Medical Professional Education Center Charter

Original Language Title: Medicīnas profesionālās izglītības centra nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 109 in 2005 (8 February. 8. § 36) medical professional education center Charter Issued in accordance with the law of public administration facilities 16. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Medical Professional Education Center (Center) is the Minister of Health's direct regulatory authority.
2. the Centre's objective is to ensure further training of persons for treatment, specialization and improvement of professional qualifications, which have gained the highest or average professional medical education.
II. The Center features, tasks, competences and rights 3. The Centre shall have the following functions: 3.1 to plan and organise medical training, specialisation of persons and the improvement of professional qualifications;
3.2. to carry out the distribution of the resident;
3.3. to provide and evaluate medical person continuing education process, its development and quality;
3.4. to evaluate the medical person, sister, midwives, physician assistants (feldšer), a nurse Assistant and cosmetic — compliance with the requirements for registration in the register of persons of treatment;
3.5. to participate in the development of medical education in policy-making and implementation.
4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the functions of the Centre: 4.1 analyse statistical data on the medical treatment of the person concerned and demand in the labour market;
4.2. collect information on the treatment of apmācīttiesīgaj institutions for treatment and to apmācīttiesīgaj educational institutions for further training of persons for treatment;
4.3. plan of the State budget funding and medical residency personal specialization points and specialties;
4.4. planning specialization and improvement of professional qualification programmes in accordance with the standards of the profession and specialty regulations;
4.5. organise national accredited residency and specialization program, as well as the development of professional qualification measures;
4.6 organise medical treatment person further education;
4.7. assess continuing education planning, organization and implementation of the quality and effectiveness of the measures;
4.8. prepares proposals on the rules of treatment referred to in point 3.4 persons for inclusion in the register of persons of treatment;
4.9. the legislation on the recognition of professional qualifications in certain activities related to the provision of treatment referred to in point 3.4 persons in foreign countries for the recognition of professional qualifications;
4.10. record 3.4 these terms at the bottom of treatment referred to in the personal medical records of persons;
4.11. participates in health care education programs, accreditation, licensing as well as the program content and the assessment of the implementation process;
4.12. provide methodological and practical advice for apmācīttiesīgaj medical institutions and educational institutions for further education of persons of treatment process;
4.13. create, maintain and update the database on the person for treatment further education;
4.14. prepare statistical and analytical reports on the treatment of persons in training;
4.15. prepares proposals for the necessary State budget funding for continuing training policies in health care and the Mission of the Centre;
4.16. the laws and carry out other tasks.
5. The Centre shall have the following rights: 5.1 collaborate with the Ministry of education and science of the therapeutic professions of individuals in the development of standards, and the modernisation of vocational education quality evaluation;
5.2. cooperation with other ministries and local government authorities;
5.3. to cooperate with the medical professional associations of persons and organizations, as well as other social partners;
5.4. to cooperate with the authorities of other countries and international organisations;
5.5. to provide information on the activities of the Centre for legal and natural persons;
5.6. external laws and regulations established to request and receive, free of charge from national and municipal authorities, as well as other legal and natural persons the information necessary for the performance of the functions of the Centre;
5.7. to enter into contracts for the operation of the Centre;
5.8. to provide paid services to medicine in the field of vocational training;
5.9. to exercise other legal rights.
III. the management of the Centre, structure and officials 6. The Centre shall be headed by a Director. The Director is appointed and released from the post of Health Minister.
7. the Director of the Centre shall carry out public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions.
8. the Centre unit is a part.
IV. activities of the Centre for Justice and reports on the activities of the Centre 9. the Director of the Centre shall ensure the lawfulness of the activities of the Centre and is responsible for the management decisions for the creation and operation of the system.
10. the Centre's officials issued the administrative act or the officials and employees of the actual action of an individual may be challenged, by the submission of the Director of the Centre.
11. the Director of the Centre for administrative acts issued and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of health. The Ministry of health decision may appeal to the Court.
12. the Centre at least once a year, give the Health Minister's overview of the management function and Centre the national budget funds. The Health Minister has the right at any time to request a review of the Centre's activities.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by February 12, 2005.