Latvian National Accreditation Council Charter

Original Language Title: Latvijas Nacionālās akreditācijas padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 102 in 2005 (8 February. 8. § 4) the Latvian National Accreditation Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 13 of the equipment 1. Latvian National Accreditation Council (hereinafter Council) is a consultative body of testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies accreditation in regulated and non-regulated sphere.
2. The Council shall have the following functions: 2.1. participate in certification and inspection bodies and the testing laboratories, calibration and accreditation to national policy and to monitor its implementation;
2.2. to participate in the Latvian National accreditation systems regulatory documents projects and in the preparation of accreditation and assessment;
2.3. promoting cooperation with international and other national accreditation bodies;
2.4. to evaluate the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau financial annual report and to provide the appropriate assessment of the economic Ministry.
 3. the Council shall have the following rights: 3.1 build system Accreditation Committee to perform the functions assigned to the Council;
3.2. call upon to attend sessions of the Council and accreditation system of consultations with the Advisory Committee on the rights of the independent experts and specialists;
3.3. to receive from the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau of information necessary for the Council to carry out the functions.
 4. the composition of the Council for the accreditation of the following interested parties represented in State institutions and non-governmental organisations authorised agents: 4.1 the representatives of the public interest: 4.1.1. a representative of the Ministry of the economy;
4.1.2. a representative of the Ministry of transport;
4.1.3. a representative of the Ministry of health;
4.1.4. the representative of the Ministry of the environment;
4.1.5. the representative of the Ministry of agriculture;
4.2. the accreditation body composed of representatives of the interests of: 4.2.1. National Agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau" representative;
4.2.2. public limited liability company "Latvian National Metrology Centre ' representative;
4.2.3. State limited liability company "Latvian standard ' representative;
4.3. the conformity assessment body interests: 4.3.1. Laboratory Association representative;
4.3.2. A technical expert, a representative of the Association;
4.4. the conformity assessment body in the customers ' interests: 4.4.1. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and industry spokesman;
4.4.2. The employers ' Confederation of Latvia's representative;
4.4.3. the representative of the Association of traders;
4.5. a representative of consumer interests: consumer protection Center representative.
5. the Council, acting by a simple majority, for two years, elect a Chairman and his Deputy. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the Chairman during his absence.
 6. The President of the Council shall: 6.1. Approves the Council's internal rules;
6.2. approve the agenda of the Council;
6.3. convene and chair the meetings of the Council;
6.4. the signature of Council decisions, minutes of meetings and other documents.
 7. The Council meets at least twice a year. Extraordinary meeting shall be convened at the request of the President of the Council or at least one third of the members of the Council. Members of the Council for the convening of the hearing shall inform the Secretariat.
 8. the functions of the Secretariat of the Council shall take office of the Latvian National accreditation under the national budget.
 9. the Council are valid if they are sitting on at least one representative from each of the parties interested in accreditation.
 10. the decisions of the Council participates in the accreditation of interested parties, each with one vote. Decisions by the Council, acting by a simple majority.
11. The decisions of the Council's recommendations.
12. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 March 2000, the Regulation No 123 "Latvian National Accreditation Council Charter" (Latvian journal, 2000, 117./
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister A.r. Kariņš Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by February 12, 2005.