The Flag State Of The Vessel Monitoring

Original Language Title: Kuģu karoga valsts uzraudzība

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Provisions of the Ministry of transport no. 24 in Riga 2004 December 24 vessels Issued by the flag State supervision in accordance with the maritime administration and the Maritime Security Act, article 11, third subparagraph and article 12 the third part i. General provisions rule 1 shall be determined by the flag State of the vessel, the supervisory procedures concerning ship inspection of Latvia and their deadlines, be served onboard, the certificate suspension and revocation of a foreign ship issued a certificate of recognition by the State joint stock company "Latvian maritime administration" (hereinafter referred to as the maritime administration).
2. to implement the Latvian flag State supervision of ships, maritime administration Maritime Safety Inspectorate (hereinafter referred to as KD) in accordance with the laws and regulations shall: 2.1 ship inspections to assess the design, technical, equipment, maintenance, operation and maintenance of compliance with legislative requirements;
2.2. the Board of certification;
2.3. ship construction and modernisation project, the documentation on the vessel's stability, action plan for pollution in the event of an emergency, the Board Manual and other international laws established in the evaluation and approval of the dossier;
2.4. ship building and upgrading the overall supervision of the work;
2.5. International safe management (ISM) code for the supervision of compliance with the requirements of the ship and the company, which is owned or operated by the Latvian ships.
3. the rules referred to in paragraph 2, the individual functions those Latvian ships engaged on international voyages, and with a gross tonnage of 500 or more, the maritime administration shall authorise the internationally recognized classification societies of vessels. Classification society any such vessel carried out the design, technical, equipment and documentation to examinations, issuing regulations under certain international ship certificates, assign appropriate classification society craft class and classification certificates issued.
4. The Latvian ships that do not carry out between folksy service or with a gross tonnage of less than 500, the flag State supervision over KD. A separate monitoring functions these vessels maritime authorities may authorize classification societies.
5. the classification society and KD, through inspection and certification of ships, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) the statutory inspection and certification of the harmonized system, according to IMO resolution a. 948 (23).
6. the flag State of the vessel in relation to the monitoring of the international ship and port facility security (ISPs) code and the other with the protection of ships and port related regulations set out the requirements of the marine administration vessel and port security section under the operation of this chapter regulating laws.
7. the Provisions of paragraphs 2 and 6 steps are defined in the fee, which the maritime administration shall be carried out in accordance with the Transport Ministers approved tariffs.
II. Ship Inspection and certificates carry any KD 8 Latvian ship check their compliance with the requirements of the law, according to IMO resolution a.847(20) guidelines laid down for the implementation of the laws and IMO, as well as for the control of classification societies of the delegated function execution quality.
9. the Board shall, in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 4 are under the supervision of classification societies, KD check to verify the conformity of the ship classification society issued certificates, as well as to check the ship's crew, operating and maintenance of compliance with legislative requirements. The results of the inspection in the KD 1. form laid down in the annex, "inspection of ship flag/approval for issue of the certificate". Positive test results in the following ship KD issued the certificate set out in annex 2. "flag State certificate".
10. Those ships not engaged on international voyages or with a gross tonnage of less than 500 (except for recreation and sport ships provided), KD positive test result in issuing a certificate "certificate of maritime capability". These cards form according to the type of vessel capacity and shipping area, as well as the entire ship inspection checklist and inspection forms maritime administration.
11. KD out every regular inspection of a ship pursuant to point 5 set out in the harmonized testing and certification systems and ships engaged on international voyages, and with a gross tonnage of 500 or more and which is under the supervision of classification societies, shall approve or issue a new certificate "certificate of the flag State", but the ships not engaged on international voyages or with a gross tonnage of less than 500 (except for recreation and sport ships provided) — confirm the existing or new licence issued "certificate of maritime capability", if the previous certificate has expired.
12. What are the rights to perform extraordinary inspection of vessels of Latvia (operational inspection) for the purpose of control of compliance with the legislative requirements.
13. If, during the inspection of the vessel KD finds non-conformity of the vessel with the requirements of the law, or if the ship maritime accident occurred as a result of non-compliance with regulatory requirements, or if the ship had been detained in a foreign port, port State control, which require the correction of deficiencies and repeating the check of the ship, having informed the ship's captain, shipowner, operator or bareboat charterer and the classification society.
14. What are entitled to take a decision on the cancellation of certificates issued in KD, announcing it to the master, the shipowner or bareboat charterer, the operator and the classification society and proposing marine administration vessel Registry Registrar off the ship from the ship register of Latvia in the following cases: the Board found 14.1. non-compliance with regulatory requirements, which you can call the shipwreck and human lives;
14.2. the vessel 6 months was twice detained foreign ports port State control.
15. a ship may be exempted from the individual and international law among enforcement, issuing the certificate of Exceptions. This certificate is issued by a classification society or the KD with KD permission. The further extension of the certificate of exception or repeating the extradition of vessels which are under the supervision of classification societies, the classification society in question.
III. Foreign ship issued certificates issued abroad 16 ship certificates at the re-registration of the foreign vessel register register of Latvia shall lapse. If these certificates before re-registration is in force, the KD may be accepted as evidence of compliance of the ship of the international legislation and to approve them as sufficient basis for the Board's temporary registration register of Latvia. Following the temporary registration register of Latvia, KD or classification society shall make regulations for the inspection and certification of ships.
17. At the renewal of the European Union public register of Latvia register of Ships, KD is entitled to request from that country's maritime authorities competent authorities all necessary information on the ship, including re-register, copies of the certificates of the ship (including 15 of these rules specified in a copy of the certificate for the exception), sustainability information, flag State inspection results, the port State control results.
18. before the permanent registration of the ship register of Latvia from the foreign ship registry, KD out rule 9 or 10 in the test specified in paragraph.
Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions deriving from Council of 22 November 1994, Directive 94/57/EC on common rules and standards for ship inspection and testing organisation and for activities related to maritime affairs administration, as amended by Directive 97/54/EC and Directive 2001/105/EC.
Traffic Minister a. shlesers maritime Department Director a. Krastiņš maritime Department Director a. Krastiņš