Health Statistics And Medical Technologies State Agency Rules

Original Language Title: Veselības statistikas un medicīnas tehnoloģiju valsts aģentūras nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 82 in Riga 1 February 2005 (pr. 26. § 7) health statistics and medical technologies State Agency Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Health statistics and medical technologies State Agency (hereinafter the Agency) under the supervision of the Ministry of health has an existing national institution.
2. the objective of the Agency is based on the information technology base and scientific evidence, provide health care information and statistical data collection, processing and analysis.
II. Agency functions, tasks and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: UR3.1.ieg dry, collect, process and analyze public health and health care statistics, to ensure Latvia's international commitments to health care in the field of statistical information;
3.2. create, add to and maintain the medical treatment of persons and institutions, medical equipment and medical goods, as well as maintaining the registry with certain diseases diseased patient records and other medical industry national registers;
3.3. based on the scientific evidence, to examine and to be used in the treatment of new medical technologies (including medical radiological procedure) utility and feasibility of introducing the country, as well as to create a single system for monitoring of medical technology, and maintain medical records technology information database;
3.4. According to the competence to monitor the outpatient and inpatient health care providers the implementation plan framework; ģistrē, assess and analyze all the cases related to medical devices to malfunction, as well as to establish and maintain the database;
3.6. to develop recommendations for the necessary amount of radiological equipment to gather information on what medical radioloģiskaj procedures and the use of alternative methods;
UR3.7.izv ērtē the treatment compliance of laws and institutions to set out the minimum requirements.
4. to perform the functions assigned to it under the competence of the Agency shall undertake the following tasks: 4.1. provides services to State and local authorities as well as public services for natural and legal persons for health information, statistics, medical technology and health care system national register;
4.2. analyzes and predicts the population health indicator trends;
4.3. collect and analyse health statistical data and provides users with information on the information provided for in the national programme;
UR4.4.pie taken from medical institutions industry statistical reports, verify and enter the database, prepares a summary of industry statistical review and analysis;
4.5. optimizes health care flow of statistical information and statistical development and review;
4.6. elaborate and submit health Minis in three primary accounting documentation for the sample forms and form filling rules of projects;
4.7. provide treatment services with the industry's statistical report forms;
4.8 keeps and regularly supplements the health indicators data presentation system, hospital bed Fund database and the causes of death of the Latvian population database;
4.9. develop methodological guidelines for projects relating to statistical indicators system and operational information;
4.10. educates medical statistician in health statistics and public health issues, as well as current train medical directors of health indicators database in practical conditions of use;
4.11. cooperate with foreign and between tautiskaj statistics institutions of health care uniform statistical and accounting information systems;
UR4.12.izv easy to use in treatment in the medical technology and provide recommendations for their approval;
4.13. provide medical institutions ' investment projects and other financial project evaluation;
4.14. the making, nutrition and supplements in the register of approved medical technology; ģistr in the medical products and medical devices, and organize their market surveillance;
4.16. build, maintain and supplement the medical products and medical devices and the operators of the database that is linked to the European Community market surveillance of medical devices in the EUDAMED database, as well as the creation and distribution of the catalog;
UR4.17.nov comfortable in compliance with treatment institutions regulations set minimum requirements and carry out medical supervision;
4.18. provides medical authorities evaluated the database maintenance and updating;
4.19. the health care system maintains a national registry;
4.20 treatment sector supports national monitoring of the single register;
4.21. provide the medical industry national register evaluation of operation and uniform methodological guidance;
4.22. provides outpatient and inpatient health care providers each of the monitoring of implementation and the development of the service purchase program;
4.23. the exchange of information with foreign and international institutions and organizations on matters relating to market medical devices and patient safety, as well as other matters within the competence of the Agency.
5. the Agency shall have the following rights: 5.1. to request and receive, free of charge from natural and legal persons the tasks necessary data and information;
5.2. According to competence to cooperate with State and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, natural and legal persons, as well as foreign institutions;
5.3. to charge for services and monitoring of conformity assessment of medical devices, and product registration and notification, information and analytical materials of medical inquiry.
III. Agency governance 6. The work of the agency headed by a Director. The Agency's Director of law by public agency and the equipment of the public administration Act direct authorities managerial functions.
7. The Director recruiting and dismissal of the Health Minister.
IV. Agency Advisory Board 8. To promote the cross-sectoral cooperation, the Minister of health shall establish the Agency's Advisory Board (hereinafter the Board).
9. the Advisory Council shall operate in accordance with the regulations approved by the Minister of health.
10. The Board's task is to promote the development of the Agency's effective implementation of the strategy.
11. the work of the Council for technical support agency.
(V). the Agency's financial resources and assets 12. the Agency's financial resources shall consist of: 12.1. State budget grant from the general revenue; s revenue, including revenue on public services provided by the Agency and project competitions assigned funds;
12.3. foreign financial assistance, donations and gifts.
13. The law on the Agency's budget and financial management in the order with the permission of the Minister of Finance has the right to take loans and commitments. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance to the transactions that the Agency conditions of the transaction in question into line with health Minis three.
Vi. Activities of the Agency in ensuring the rule of law and reporting 14. Agency staff decisions and actual action may be challenged, submitting the application the Agency Director. The Director of the Agency's decision may appeal to the Court.
15. The Director of the Agency to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of health. Health Minis three decision can be appealed in court.
16. the Agency shall prepare and provide to the current Ministry of health, and an annual report on its activities and the use of financial resources.
Prime Minister-Transport Ministers a. Health Minister shlesers g. Smith Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 5 February 2005.