Railway Land Partition Zone Operating Rules

Original Language Title: Dzelzceļa zemes nodalījuma joslas ekspluatācijas noteikumi

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/100903

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 79 in Riga 1 February 2005 (pr. 7. § 18) railway land partition zone operating rules Issued in accordance with article 16 of the Railway Act, the second part of rule 1 shall determine the order in which the railway operational land partition bar (bin). 2. the rules apply to all rail infrastructure managers independent of the nationality of the railway infrastructure, as well as to legal and natural persons whose activities or its consequences attributable to a compartment or zone of existing objects. 3. Partition zone is entitled to manage the railway infrastructure manager. Others partition zone may be used with the rail infrastructure manager's written permission and in accordance with these rules. 4. Partition zone must be selected and marked for the plans. 5. Railway infrastructure manager shall have the following rights: 5.1 to use partition bar rail infrastructure deployment and infra structure operation;
5.2. use of those rules bar Bin authorised activities;
5.3. any time to check whether legal or natural persons use the partition bar is used according to these terms. 6. Railway infrastructure manager has the following responsibilities: 6.1. consider legal and physical persons of applications for partition and use to provide a reasoned response;
6.2. to ensure the partition boundaries and bar amendments highlighting the plans.
6.3. controlling how partitions are stored in the bar and other landmarks of the partitions in the landmark bar;
6.4. ensure bin demarcating natural bar with the landmarks and the partition boundary of bar plans in the Latvian coordinate system LK-92;
6.5. to ensure the track, as well as signal transparency and partition in the track bar, power and communications lines and other engineering structures safe operation;
6.6. create and maintain order in aizsargstādījum and special engineering structures;
6.7. felling trees and bushes that threaten the track, power and communications lines, other engineering structures or train traffic safety;
6.8. to control forest pests and diseases and combat them;
6.9. rekultivē low after the railroad build, repair or demolition works;
6.10. maintaining order partition bar;
6.11. without a single warning to eliminate cases of force majeure (accident or natural disaster), the effects of other legal or natural persons use the partition placed in bar. In such cases, the damage is not compensated;
6.12. to warn a partition of the territory adjacent to the bar owners for the actions of the territories adjacent to the operating bar bin, endanger the existing engineering structures and other constructions, as well as require hazard prevention;
6.13. in the event of emergencies (such as a fire, flood, snapping trees) to take the necessary measures to bar bin areas adjacent to prevent those threats resulting from partition zone, the existing engineering structures and other constructions;
6.14. avoid the use of partition operations, other than those mentioned in these provisions;
6.15. to take any other measures necessary for the railway operation and not in conflict with these rules. 7. Bin bar can be used: 7.1 power or communication lines, structures and equipment;
7.2. area and driveway construction;
7.3. for the construction of farm buildings;
7.4. for agricultural purposes;
7.5. other objects other than those mentioned in this rule 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4, provided these do not affect the railway operation and the safety of train movements. 8. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 September 1998, the provisions of no. 371 "railway land partition zone operating rules" (Latvian journal, 1998, 284./285.nr.). Prime Minister-Transport Ministers a. shlesers child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik in