Halloween special task Minister for society integration a. Latkovsk a